16 people share the sexiest traits that have nothing to do with looks. Love isn’t built in the gym

Turns out, there’s more to falling in love than just a bangin’ bod.

Even in the age of constant Tinder dates, people still care about personality. This is great news! There can’t be a relationship without good conversation and overall chemistry regardless of how Kardashian-like your waist-to-hip ratio is. People are still attracted to someone with a good sense of humor, a passion for what they do, drive, and generosity. Maybe there is hope for the future despite Instagram.

When a recent Reddit thread asked users, “What non-physical attribute immediately makes someone attractive to you?” the internet was ready to offer up their best non-booty related advice. Maybe we should all skip obsessing over arm muscle reps and perfect contour and read the news? Who knew?

1. This is key, “catfishfighter.”

Has their own shit going on. Hobbies, ambitions, ideas.

2. For sure, “cursedapplesauce.”

Sharing experiences and opening up to me. If someone feels confident enough with me to tell me more about his/her life, secrets, thoughts and struggles, I feel so grateful for this trust I just can’t.

3. Yes, “EmpZurg__”

An inappropriately goofy sense of humor.

4. Absolutely, “Ronotrow.”


5. This is hardcore, but yes “BearilynMonroe.”


I don’t care what it is you’re competent at — just show me that you are. You know your job, or your craft, or your hobby; you’ve spent time learning the ins and outs, and you do your shit well. You are still learning. You want always to improve. Always to grow. And when you’re here to do the thing, you’re motherfucking Here to Do the Thing.

6. Absolutely, “ReiMizere.”

The ability to actually listen what the person is saying to you, as opposed to wait your turn to talk.

7. Don’t be late, “Rambo7112.”

Good logistics.

I know that sounds odd, but if a girl says she’ll meet me somewhere at a certain time and shows up on time, it shows that I’m worth her time.

If she can’t make it, tells me before hand, and specifically reschedules, that’s shows she cares.

After having people tell me they’ll meet me at a certain time and then tell me they can’t make it 45 minutes later, good logistics are gr8.

8. Funny people are hot as hell, “1JustAnotherPerson1.”

Humor, legit male or female funny people are attractive.

9. Aw, “Eight216.”

Authenticity….? But not in a goodie two-shoes kinda way. More like someone who just is who they are, faults and all… Like I went on a date with this girl and i paid her a compliment. She blushed a little, said “ooh stop it” and then motiones for me to continue saying nice things. Still makes me smile but of course at the time my idiot self was speechless because I found her so damn charming

10. Keep up, “expertBJrecipient.”

Wit. A woman who can beat me to the punch for a joke is so, so sexy

11. This should probably be a given, “kitskill.”

When people are genuinely interested in you and what you have to say. Knocks me flat.

Can’t be faked either.

12. 100%, “mochikitstune.”

Passion – not like lovemaking but as in passion for something. Passion for plants, writing, cooking, etc anything really. There are some I don’t find as endearing as others but to see someone eith a sparkle in their eyes as they talk about their passion is very attractive.

13. Cuddling is great, “mekankistik.”

Being a good cuddler. Cuddles are important. Mandatory even. I have known a few people who just can’t stand them, and that is a major turn off.

14. Too real, “RustyWood86.”

Intelligence. I don’t care how good looking or well off you are, if you can’t form complete sentences you’re ugly to me.

15. Where is this person, “CaminoGypsy.”

A desire for continuous learning and trying new things, combined with a dark, yet witty sense of humor is the most attractive trait I have ever witnessed in a human.

16. Critically important, “nsandbrai.”

Closes mouth when eating


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Sun Stories: Summer – Astonished – Part 1

Summer has resigned from the salon. With school, and holiday winter break she’s over it. I think what happens to these girls they just get tired of all of the people who come in here to tan. Mostly the women just start to annoy them. It’s happened to a lot of the girls who have worked here.

I miss her and occasionally reach out to her because I’m fond of her. We mostly text.

“I feel like we’re drifting apart because we don’t work together anymore.”

“Aww no! I’ve been dealing with so much shit I haven’t been myself.”



“Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Happy Thanksgiving!”




“I was just telling Kita today how much I missed you. I told her I was going to text you to see if you would visit me at the salon… and here you are! How are you?”

“Ha Ha is she working there yet?”

“Not till January.”

“Ohhh Gotcha. Did Achilles leave my final pay?”

“I haven’t seen it. Should I tell him you’re coming in this week to get it?”

“Yea, or I can text him either one…. I have terrible, terrible news as well.”

“What happened, Summer?”

“Charles I’m pregnant. You can’t tell anyone though. I found out on fucking Tuesday.”



“Do you know who the father is?” (a feeble attempt at levity in the face of great adversity)

“Jake.” (her boyfriend of two years)

“Does he know?”

“Yea. He made me take the test. I had to tell my parents and he told his.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Well there’s not much I can do. I went to the doctor to see if I could get an abortion. Guess how far along I am?”

“No idea.”

“Take a guess.”

“Two months.”

“Six months since yesterday.”

“What the fuck??? Didn’t you notice you hadn’t gotten your period in all that time?”

“My period is so messed up I haven’t gotten it in over a year. It’s always been messed up.”

“Ok. I’m stunned. So what’s the plan?”

“I don’t look it at all. And I am not sure yet.”

“Well abortion is well off the table.”

“Yea. six months. That’s a legit baby.”

“So adoption or become a mom. What do the families say?”

“They all sound like they want me to keep it.”

“Well your family can afford it and probably don’t want one of their own being raised by another family.”

“Yes, that’s very true. They said not to worry about the money.”

“That’s good… so shotgun wedding for you and Jake?”

“hahahahahahahahahah Hell no!”

“Just think he broke up with you when you were pregnant with his child! (Got back together a week later) Do you know the sex of the baby?”

“I find out Wednesday. Think about all of the drinking I did since June… We’re seeing if the baby is healthy.”

“I was just thinking about that. Oh Jeez. No birth control?”

“I was on birth control since 8th grade. My liposuction surgery fucked it up. I got pregnant two weeks after it. The antibiotics canceled it out.”

“Oh shit. I hope the baby is okay. When can I see you?”

Tomorrow I’ll come in and see you.”

“Okay. see you then, Summer.”


Well let’s see where this journey takes poor Summer!



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