Susan – Oh, That Personality

This happened a few years ago. We start talking online and move to text. By all means she appears normal. She has a job working in daycare, very pleasant, and even sends me full body pics as she is chubby and in her words “didn’t want me to be disappointed. Then we set to meet…

We pick a place, and as soon as I get there, literally the first thing out of her mouth is, “Oh good, you are not a creepy black guy.” I’m just thinking WTF, you know did I hear correctly, so good chance she is racist. But, being an idiot I continue along with the date. We go inside and when she takes off her coat, man is she heavier than her pics by at least 30 pounds. I’m trying to make conversation when she tells me if I want to see something on her Facebook. I say sure, the thing on her Facebook is one of her friends singing and playing guitar. Not bad you say, but nope she then proceeds to mock and ridicule her friend laughing loudly at her “poor” playing and singing saying she sucks. This went on for 5 minutes. So, she is apparently a nasty person for no reason.

Then she tells me how she’s a recovering opioid addict and routinely gets shots. Not just that but her parents sent her to the city as it is the best at treating addiction. Then she of course calls her mom a bitch because she took down her Led Zeppelin posters in her room. In addition, repeatedly while looking at the menu, when she sees something that she doesn’t like or when I made a suggestion, she would point to her mouth doing this blarrhhhh mimicking vomiting. Folks, she is 32 years old yet acting like a bratty petulant child.

It just continues from there. She could not put down her phone and preferred to go on her Pinterest trying to get me to look at cakes for her upcoming birthday. When songs would play she would hold her phone, see what it was and loudly sing obnoxiously. When I would try to make chit-chat, she would segway into some sort of bashing on someone she knew. Also, technically had no job at a daycare since she was offered said job but never officially started and thus was unemployed. She also threatened to sue her old employer for some wrong done and since her daddy is a lawyer she can do it. (again she is 32 years old and still relying on mommy and daddy who also pay her rent.) In addition, she orders more food even though she had that gastric bypass and knowingly will not be able to finish it.

The entire date lasted 60 minutes since I did the “I have a work thing”. I was so glad to be rid of this self-entitled, rude, mean excuse of a person. I have never met anyone that awful before. She wanted a second date too, yeah… hell no to that. I applaud her for getting addiction in some form of control, but she really needs to work on her crap personality especially when she complained about not being able to find anyone, how people ghost her, and try to use her.


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