Jessica – Crazy Cult or A Scam?

Here’s another one from a few years ago.

This woman pops up that I’ve seen before wasn’t totally sure where. So I clicked the button where you mutually like one another and can then chat. So I come to find out this woman worked within walking distance to my apartment. I slowly got to know her. I don’t like to jump to doing this or that quickly, I think either it’s pushy or coming off looking needy.

I exchange numbers with her and she says she likes talking on the phone. Texting is too hard. So hell I’m like okay, so she calls me and tells me about herself.  Seemed like a normal person but I did my own form of vetting, checking her social media etc. which turned up normal.

She had a kid with someone who still lived in the same state. Which isn’t a problem for me but she slowly pried into my life which is expected when you assume your on track to potentially date someone. So she calls and tells me she’s getting kicked out of her apartment she shared with a friend which I thought was weird but things happen. (This is obviously a potential red flag)  A little while goes by and she wanted to go out, so for convenience I told her where I lived and she drove up and picked me up.

We went on a pretty taboo date, at least I thought it was one. Just dinner and chatting. After eating she was on her phone.  It sounded like fighting with her kid’s father like “You have to watch him longer… no exceptions”. After that she apologized and then asked me if I wanted to go over to Starbucks.  I still wanted to hangout and talk and I go.

In Starbucks she’s really going hard on her phone. From a quick look it seemed to be a group chat. She then says, “Hey do you mind if my friend comes by?  I’m like yea, whatever, I don’t care.

So just to be slightly specific here an Asian guy comes in she gets up hugs him and he sits down and this is where things started to get really bizarre. He goes, Jess was telling me you have some decent money that you’ve saved or inherited. Never once did I mention money. I assume where I lived and what I wore dictated to her I was rather wealthy or well off. The guy then says, “I run a group that manages money for people.  Jess is one of my clients.” He pulls out a mini old Dell computer with some fake/bs statistics on it. He tells me they can manage my money and gain interest faster than a bank and guarantee no loss if the stock markets takes a dip.

So I can see he’s got this woman lured into this and she’s 100% on board. I’m pretty safe with money so I tell him this is interesting and all but I’m going to need time to check this out. “Do you have any info you can give me?”

“Yes but online you know how people are we get good reviews and bad ones.” So finally I realize this woman is using this app to recruit and gain some sort of commission within this scam of a money-making scheme.

I come to find out it’s WFG A+ on the BBB site but these people I met are not the actual company the ones these people are using is a multi level marketing scheme somehow being able to use WFG and their logo. I saw a lot of things about this online after I went home and started to do a little Sherlock investigating. One thing I thought was really creepy was this girl wanted to take me to seminars for this group. A sort of brainwashing type thing. She kept referring to it as “CHURCH” I’m not religious so I’m wondering  what is she talking about? So that’s the gist of it but it leaves me a few questions:

  1. Are they a weird cult?? Calling it a church?
  2. Does she just use that app to proximity people and sucker them into her scam?
  3. Digging online I find her supposed ex who is self-employed and changing lives. Sounds like they are in cahoots with each other on this.
  4. Who else has been targeted and has anyone else ever had something like this happen to them?

Some secondary details: to further paint the picture.

•They offer free all expense paid vacations (nothing in life is free) • She had some modeling gigs and was supposedly still “in school” • A search turned up on Reddit about MLM scams. A very detailed article •Within that article it talked about how these companies go after predominantly Asian males with college degrees needing quick ways to make money for tuition/student debt. •When the guy showed up there literally wasn’t anything I could say wrong or be corrected on. • She has some odd articles online of her getting on various newspapers just pics with her and her child. Could some media source of gotten suckered by her too?

Well so much for condensing that. I just wanted to post this for everyone to read and or comment on or if they’ve encountered anything quite like this. This happened several years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.


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