Ten warning signs a relationship is over

Many people find themselves faced with the daunting prospect of deciding whether their relationship is worth fighting for, or if it has just finally reached its end. On the one hand, most people don’t want to throw in the towel early and just give up, but on the other hand, nor do people want to prolong the agony and stay in a relationship that is never going to work. Calling it a day on a relationship that you have invested a lot of your time, effort, and emotions in, is a tough thing for anyone to do and no one can tell you what is right for you. What we can do, though, is tell you about some of the signs that might indicate that your relationship has already ended and that it could well be time to draw a line under it after all.

1. There is no intimacy in the relationship anymore

Physical intimacy is not the be all and end all for everyone, but for most couples, if there is no lovemaking at all, then the writing is probably on the wall. Physical intimacy brings people closer together and is an expression of their love for one another and, if it has gone completely from the relationship, or it has become nothing more than a chore, then it is most likely that one, or both, partners are no longer committed to the relationship.

2. You keep on arguing about the same things

When you are constantly arguing about the things and you never seem to find a resolution, then that could be an indication that neither is either willing look for a compromise, or to even try to end the fight. A stalemate situation is a sign that the relationship itself is no longer a priority, and it’s one of strong warning signs a relationship is over.

3. There is no trust in the relationship

Anyone can get a little bit jealous sometimes, but if either of you has resorted to checking the other persons phone, or constantly asking the other person where they have been and what they have been doing, then all the trust they may have been there has now evaporated. Without real trust in relationship, it is very likely to fail.

4. You avoid spending time together

You don’t need to spend all your time with your partner, but if you find yourself deliberately trying to avoid them, then it is an obvious sign that the relationship is coming to end. This is not always as obvious as it might seem, it could be that you are choosing to do more on your own, or that you feel quite relieved when you know that your partner won’t be at home when you are.

5. You have stopped having fun together

If you have stopped doing things for fun together, that is a sign that you would rather be apart. You may still sit together in the same room, but there is no more laughing and joking, and you never make any plans to go out anywhere. This is one of the clear warning signs a relationship is over.

6. You are excluding each other from parts of your lives

When you are in a close relationship, you still have your own circle of friends and your own pastimes, but they often merge with the life that you have with your partner. If you are not telling each other anything about your life outside of the partnership, then you are beginning to build completely separate lives, and it’s another one of clear signs a relationship is over.

7. You are lying to each other

You just wouldn’t want to hide the truth from someone you really care about, so if you have started telling lies, however small, then there is probably a deep-seated reason for that. In many cases, the lies might be quite unimportant, but it is still a sign that you know longer care enough about the other person to even worry about the fact that you are lying to them.

8. You have started to wonder what it would be like to be with someone else

When that gorgeous person at work ceases to be just eye candy and you start to have serious thoughts of what it would be like to date them, then you have crossed an important line. It’s one of clear signs a relationship is over. People who are in love don’t even think about the possibility not being together.

9. The thought of seeing your partner stresses you out

When you are in a healthy relationship, being with your partner should make you feel safe and relaxed. If you have started staying late at work, just to avoid being with your partner, then that must be because you know that going home will stress out even more than staying at work, it’s sadly one of warning signs a relationship is over.

10. You need to convince yourself that the relationship is working

We are often our own worst enemies when a relationship is coming to end, because we just don’t want to believe that it is happening. If you are having to convince yourself that things will get better and it will work out in the end, then it might be time you listened to your heart and faced up to the truth.


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