Sabrina – Unexpected Turn

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Tales of Rock – Woodstock 50 Canceled

Woodstock 50 – scheduled to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the legendary music festival – has been canceled.

Although the all-star lineup – featuring Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Dead & Company, the Raconteurs and dozens more, including acts from the original Woodstock fest – was announced in early March, tickets for the festival did not go on sale; a planned Earth Day on-sale in April was postponed due to reported permit issues.

However, on Monday, Dentsu, one of the festival’s main investment arm, announced that Woodstock 50, organized in part by Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang, would not proceed.


The company continued, “But despite our tremendous investment of time, effort and commitment, we don’t believe the production of the festival can be executed as an event worthy of the Woodstock Brand name while also ensuring the health and safety of the artists, partners and attendees. As a result and after careful consideration, Dentsu Aegis Network’s Amplifi Live, a partner of Woodstock 50, has decided to cancel the festival.  As difficult as it is, we believe this is the most prudent decision for all parties involved.”

Imagine Dragons, Kacey Musgraves, Run the Jewels, Chance the Rapper, Halsey, John Fogerty, Robert Plant and dozens more were booked to play the Watkins Glen, New York festival on August 16th through 18th, exactly 50 years after the original festival; another 50-year anniversary event is planned for Bethel, New York at the site of the original Woodstock.

At a press conference announcing Woodstock 50 in March, Lang said of the event, “What we’ve assembled here is a combination of some of the great artists from our era and many of the great artists of today and hopefully some of the great artists of tomorrow. Many of these artists are committed to social change, have their own issues that they support, but also support these global issues of climate change and Black Lives Matter.”

Rumors about the fate of Woodstock 50 began when the festival missed its April 22nd on-sale date. “There is currently a hold on the Woodstock 50 on-sale date; the festival reportedly didn’t acquire a mass gathering permit from the New York State Department of Health. Organizers denied claims at the time that the festival would be canceled.

The Watkins Glen, New York site has now seen large-scale music festivals canceled in consecutive years: In 2018, Phish’s Curveball was called off at the last minute due to water conditions at the festival site.


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Sun Stories: Kita – Chapter 9 – That Thing We Talked About

Kita is a hardcore tanner. The perfect client. I’m always trying to introduce her to new products and services that we offer. Different lotions, bronzers, etc. I really think she should try a stand up unit, but she says she likes the lay down units because they have the face tanners and stand up units don’t.

Whatever baby wants.

So lately she’s been asking me if she could do two sessions instead of one. I told her normally the rule is to wait 24 hours before tanning again. Our beds are state of the art and I believe the settings are what’s best for healthy exposure to ultraviolet light. Most beds are between 9 and 12 minutes long sessions based on the wattage of the bulbs type of that unit.

But… I’ve seen and heard of people doing double sessions in tanning beds. If they’re tan enough there’s no hazard. I know it’s possible. and I even did it for someone once. (See: Sun Stories – Corn Chips and String) But the client in that story was from out of town and just passing through. She was already tan. She was also Brazilian. So the melanin in her skin could handle a double dose and she paid $20 cash for the 2nd shot. (Read it! It’s a funny story!)

I love little Kita and I want to make that same thing happen for her. I do feel like she may be a bit obsessed with tanning. Why would you want to be so dark all the time? She’s already beautiful with just a light caramel color.

But whatever baby wants.

I tell her I’ll see if I can figure out a way to make it happen. She squeals with delight.

I think about it for awhile as to how to finagle a way to do it without causing a problem and then it suddenly hits me. Simply go to Achilles (See: Achilles – The Bronze God) and describe what you’d like to do. Just be honest like you always are with him. He’ll hopefully let you do it for her.


I sit down with Achilles the next day. I describe that Kita is really into tanning. She looked up our salon to make sure she could tan BEFORE she even left from Florida to come to Philly. That’s a serious tanner. I sold her the All Access Premium EFT package. (Electric Funds Transfer) That’s the account where they sign up for a minimum of 6 months and we just hit their card every month for $55. That’s not a lot of money for getting access to every bed in the house including the spray unit, but they’re our best clients. Automatic pay every month. Instant money!

I tell him she’s cool and won’t say anything. Maybe I charge her a fee for the service.

I pitch my idea to him and he approves. I send Kita to whatever bed she chooses. (Probably room #2, because that’s her favorite) When she’s finished her 10 minute session, I send her back to that room or any room of her choosing for another 10 minute session under the house account and charge her $5.

So that’s it. I went to him with an idea for a good paying client with a special request and plead my case as to why we should do it, and it was approved.

Kita will be ecstatic when I tell her the news.

Can’t wait.


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Tales of Rock: R.I.P. Molly Hatchet singer Phil McCormack dead at 58

Phil McCormack, longtime singer of southern rock band Molly Hatchet, has died at the age of 58.

“It is with great sorrow to announce the passing of our friend and band member, Phil McCormack,” the band said in a statement to Facebook. “Our condolences and prayers go out to his family during this time of loss. Phil’s contributions to Molly Hatchet were heard around the world. He will be missed but never forgotten.”

McCormack joined Molly Hatchet in 1996, replacing vocalist Danny Joe Brown. He appeared on seven studio albums, as well as several live LPs. He was most recently heard on Molly Hatchet’s 2012 album, Regrinding the Axes.

McCormack was preceded in death by Molly Hatchet’s original vocalist and founding member Dave Hlubek, who passed in 2017, as well the group’s two subsequent singers, Brown and Jimmy Farrar, who passed away in 2005 and 2018, respectively. Guitarist Duane Roland, bassist Riff West, drummer Bruce Crump, and bassist Banner Thomas have also passed.

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The Relationship Rules Every Guy Needs to Follow

Maintaining a strong, happy relationship can be difficult work – but it doesn’t have to be.  Follow the 6 relationship rules for men described below, and you’ll have a much easier time creating loving relationships with the women you date.

Rule #1 Don’t “fix” her problems

An important relationship rule for men who want easier relationships is to avoid the urge to try and “fix” her problems.  When the girl you’re dating starts venting about the people and things causing stress in her life, don’t just offer your solutions.  Because chances are she’s not looking for solutions – she just wants to be heard.

So instead, just listen to what she has to say and validate how she feels.  Simply supporting her will create a stronger emotional connection between you.  This alone can automatically get her to start feeling better.  You can then find out if she’s interested in your advice by asking “Would you like any advice on how to handle that situation?”  If she says yes, offer your tips for solving her problem.  If not, all she’s really looking for is that connection.  So just continue listening and empathizing with her situation.

Rule #2 Set Boundaries

If you want a quality relationship then you’ve got to set boundaries.  You need to draw a line and let your girl know exactly what you will and won’t accept from your relationship.  Some guys are hesitant to set boundaries as they’re worried it’ll chase the girl away.  But the fact is women are more attracted to guys who set and enforce boundaries.  After all no girl wants a guy she can walk all over.  Women want a strong man who has standards.

You can set boundaries both in regards to how the girl treats you or how the relationship is defined.  You may, for example, find that the girl you’re dating has a habit of teasing you in a way you don’t appreciate.  Or perhaps you think she gets a little too friendly with other guys when you go out.  In either case, calmly let her know exactly what behaviors you won’t tolerate.  If she continues pushing those boundaries you’ll have to find a way to enforce them.  That may mean you need to take time (even if it’s just a night) away from her – so she can see you’re serious.

Rule #3 Working through your issues

When setting boundaries – or working through any other relationship problem – a good relationship rule for men is to avoid assigning blame or making personal attacks.  The more confrontational your words and attitude are when trying to work through a problem, the harder it’s going to be reach a resolution.

Instead of calling her names or blaming her for problems, simply let her know how certain behaviors make you feel.  For example, let’s say you’re upset because she never bothered to introduce you to her friends when you were out the night before.  Instead of saying “You’re so rude, you should have introduced me to your friends” try saying something like “It hurt that you didn’t introduce me, I felt like you didn’t want me there.  Next time I’d really appreciate an introduction”.  By phrasing it this way you’re not attacking, blaming, or trying to control her.  You’re simply stating how you feel and what you’d like.  As a result she’ll be far more willing to do things your way.

Rule #4 Make time for other friends/activities

A great relationship rule for men to follow to make sure a relationship is lifting you up – and not dragging you down – is to carve out some time for yourself.  After all you don’t want to be one of those guys who only gets fulfillment from this one relationship.  That puts a lot of pressure on things to always go well – and the smallest bumps in the relationship can feel like major catastrophes.

So make a point to continue getting satisfaction and fulfillment from other areas of your life.  Make time for old friends and the activities you enjoy.  Doing so will keep you from needing too much from your relationship.  And it’ll be easier to sit back and enjoy the relationship for what it is.

Rule #5 Don’t take the relationship for granted

Guys will often put a lot of energy and effort into getting a girl, but then back-off once they’ve got her.  They’ll stop going on fun dates and pay less attention to her as time goes on.  This can make a girl feel resentful and underappreciated, and turn the relationship stale.

To make sure you don’t become one of those guys continue putting effort and energy into your relationship.  Surprise your girl with little gifts, phone calls, or messages that show you how much you appreciate her.  Keep taking her on fun dates and having new experiences together.  Doing all this keeps the relationship strong and exciting, so this is a key relationship rule for men to follow.

(For additional tips on how to create a successful relationship, click here)

Rule #6 If it’s time to move on…

If the relationship no longer does it for you then it may be time to cut the cord and move on.  Some guys are hesitant to do this and will stay in the relationship until they find a new girl to date.  But this is a huge problem for two reasons:  First, it’s wildly unfair to the girl who thinks she’s in a committed relationship.  And second, if you’re not fully committed to going after that next girl it’s going to take that much longer to find her.  So if you know a relationship is over have that talk and move on.  Then you’ll be in a much better position to start a new, fresh relationship with someone else.

More relationship rules and advice

The relationship rules for men described above will help you create stronger relationships.  But just as important as creating strong relationships is being able to spot the warning signs that a relationship is in trouble.  For tips on how to do that check out this article on relationship red flags.


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