10 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Not That Into You And It’s Time To Reconsider Your Relationship

Have you ever been so crazy for someone that you become blind to the fact they are not into you?

Sadly, often our attraction and passion clearly make us miss the warning signs that the other person is giving us. Or we just aren’t able to detect them.

Usually, this dilemma arises from believing that if we insist the other person can change their mind about us. Unfortunately, that is simply impossible. Once someone shows you they are not romantically interested in you, the only thing you could do is to accept the bitter truth. And although it is painful to move on from someone you have strong feelings for, it’s actually for the better. Only after leaving the wrong person will you be able to find the right one for you.

But no matter how bad a break-up is, staying in an unsatisfactory relationship with someone who’s not actually into you is even worse.

Closing your eyes to the fact that he or she doesn’t love you truly and doesn’t treat you the way you deserve could cause heartache, frustration, and disappointment.

Remember someone who really likes you and wants to be with you will pursue you!

They will do whatever they can to make things between you two work out. He or she will be glad to spend time with you. They will treat you with respect and make plans for the future with you. If they don’t behave this way from the beginning, or they don’t seem to look seriously at the relationship, you’d better cut them loose. Because chances are very high, he or she is just not that into you.

So to help you solve the dilemma if he or she loves you truly, we’ve outlined 10 obvious signs that your partner is not in love with you.

1. You Initiate Contact. Always.

If someone misses you and wants to see you, they will. If they don’t call and expect you to be the first to initiate contact, then you might need to reconsider if they are the one for you.

2. You feel close to your partner only when you have sex.

Some people need time to open up. But if you notice that your partner isn’t really close with you and your only intimate moments with them are when you have sex, you might need to think again whether they really love you.

3. You don’t have sex.

Another problem with intimacy in the relationship could be that you and your partner don’t have sex, and even if you do it’s not enough or you are the one who initiates it.

4. They don’t make plans for the future with you.

Someone who’s into you and feels confident that things are going in the right direction will gladly plan their holiday with you or offer to take you with them next time they go on a trip. In contrast, an emotionally unavailable partner wouldn’t even want to make plans for the next weekend with you.

5. You don’t know their friends and family.

Spending enough quality time with your partner is crucial for the success of every relationship. Yet, the natural behavior of a loving partner is to introduce you to their friends and family and make you feel a part of their social circle. If they don’t do that there’s a chance he or she is not serious about you.

6. They are always busy.

It’s important that partners respect each other’s freedom and personal space. But if you’re constantly being neglected — your partner never finds time to go out with you, or they often don’t answer to your texts — it’s likely that they’re not really into you. One of the most painful situations is to try to reach out to someone and be repeatedly ignored.

7. They are not interested to learn personal things about you.

Someone who really loves you will find time to learn more about you. They will want to know more about your day and will surely ask “get to know you” questions. One of the primary characteristics of a healthy relationship is that you can share both your happiness and problems with your partner. So if he or she is not interested in listening to you or doesn’t seem to be happy when you are, they are most probably not getting serious about you.

8. They say they’ve never been in love.

Many women are likely to fall for guys who are immature and don’t know what they want. Sadly, this type of men often mask the fact they don’t seek serious relationship by saying they haven’t found a woman who is worth their love.

But this is not true. As sad as it sounds such people don’t know what true love is so they are not able to give it to their partners. That’s why trying to build a relationship with such a person is just a waste of time.

9. Don’t confuse flirting for love.

A lot of people need to flirt to feel happy and satisfied with themselves. That is typical for men, but there are women who love flirting too. So if he or she flirts with you but never asks you out, this is a red flag. Any person who is seriously interested in you will try to date you. So, if your crush isn’t taking any steps to ask you out, they are probably not into you, and you’d better move on.

10. They don’t have time for you.

You should pay attention to how often your partner prefers their own company to yours. If you notice that he or she has been spending less and less time with you and they don’t seem to care or to give you a reasonable explanation why they started disappearing from your life, your relationship might be in danger.

You don’t have to feel bad if your partner doesn’t love you the way you do — you don’t have any fault about this situation. It’s just that he or she is not the one.

So, if you feel that there’s something wrong with your significant other’s behavior or attitude towards you and if you notice most of or all of the signs discussed in this article – don’t hesitate to talk about your relationship with them immediately.

Never underestimate yourself by staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t seem to care enough about you and has no intentions to commit to you.

You are amazing! So you need to be treated with love and respect. And certainly, there is a person out there who will treat you exactly this way.


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Kita – Chapter 28 – Hair Done & No Fun

Today is the Saturday I wanted to take Kita to Dave and Buster’s but it was the only day she could schedule her hair appointment. So I will continue to pursue her to get some fun in her life. I’m just floating around the city when I get a text.

“Hey, Charles. Look at my hair now.”

Kita sends me a pic of her in the hairdresser’s chair with a bunch of tin foil in her hair creating her blonde halo. She looks ridiculous.

“You look like Storm from the X-Men.”


“It’s like a silver head dress!”

“So happy I’m going blonder!!!”

“It’s going to look so awesome! I’m running some errands in the area. Need a Frappuccino?”

“I ate a banana recently, but thank you! It’s too cold outside to be running errands.”

“Yay! Bananas are better for you than coffee drinks. Oh, and it’s not too bad out now.”

Hours later…

“I talked to Achilles about working there! I want to do it. I’m just looking at logistics with my classes and me going away for breaks. My classes are different so I’m making my schedule next week, so I’ll have a decision by then ok? Also, thank you for the Honey Grow card. (Smiley emoji)”

“Sounds great. No worries. We’ll work with your schedule. Take your time working it out. You’re welcome! I knew the one person that could put that card to good use!”

An hour later…

“Can you make sure Achilles knows I’m still pondering it? I feel like he thinks I told him 100% yes. I brought up the schedule thing but I think he thought differently. Oh yea, I used the Honey Grow card today and it was delicious!”

“I’ll talk to him Monday. He and I already have decided to split the schedule between the two of us until we find someone. We’re going to open the gym in December so I may take more of his shifts while he runs the gym. Don’t stress, Kita. Take your time and we’ll figure it out.

Two hours later…

“Thanks Charles. I fell asleep. I’m exhausted for no reason.”

“I’m sure you’re tired, Kita. Big day. Hours at the salon creating the perfect blonde highlights! I hope you like it.”

“I do, I’m just so dead right now. And the weather and darkness so early never helps. Haha.”

“I get it. I just wrote an article for the salon that we’re going to send out to our members about Seasonal Affective Disorder. We worked on it today and I know it’s important that we communicate with our clients about the importance of how we can help them.”

“That’s awesome! Yeah, it really does affect your moods/emotions.”

“It’s paramount that we communicate the importance of controlled UV emissions to our clients for their well being during these cold, dark winter months in the Northeast. I’m glad you get it.”

“Yes because it definitely helps!!!”

“Well we’re here for you to absorb your power through our light! I’m going to do a stand up session before I start work tomorrow. Oh, and I have some new ideas to get you darker!!!”

“Thank you!!! (Smiley emoji) Thank goodness for tanning! And what are your ideas?”

“I have a special lotion, (Only for you my #1) and I want to try a 12 minute over exposure session and see what that does. Always creative.”

“Oh my! A special lotion???? The tingling one?”

“Yes! But it has a very gentle tingling vanilla and chocolate scent that I’m giving only to you. Always working hard for my Yelp reviews.”

“Wow sounds delicious!!! Hahah.”


By then it was almost midnight, so we both went to sleep.

Thing was, I wish she were sleeping next to me.



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