Kimiko – Chapter 4 – The Devil Made Me Do It – Part 2

Yesterday, Kimiko and I were on our first date. Halfway through it, she says she has to go feed the meter. I’m thinking she’s nice, but what if that’s her out to just leave. How ironic and awful would that be?

But within minutes her heels are clicking up the steps again. We get back into it.

She and her husband split up after many years because I think like many couples they simply age and change and grow apart. It happens. Marriage is a dice roll. How can you hope to get a winner if you let your twenty something self make a life decision for the older more mature you? You just hope and pray and live it.

She was always a stay at home mom. It sounds like the divorce was amicable because her husband took good care of her and her boys. He sounds like a good dude because he supported her and the kids with enough money every month to afford the lifestyle they had when Dad was still there. That man held up that part of the bargain, and I respect him for that.

I asked her to tell me more about her work and domestic life. She says she’s taking courses now to get into selling financial products and insurance. So there’s an instant connection there due to my thirty years in banking. I tell her about some of my work in finance and she knows it could be a bit of a tough job. But she’s got a goal and she wants to make it happen. I know she’ll be an asset to that company because she’s Asian and speaks Chinese and knows that the Asian culture doesn’t trust banks, deal in cash, and don’t know how or where to invest their money.

I tell her about my history in south Philly with the Asian community down there and tell her a few stories. I know she could be wildly successful if she takes that route because they’ll trust her! She has the history and can talk the talk and educate them on how to build long-term wealth for their families.

I tell her about the documentary I saw recently. “Abacus: Small Enough To Jail.” About the Asian owned bank and their legal plight with the Banking Commission. I tell her she must see it and that I’ll send her the trailer to it. (Of course I don’t mention that I saw it with my fling Ambria a month and a half ago!) I know she’ll love that film.

By the looks of her I can tell this baby has been well taken care of. All factory parts, like a mint ’66 Mustang that’s been garage kept.

Her ex-husband actually put the down payment on a condo in Cherry Hill NJ so she has a posh place to live. This guy’s amazing. I almost want to meet him and thank him for not being a dick.

I ask if she’s dated after her divorce. She tells me she was in a relationship with an Italian gentleman for five years. Things were great for years. He’s older than she is and older than me for that matter. He developed a heart problem where he needed a pacemaker. This guy would fall out of chairs before they fixed him up. I don’t delve too deep because they have a history.

She says that after that he developed some other problems and was in a lot of pain on a regular basis. He started suffering from depression and didn’t want to do anything anymore. She would call him and he wouldn’t answer his phone. She would rush to his house thinking he was on the floor or even dead, and he’d just be sitting there watching TV.

“It was like he just lost his will for life.”

I start thinking about my own father in the last year of his life. How he just wanted to get offstage and go. I hope I go quickly.

I’m sorry to hear this story. That must have been agonizing for her. She tried to keep the relationship going. She even offered to move in with him to look after him but he wasn’t having any of it.

I look at her and think that even if I were banged up and Kimiko wanted to be with me because she loved me I’d take that offer.

I say that now because I’m sitting across from this gorgeous woman, but you never know how you’ll feel if you were put in that situation.

She tells me it hurt her a lot and she finally had to end it. They have been broken up for over six months now. She told me she loved him but she couldn’t live like that anymore.

She said she sometimes gets migraines and it is a hereditary thing. I’m pretty sure the stress of her last relationship may have triggered some of that. She said the pain of losing that relationship caused her to lose ten pounds. I can’t imagine from where but she’s 5’4″ and lean already. She says he put on about three pounds back on and is feeling better.

We get into some deep life stuff and we both agree you never know what’s going to happen and you have to just get out there and continue to live your life and grow.

Kimiko’s great. I really like her and I tell her so. I tell her I want to see her again, and we discuss schedules. She tells me she works part-time at a Whole Foods Supermarket and I love that. I like a lady that’s willing to work.

She tells me her schedule changes and knows my schedule is insane right now but she’d like to go out again.

I’ve worked in sales my whole life. Always set the next meeting at the present meeting.

She says she’s off next Thursday and I suggest lunch. She says that sounds good.

It’s now after 8pm and the meter is once again ticking on her parked car. I’m ready to go too. I want to get home to a cocktail and Netflix. My work is done here.

The bill comes and she wants to pay half. (Is she trying to get me to fall in love with her?)

I had Three vodka and tonics, a diet coke, three of the wings, the sliders and she only had one wing, one beer and the quesadilla. Clearly I should pay the lion’s portion of the bill. I like her so much and she’s so lovely, I tell her I have this one. She can buy me a drink on our next date. She really wants to help but concedes.

“Thank you, Charles.”

“Thank you for being patient with my crazy schedule and taking the time to come and meet with me. I’m so glad I got to meet you and look forward to seeing you again.”

We leave the bar and I walk her to her car. It’s quiet in the city. This has been a lovely day. We get to her vehicle and it’s a red Toyota something.

“Well it was so nice meeting you.”

“Can you please text me that you got home safe, please. I’ll worry.”

This moment is far different from our perfunctory awkward greeting hug. We approach and kiss. She doesn’t divert for a millisecond. Right on her ripe pink lips. I feel the swell of her breasts against my chest.

There it is.

We part and I’m in love. I glance back as she gets into her car. I see her legs are slender, shapely and spectacular.

She drives off and I walk South about a block down 20th Street down into the heart of Rittenhouse.

I light a cigarette and reflect on the days events and smile.


(Home safe text came a bit later thanking me for a lovely evening) 



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