Handful of Dates – Part 2

The Daughter

I had another one once where the girl showed up with her daughter that forgot to mention on the dating site. So as we are on this date her three year old daughter is there. It gets worse, It was cold out and she asked if I wanted to continue talking in her car. We ended up making out in her car after the date while her daughter was in the back in the car seat. It was about less than 10 minutes.


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2 thoughts on “Handful of Dates – Part 2”

  1. The worst, for me, was my buddy at the time (1975) bringing two women back to his house-and one of them had three kids with her. She left them in the car and rushed in-asking if I wanted a quickie. I feigned stupidity and declined-sending my soon-to-be ex-friend off on a tirade (WHASSAMATTERWITYA? SEX IS SEXXXX!) Some things are just not worth it; n’est-ce pas?

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