Handful of Dates – Part 6

My Flawed Dates

We are not perfect and the amount of dates I have been on I can openly admit I blew a few myself. Here they are.

  • I got violently ill on one date and threw up everywhere, needless to say I never heard back from her.


  • I was up for 36 hours at one point because my work kept calling me to come back in, but I had a date that was planned a week earlier. After work it was time to head over to the location to meet this girl. I decided to have a cup of coffee and an energy bar. Then saw Rock Star Energy Drinks for a dollar at the location where we were going to meet. I could not get my leg to stop shaking for the life of me. She kinda got worried that I was a junkie and the date was cut short. My eyes were red from being up for two days, I was also slurring my speech from being tired. I should have canceled, but we both canceled twice on each other already because of other issues.


  • Another one I was trying to be creative and wanted to go to the tide pools, beach combing, and watch the sunset. Now on the left side of us is a rock cliff about 70-90 feet up. On the right side of us is the ocean. We are walking on the sand. Well I forgot about the tide, and when it started to come in we were up to our ankles in ocean water and she even got knocked down once so she was totally wet. We also couldn’t run because she had asthma and didn’t have her medication with her. By the time we made it back to the stairs to head back up the cliff to the parking lot. She was totally wet, lips were blue, trouble breathing, and this was in February, BUT! in Southern California so we still had 80 degree weather in February, but the ocean is cold as shit. I felt so bad, but once again I didn’t hear from her again. I bet I was her worse date ever!

You know shit happens on both sides, but I get a rush from dating. Kind of like a movie your friend puts on but you have no clue what it is about and he won’t tell you. Some of my dates have just been solid entertainment, better than a movie or live theater.


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