10 things that “all” women expect to receive

You are a man? Want to learn how to surprise a woman by the positive and increase her chances of winning the same? So you’re in the right place! Today I am going to tell you about 10 things that all women expect to receive from a man. We are not talking about conventional gifts here, but something that goes well beyond that.

Buying someone with gifts is not the solution! A woman needs many other things besides that and, after all, they end up having even more meaning. Shall we go to them? Follow.

One shoulder friend

Everyone needs and wants to find a friendly shoulder, ready to help in times when we most need help from someone. Being that friend’s shoulder to a girl is a plus point, because although they do not express it, every woman needs to have someone on her side at times when life preaches a game.

Attention and good hearing

I’ve told you several times about how important it is to know how to listen to other people, but I’ll say it again, it’s important for Cathato! I do not know anyone who likes to talk to the walls. When we talk to someone we want this person to be interested in our conversation and not to ignore us. Do not be that boy who does not listen, does not care about any of the girl’s conversations. Be the guy who interests you, who asks questions and who seeks to know as much as possible of the girl.


Being sincere is essential to any relationship, be it a friendship or a courtship. No one likes lies. Nobody likes to be with someone who wears a “mask” and does not show their true self. Be a sincere, honest and transparent man, all women will thank you and take you into consideration for this.

Unexpected surprises

Who does not like a good surprise when you least expect to get one? Worldwide! I’ve written several articles here on the site to surprise the girlfriend, but it’s never too much to remind you that all women like a good surprise.

A sincere compliment

As I said earlier, women like sincere men, so they also like sincere compliments. It is not enough to tell you that you are beautiful, if deep down you do not think you are. Be sincere. Tell her things you really feel. Your sincerity may be worth the girl of your dreams.

A good conversation

Every woman likes a good conversation and a talkative man who can accompany them. To be a good communicator it is necessary to know how to listen and then be able to ask the right questions at the right time. The more you get to know the woman and her tastes, the more easily you can start conversations and keep them.

Behavior based on respect

The respect is very beautiful, so knowing how to respect the other person at all levels is essential. All women expect to receive respect from the man they are with and you should be able to give it. Give yourself respect and respect the other person as well.

An alpha man

No woman likes a man without confidence, without self-esteem, who does not know how to value. What women are looking for is an alpha man who knows how to mark his presence, who knows how to stand and stand out in the middle of a crowd. Every woman wants a man who can make decisions alone and who does not always leave it to the woman. In the background they want a man who is self-confident and who surprises by his leadership ability.


I think this is almost logical! No woman likes to be cheated when her feeling is real! No woman likes to be in a relationship that is nothing but a falsehood and to invest in something that is just a mistake and that is not going anywhere beyond suffering.

A man who does a good massage

Do not ask why but women love a good massage. If you want to surprise a woman and maybe even improve your intimate life, I advise you to start with a good massage to leave the environment warm!

I hope these tips help all men get along better with women. Women have a few more things to add? Leave it in the comments.



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