A Unique Gift – Chapter 7

He looked at the time, he had three hours left before the collar wore off. He wanted to make use of it but was worn out and while he was sure Alice would try and do everything he asked, she seemed pretty beat too. Instead he made them both some tea and they sat and talked on the sofa. Jack was aware she still had the large plug inside her. Alice cuddled up to him and fell asleep and he decided to take a nap too. It was a couple of hours later when he was woken by her moving. He groggily opened his eyes and looked up at her.

“Leaving?” He asked.

“Of course I am,” she snapped back to Jack’s surprise but then he noticed she was no longer wearing the collar. He looked at the clock and guess their time had run out almost twenty minutes ago. He looked at Alice terrified of how she was going to react or if she was going to tell anyone.

“Alice-” he began.

“That’s Miss Jameson to you,” she replied, walking away from him in search of her clothes.

“Miss Jameson, I’m… Sorry,” Jack said as he followed her. Even now he couldn’t take his eyes off her toned ass.

“Sorry for what?” She asked as she found her clothes in the hallway and bent over to pick them showing the large plug still between her cheeks.

“For using the collar on you,” Jack replied trying to ignore the swelling of his cock.

“You do not have to be sorry, you didn’t force me to wear it I chose to of my own accord. Yes I did not know what it would do but it was still my choice to put it on. As for what happened between us, I expect you to keep that to yourself. As for the pictures, you may keep them and I will be keeping this plug,” she replied with a slight smile. Jack nodded his head and agreed as she got dressed. She finished buttoning up her blouse and left without another word.

Miss Jameson set off walking home, smiling as she felt the large plug bounce inside her with each step. She hadn’t realized it but her experience with the collar had changed her and she didn’t even question why she had fucked a student or why she was now getting extremely turned on walking down the street with a plug in her ass. All she knew was it the the most sex she had had in ages and had never been so turned on in her life.

Jack shut the door behind her, being careful to stay behind it so no-one could see he was naked. He quickly rushed to the box that contained the collar and sighed with relief when he found it there. He couldn’t believe the day he had had, he vaguely wondered if it was a dream but was fairly certain it was not. The possibilities this opened up to him made him grin in excitement. He wondered who he could use it on next or if it would be possible to persuade Miss Jameson to wear it again.

He pondered the choices as he made his way to bed. He was sore and extremely tired. Having an all evening/night fuck fest with his teacher had been a like a fantasy come true but now he was beat. Maybe next time he would have to plan things out a bit better. As much fun as sex was, there were plenty of other possibilities the collar provided.




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Online Dating – Be Interesting!



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California Dreamin’ – 1982 to 1984 – Chapter 4 – On The Road Again

The week in Atlanta went by fast and before we knew it, we were off again. We got on highway 10 and headed west. Our first stop was in Mississippi. Apparently Frank had another Uncle that lived there. I told him if he had enough relatives scattered across the country we could probably make it to California for free.

We stayed at his Uncle’s place in Mobile, Alabama overnight. I was never clear if this Uncle was the ex husband to Frank’s Aunt we just stayed with for a week. He was really nice and took us out to a nice southern place for some delicious cuisine. I was eating and enjoying things I’d never seen or done before. The world is such a bigger package that the little borough you live in.

We stayed the night and in the morning we were off again and headed West.

Next stop… New Orleans!


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