Sabrina – The Challenge

Yesterday former employee Jill came into the salon to tan. (See: Jill – 2016 to Present – Client) She brought her friend Sabrina in with her.

Sabrina and I chatted and I took a liking to her. I came up with an idea. What if I take her to the museums, the theater, comedy clubs, the zoo, tour historical sites, and just do some fun things this fall?

Nobody is obviously allowed to drink. I know people I hang out with and there is never any drinking or smoking for that matter. It would be fun for me to have a new female friend that’s attractive and nice to do stuff with when Cherie is absent.

Maybe that’s all I need a little more female companionship because I see so little of Cherie even after being together as a couple for over ten months.

I like to drink. We all know that, but I can have fun with non drinking people. I don’t need to drink and smoke all of the time. It actually makes my time with them better. Because then I have something to look forward to when I get home.

If anything I’ll drink and smoke less. So that’s a good thing. I’m going to run this idea by Jill next time she comes in the salon and see what she thinks. If she says it’s a bad idea, I’ll do nothing.

Two days pass and I’m expecting Jill to roll through my door at the salon. She finally does, and I pull her aside while she’s waiting for her favorite tanning bed. (The Cadillac. A lay down bed with 52 bulbs and 600 watts in the face tanners and 180 watts in the tubes! The most beloved bed in the house.)

I sit in the waiting room with her and tell her my idea for Sabrina. I’m cautious and courteous because I don’t know what their deal is. I’m being careful with my words and pitch her my idea. I spell it out all very carefully because I know I’m treading on a lot of damaged fragile waters here .

Jill likes the idea, and I’m being respectful. She tells me that Sabrina has done some accounting work for a local restaurant and they are providing them with a free dinner tonight and they are going to partake.

I’m doing something that I’ve never done here. Choosing an attractive alcoholic woman who is obviously incredibly vulnerable and making an attempt to date her even though I drink like a fiend and write a dating blog.

There must be some reason I’m doing this. I told Jill that it could work perfectly.


“Because Sabrina gets to go on a bunch of cool dates with a gentleman and see a bunch of cool stuff and have fun and laughs.

But she never has to have the awkward conversation about how she’s and alcoholic and is living in a halfway house with a bunch of other women. That’s embarrassing and hard. What if a lady could go out with a man and acclimate herself to the world of dating and relationships with no pressure and would feel safe for the first time in forever?

New ground. I can do it. I love going on dates. I’m a good date but a shitty boyfriend and husband. This would be a perfect balance.

I’m sure there are those of you that are thinking, but what if this poor alcoholic girl falls in love with you?

I can’t think about that. I want her to get better. I want Sabrina to get well. If I can show her that there are other things to do in this city other that getting fucked up I’d like to help her.

She seems like a nice girl who fell victim to her chemical urges.

I love alcohol. I don’t worry about my love affair with my wicked mistress, but I know she isn’t going to break up with me anytime soon. But I look forward to this challenge to help Sabrina.

I’m worried that Jill will tell her over dinner tonight and it’ll get weird.


A few days pass and Jill says Sabrina wants to give me her phone number! She was even talking about me at dinner and how nice I am and how she wants to hang out with me. I just have to come up with a cool date that is super, filled with dinosaur bones, art, music, soft drinks, and/or ice cream.


I’m going to do that.

Every woman’s heart and soul should be protected and loved.


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