Sabrina – Unexpected Turn

Sabrina was hired at the restaurant and they sent her over to their 20th street location for training. I hadn’t heard from her for about a week and was wondering how she was doing. Lo and behold, I’m walking home from Cavanaugh’s last Monday, after Prova bailed on happy hour. (See: Prova – 2015 to Present – The Boycott) I’m walking over to a convenience store when I run into none other than Sabrina! She’s looking hot and she’s on the phone with someone. She sees me and…

“Oh my God. Here he is now!” Holds phone to my face. “Say hi to Jill!”

(See: Jill – 2016 to Present – Jill to Jezebel)

“Hey Jill!”

Then she’s back on the phone.

“Okay. Let me go. I’ll talk to you later.”

Sabrina hugs me. It feels good to hold her in my arms. “How’s it going over at the restaurant? Still training?”

“I left there. I don’t think the people over there make much money. But it wasn’t so much the place I just really didn’t like the staff.”

“Ohhh…” (I hook her up with a job and she quits?)

“I’m working a few shifts over at Casta Diva and I got another job out in Manayunk. So for now I’m good.”

“Oh, well that’s good.”

“Which way are you going? I’m walking up to CVS.”

“I’ll walk with you. It’s been awhile.”

We chat and catch up. We get to CVS and she picks up some medicine from the pharmacist to help her sleep. She says she has trouble falling asleep.

I wanted to say, ‘I use wine for that.’ but thought it better not to speak based on what I know about her.

We walk out of the store and she calls for an UBER. While we’re waiting she says she wants to ask me a personal question. I tell her to fire away.

“After you got divorced, what did you do for sex?”

“We were separated and my ex-wife had moved out and was living at her parents house with our daughter Lorelei. I figured I should at least get out there and start dating again. I started dating one of the mothers at my daughter’s daycare. Not my best work, but it was nice to hang out with a woman that wasn’t an absolute terror like the ex-wife.”

“She had a daughter too, and we’d take the kids to the playground and out to eat. I don’t think Lorelei was too fond of her daughter. Her daughter seemed really rambunctious and Lor is way more laid back and chill as a kid and even today as an adult.”

“I don’t even remember how it ended. We were both going through our divorces and it was a dark time. I could never live in New Jersey again. Too many ghosts and bad memories. I want to live and die here in Philly.”

“I later started dating a wild blonde girl that was fun. I liked her because she was the opposite of my wife. It’s weird. I was in my late thirties then and these women were about my same age.  But once I got older it seemed like all I dated were young women in their twenties. It’s like I keep getting older and all my girlfriends stay the same age range.”

“So to answer your question, I was getting more sex than when I was married and it was better sex too. I hated my wife by that time. I’d rather have sex with someone I don’t know than someone I don’t like.”

UBER car arrives.

“Wow. Okay. We’ll talk more soon. Thank you. (Hugs me. Love that)

A week or so goes by and I get this text:

“Hey how are you? So thanks to all the well wishes from you I was offered a job in marketing making more money than my last one and my own office on Columbus Blvd. facing the water!!! They just had me go purchase a $2000 MacBook today on them and I go in tomorrow for them to introduce me and then I start officially on Monday!!! Woohoo!”

“Holy shit! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! We need to sober celebrate!”

“Yes def I’m gonna take you out to dinner. Next weekend maybe when I get my first check.”

“Sounds wonderful! I’m sooo happy for you Sabrina!”

The next day…

“How’d it go today?”

“Great! Honestly I felt like it’s my dream job. I can grow in the company which will be huge for me.”

“I’m so happy for you! This was the break you needed!”

“Exactly!! Everything happens for a reason, right?”

“Absolutely!” (I don’t believe that but for her sake…)

“It’s hard to know who you trust in the process when things are going wrong though. Out of nowhere today I felt like having a drink but I didn’t so I’m still sane. Lol.”

“You mean a celebratory drink not a stress drink, right?”

“Yea, but for me if I do one to celebrate it will lead me to become a drunken fool and I will go from 1 to 100 in 2 seconds.

“So treat yourself to some ice cream or some other little reward you wouldn’t normally give yourself.”


“Like some nice perfume or a pair of shoes of something.”

“Yes. Okay, I will go to the mall tomorrow and buy something.”

“Treat yourself! You just landed a new and better job than your last one! Bravo!”

So it looks like our girl Sabrina is back in the groove. When you do better, you live better. All she needs to do is stay sober and everything else should fall into place. Hopefully I’ll see her soon and we can go out and do something sober together!


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