A Unique Gift – Chapter 18

The night of the party arrived and Jack met up with Abby outside before they went in. She checked he had the collar and her eyes fluttered for a moment when he said yes. They made their way in, loud music made Jacks ears hurt until he adjusted to the volume. It was hot and there were people everywhere, all of them college students wanting to forget about the week and just get drunk. By the state of a few they were already well on their way. They made their way to a large table lined with drinks.

“Move,” a voice rang out as Abby was pushed to one side. Jack spun round to find himself face to face with Amanda. He sighed, this would be fun. She was the most popular girl on campus. Intelligent and attractive with huge tits and an ass kept firm by hours of working out.

“Hey!” Abby cried out. Amanda looked at her as if daring her to say something. Jack had an idea and stepped forward. A few people were watching as he approached.

“Hey, apologize to my friend,” Jack demanded. Amanda just looked at him and laughed.

“And who are you?” She sneered.

“I’m her friend and you owe her an apology,” Jack continued.

“Yeah right, get out of my way,” Amanda replied with a sharp edge in her voice. She did not like people not doing as she said.

“Tell you what, since you’re so smart I’ll make you a bet,” Jack began.

“What’s the bet?” Amanda replied, she didn’t really care but couldn’t be seen to have her intellect challenged by some nobody.

“If you figure out how this bar trick is done, we’ll leave and I’ll even apologize to you BUT if you can’t you have to say sorry to my friend and wear this for the evening,” Jack smiled, producing the collar.

“Do you have some kind of fetish or something?” Amanda smirked as she saw the collar.

“Hey if you don’t think you can figure it out you can walk away now,” Jack replied, goading her.

“Fine, deal. What’s the trick?” Amanda asked dismissively. Jack grabbed a bowl of olives off the table and poured a few out into a pile.

“Ok it’s simple, we each take turns taking olives from the pile, you can take one, two or three at a time. Whoever takes the last olive is the winner,” Jack explained. Amanda looked at him before looking at the olives for a moment as if thinking. Abby was grinning, she knew this trick.

“Alright, fine,” Amanda replied. She was good with numbers and this was just a numbers game, she just had to work out how many to take each turn. She began taking two olives, so Jack took two as well. She then took three and Jack only took one. By now a crowd had gathered and Amanda looked worried. In her hubris she had agreed to something she now realized was a bad idea but she couldn’t back out in front of all these people. They each continued removing olives until Jack took two of the last three. She sighed in frustration at losing.

“You cheated,” she accused Jack.

“I didn’t, you just agreed without thinking it through. All I had to do was make sure that four olives were removed each round,” Jack explained. It was a trick he had learnt from a regular at the bar where he worked. He had used it more than once to persuade drunk customers that if they couldn’t beat him, they were too drunk to have another drink.

“Fine, you win,” Amanda relented.

“Follow me, lets go somewhere quieter where Abby will be able to hear your apology,” Jack smiled. The trio made their way through the crowd and into a bedroom. They shut the door and the sound of the music dulled significantly.



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