Kita – Chapter 21 – The Rising Tide – Part 1

I was working my usual Sunday at the salon. It was totally dead that day. Probably less than a dozen people came in the whole time we were open. But around 2pm the ‘ray of sunshine’ came strolling in.

She’s obviously distressed about something. I think I can guess what it is. It’s either ex-boyfriend, JR or new clown Steve.

I am correct on both counts. She’s going on about how Steve is being an ass. He’s saying things like how he needs to take a step back from Kita because she’s not over JR yet. These young guys nowadays are so insecure. He’s creating problems where there aren’t any. This dude needs to chill out.

I do learn some new things about Kita. Her first love was a kid back when she was around 16. They got serious and fooled around a little bit but she wasn’t ready to have her V card punched yet. (Always good to avoid those pesky statutory rape laws!)

That relationship lasted only 6 months. Her heart was broken. She was really sad and wasn’t eating. Her mother was really worried about her. Kita loves passionately and when it ends she’s devastated. I’ve been there.

Her mom put her on Escitalopram to combat her depression. She’s still on it today. I don’t know how I feel about that but if it helps keep Kita healthy, it’s none of my business. I’ll do some research about the drug.

Anyway, then she met JR and fell deeply in love with him. I think they were together for over six months before she had sex for the very first time. JR relieved her of her virginity and she was hooked. She remained happily in a relationship with him until recently. Most of this year has spent with them fighting, breaking up, getting back together and then drifting further apart. Now it’s over and although he may have moved on, she hasn’t.

Sure, she’s seeing Steve but has made it clear she’s not over her ex and needs time to heal. Initially he said he was fine with it. She also made it clear that there would absolutely not be any sexual activity.

I love Kita’s virtue.

She’s also made it clear that they’re not an item. They’re not in a relationship. She just needs time to heal and move forward with her life.

Things were going okay for awhile, until last weekend. He said something about being mad at his friend about something and he wouldn’t share it with her. Which is fine but he started acting weird the whole weekend. It was if he’d been able to send out his best representative and maintain that character for a month or so. Then his true self emerged and he started being mean to Kita. He would ignore her, and just be moody and down right mean.

Of course she’s telling me all of this drama and it’s just exhausting for me. But I really care about Kita and I’m happy when she’s blowing up my phone about this guy. Normally I would hate it, but she’s such a lovely babe, I just love chatting with her and try to help her with my advice.




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