Kita – Chapter 15 – First Date – Part 3

I’m resolute. I’ve been writing about Kita for awhile but I’m in a relationship with Cherie. If you read the last post about Cherie you’ll know that we’re all guns blazing. But the distance between Cherie and all of her problems have been causing my girlfriend a lot of pain. I can’t fix any of that. I know that’s impossible. If Cherie wants to keep me in her life she needs to keep doing what she does. I like it this way. I see her and then she goes away. So I can send out my best representative for years on end. Instead of this drunken womanizer down here in Philly.

I know life is a nightmare for her right now. She’s a survivor and I’m confident that she can get through school and do what she was born to do. Help little kids get better through her help. I love her for that and I love that she’s a good mother, but most of all I love that she’s a sexual animal. (That, and she’s a really sweet woman)

I would marry her. I swear to God I would. That’s how good she is. I can already sense that she’d be the best wife imaginable if I could just set her up in the best scenario imaginable.

I would do that because I believe she’s that good. She and her family just need a break.

Anyway… back to my fickle infidelity.

I get to Gran Caffe L’ Aquila. I tell the hostess my name and ask for Luciano, my favorite bartender. He’s at the back bar. I greet him and the owner with the word, Ciao!

I get a glass of Chardonnay and sit at the bar. I text Kita and tell her I’m at the restaurant at the back bar and the hostess is expecting her.

“Okay! I’m almost there. See you soon!”

Gran Caffe L’Aquila was a landmark cafe located on Piazza Duomo in the capital city of the Abruzzo region. In 2007 Gran Caffe L’Aquila won cafe of the year for all of Italy, but was then tragically damaged in the devastating earthquake of 2009 which destroyed the city. In 2012 the original owners Stefano Biasini (Gelato Champion of Italy) and Michele Morelli (Award winning Italian Coffee Roaster) met Local restaurateur Riccardo Longo (Award winning regional Italian food and wine director) which led to the rebirth of one of Italy’s most beloved cafes in Philadelphia.

The entire restaurant was designed and built in Italy and shipped over for installation. After 3 years of design and build out the most authentic Italian cafe in America was opened on December 24th 2014. The 1st floor is an authentic Italian bar and the second floor features the restaurant, wine bar, cultural and language school, as well as the coffee and gelato labs.

I’m sipping my wine and in rolls baby. She comes up to me and I leap off the bar stool and give her a hug. She looks just as beautiful as ever. She’s wearing a black top and little white shorts that showcase her caramel legs. I haven’t seen her since she did her last double dip. (Spray tan and a UV session) She’s looking especially dark. I’m sure she’s loving that because that’s her thing. I cash out with Luciano and head upstairs with Kita. I’m behind her as we follow the hostess. She takes us through the bar and out to a private balcony with only one table for two on it. I’m in heaven and feel so grateful already. One: That this is the first time I’ve ever asked a client out on a date, and she accepted and showed up on time. Two: My date is a pretty twenty-one year old coed. And finally, Three: I’ve got the best table in the house!

We sit down and they bring us a couple of waters and menus. On the first page of the menu each week they take the cuisine from a different town or region in Italy and prepare and serve it. The waiter goes over that whole section with us. It’s sort of the specials on any other menu but fancier and more creative.

I order another glass of chardonnay and of course ask her is she wants anything. She declines and says the following:

“I have Asian Glow.”

“Asian Glow?”

“Yea, my body doesn’t produce the enzyme to break down alcohol, so I get really drunk on just a little bit and I can get sick.”

“No worries. I just thought you had a glow because you’re so cute.”

I’ll have to research what Asian Glow is because I’ve never heard of it.

Anyway, the waiter leaves us to peruse our menus. It’s a huge menu with an array of choices. I can see Kita wasn’t kidding when she says she doesn’t get out much. This poor little college kid is overwhelmed with all of the choices. I cruise the whole menu and most of it is wine in the back few pages. They have a huge collection of wines.

The server comes back and Kita has a few questions and then sends him off again. I know what I want. I’m going to have the Pollo Al Mattone, which is a half chicken roasted under a terracotta brick, with asparagus and rosemary potatoes. I don’t mind how long it takes Kita to make up her mind. I just get the pleasure of sitting here admiring her beauty.

She finally settles on the Salmone In Placc, which is fire grilled Scottish salmon, herb crust served on a cedar plank. She also gets a side of broccoli rabe.

Now we’re all set.

We obviously chat about tanning, and I tell her what’s been going on with the salon and the fitness center. She’s talking about school and how her mid-terms are at the end of the week.

“Are you ready?”

“Yea, but I’m going to be studying all of tomorrow.”

“Well, I want to thank you for having dinner with me tonight. I know I used to refer to you as Top 5, and then later #1. Because you really are a great girl, Kita. Incidentally, you’re the first client I’ve ever asked out to dinner.”

Her eyes twinkle. “Well I’m flattered you asked me, Charles.” She smiles. “This place is so nice. I would never go to a place like this. Thank you so much for taking me here.”

“It’s truly my pleasure, Kita.”



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