12 Date Ideas that are Unconventional and so Damn Cute

Dating is hard enough, so it’s important to be prepped with everything from fun first date ideas to awesome cheap date ideas, not to mention questions to ask and things to talk about.

But, once you’ve got all that down, you might need some date ideas that are a little… different. These 12 people took to Reddit to share their best ever unconventional dates – and they’re all totally worth pinching. Take notes!

1. Go book shopping

“[My] boyfriend took me to a bookstore specializing in rare books, and we picked out a book for each other. It was the sweetest thing, and it really helps you learn more about your partner and how they think of you, and how well they know your interests.”

2. Drive out into the countryside

“We woke up before dawn, and we drove together to watch the sun rising over a nearby lake. It was the day after Christmas and bitterly cold. I think it was below zero. The sunrise was especially beautiful that morning; the clouds were so full and puffy and formed these weird, colorful towers over the horizon. We blasted the heat, sang along to music, and had considerable trouble deciding whether to gaze at the perfect sky outside the window, or each other.”

3. Take classes together

“Blind date to home and [hardware] shop. He knew I was different, so we went to a store that had classes in doing tile and grout mosaic wall designs, built a bird house and then we walked around the store and just chatted with a cup of coffee. A really fun inexpensive date that gave us time to talk and have fun, without being super serious. I loved it and think of it each time I walk [through] the tile area of any hardware store. Forgot to add, he bought me a fig tree as a gift while we were there.”

4. Visit an animal shelter

“A guy took me to the animal shelter on our second date. We spent two hours petting cats. He took me to dinner after. We’ve been together for four years now. That dude is the love of my life.”

5. Go on a spooky tour

“I have done [those] haunted pub tours, and cemetery tours, those are great to go on with a date. There’s just something nice about hearing a spooky story while walking outside at night.”

6. Choose picnic items for each other

“We went to a supermarket and had five minutes to buy each other lunch – it was fun racing around, trying to find things we thought we would each like, and trying to sneak around the aisles unseen and accidentally bumping into each other. Then we walked to a park nearby, and revealed our picnic, and just sat and talked and ate – very simple idea, but very sweet and lots of fun!”

7. Take a train going nowhere

“He baked TWO kinds of muffins, brought coffee in a flask (all in a picnic basket) and then we went on an [overground train] line that goes in a circle (takes about an hour) and we ate muffins, drank coffee and talked. That was actually quite cute.”

8. Catch a plane somewhere

“A day trip to London (my favourite city). I live in Dublin, and London is only about 50 minutes away by plane. My fiancé surprised me with a Saturday trip there because I was having a bad week. The flights were really cheap too. Only about £45 return.”

9. Recreate a childhood memory

“One of my favorites is we recreated a special childhood memory. Mine was making my grandmas burritos and going to the drive-in movies.”

10. Drive to the beach

“I was whisked away after work for a five-hour road trip to the beach. We swam in the moonlight and ate at a restaurant. It was amazing, and I didn’t want to come back home.”

11. Try some new foods

“We went to the Asian supermarket and oohed and aahed over the cool fruits and veggies we didn’t know. We bought some that were somewhat recognizable to us, and took them home to try some different recipes/food. Ended the day with eating mini moon cakes, and it was fun.”

12. Sneak into somewhere

“I brought a boy to a local water park in the off season to sneak in and run around and stuff. It was a lot of fun.”


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Women That Men Do Not Want To Marry

I’ve recently read a very funny article written by Samantha Daniels, who is a well-known professional matchmaker and relationship expert, about different types of women that men do not want to marry. I must admit that this subject really got me thinking about all the little yet quite annoying things a woman can do to chase away the man of her dreams. This is why, if you are trying to find the perfect man and get married, you need to know about the things you might be doing wrong and you need to be smart about your dating. So, just read on and find out about those 15 types of women that men do not want to marry.


If we’re talking about types of women that men do not want to marry, we must surely include this very popular type of lady. She is always very distrusting and suspicious and even though she might have been hurt in the past, this is not an excuse for behaving like this in all her relationships. So, that’s why, most of the time, guys will break up with her because after all “no one can go through his life being prosecuted for somebody else’s crimes.”↓


I must admit with shame that sometimes I am this type of woman, but in my defense, I must say that I often do it unconsciously and that I can’t simply help myself. At first, a man might think that this trait is kind of cute, that he likes a woman who is ambitious and knows what she wants, but after a while, he will realize that things are a bit different and he will “feel like he is in grammar school being told what to do by his second grade teacher.” So, if you recognize yourself in my description, try to do something about it and be more approachable.


I know that sometimes, it may seem fun to play all sorts of fun games (well, fun for you), but in the long term this behavior will surely damage your relationship. Maybe at first, a man will be intrigued by a hard-to-get lady, but after a while he will want to be with someone who is a bit nicer and more stable. So, no matter how tempting it may seem, stop playing games with his heart! Act a little bit more responsibly and think about his feelings too!


This is definitely one of the types of women a man will not want to marry. Even though at first he might be flattered by all her attention and kindness, in the long term he will feel suffocated and all that attention will seem overwhelming. Men love a woman who knows what she wants, who makes plans that don’t necessarily involve him, who has a goal in her life and who doesn’t live only for him and for seeing him happy. So ladies, no matter how in love you might be, don’t forget about yourself or about your dreams!↓


Experts said that this type of woman usually dates older and powerful men because deep down, she is actually looking for a father figure and not a partner whom she will want to marry someday. Maybe at first a man will be impressed that a younger woman finds him attractive, but after a while, he will realize that his special lady has a couple of issues that she needs to resolve if she wants to settle down with him.


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