Is this the worst Tinder profile ever?

As any single people will tell you, online dating is a minefield.

However, one man decided to take matters into his own hands, by creating a points system so he didn’t waste his time dating women he wasn’t interested in.

His Tinder profile was uploaded to Twitter by a woman who claims to have ‘stumbled upon the world’s worst straight dude tinder bio’.

He starts by telling his possible match to ‘do the math’ and then lists out all the things he looks for in a woman and then scores them out of 20 points.

If they work out, they should add two points, if they like to drink, add one point and if they’re shorter than 5’3, add two points.

However, he tells women to minus two points if they smoke cigarettes or watch Netflix for more than three hours a day.

If they’re unemployed they should take away four points and if they can’t cook, minus one.

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The man’s Tinder profile scored the women out of 20 points. Photo: Twitter/@TheDreamGhoul

The post, which already has 20,000 likes, was blasted by people on Twitter, who claimed they are a great date but scored low on the test.

“Ridiculous that he’s giving out more points for loving your family than being a freak in bed. Also, 3 hours of Netflix a night shows dedication and should be rewarded, not penalised,” one person said.

“My score is zero. I didn’t add up anything… zero is just the number of seconds I could spend in conversation with this guy without the overwhelming urge to projectile vomit all over him,” another person said.

We don’t know if this guy will get many dates after this.


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3 thoughts on “Is this the worst Tinder profile ever?”

  1. Lol. I think it’s clever and funny. I don’t particularly agree with his numeration but this is about him seeking his ideal partner. I can applaud his ingenuity.

    Dating is difficult. He definitely isn’t someone I would date because even before meeting I feel judged, bit if we are being honest with ourselves everyone has a tally just like this for prospective partners. IMO that all flies out the window for the “right” person though, but then again. What do I know? Lol

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