Why Do Guys Stop Texting for a Few Days and Leave Us Wondering?

You’ve been texting this guy you really like, but randomly, the conversation ends. Did he forget you texted him? Why do guys stop texting for a few days?

Don’t even get me started on this subject! Listen, if anyone knows about this, it’s me. And, probably you. We’ve all been there. You like a guy, he shows interest in you, you exchange numbers, and you text each other for a day or two. And then… nothing. I mean, why do guys stop texting for a few days?

You’re left thinking, what did I do? Wait, is he okay? Maybe he lost his phone or dropped it in the toilet. Oh, his phone is just fine, believe me. I used to get worried, thinking something bad happened to him. In reality, it was something bad happening to me.

Now, I’m not saying his phone didn’t fall in the toilet, maybe it did, these things happen. However, if he posts on Instagram or Facebook while cutting off contact with you, he’s not having problems with his phone.

And, of course, you’re waiting for him to reply to your text. Maybe you even sent him another “follow-up” text to see what’s going on. You’re just looking for answers, and I get it.

Why do guys stop texting for a few days? 13 reasons

It’s a horrible feeling when someone is ghosting you. I mean, come on, who does this? Whether he writes you or not, you still have one thing on your mind: why didn’t he reply right away? I know you’re trying to solve the mystery. Hell, we’re all trying to solve it.

I’m telling you though, it’s time to put the magnifying glass down and get to the truth. If you’re wondering why do guys stop texting for a few days, you’re about to find out. It’s time to stop overthinking!

#1 He’s not that into you. You may have been on a couple of dates, though you find out he’s not really into you. He texted you for a little bit, but he’s realized that you aren’t a match. And now, he’s too much of a coward to tell you straight up that he’s not that into you. So, he decides to slowly cool you off in hopes you get the hint.

#2 He doesn’t get the hints. Maybe you made a joke and he’s not sure what it meant exactly. Or maybe you’re naturally sarcastic, but he thinks you’re being serious. It’s texting. You don’t see each other’s faces when you’re speaking. So, this mix-up can easily happen. Make sure you make it somewhat obvious what you’re trying to say.

#3 You text him too much. In other words, he’s bored. You text him all the time and it’s killed the mystery and chase that he’s looking for. Plus, what can you possibly talk about via text all day long? Exactly. The conversations are getting boring, so he decided to put you on a time out for a couple of days.

#4 You don’t text him promptly. He’s made an effort to reply to your texts right away, but you take your leisurely time. If you take a few days to reply to his messages, you shouldn’t be surprised that he’s not texting you so quickly. He’s strongly hinting of how he’s feeling. If you liked him, you would have responded pretty quickly.

#5 You’re coming off too strong. I don’t know what your conversation looks like with him, but it could be that you’re coming off way too strong for his liking. He’s feeling a little uncomfortable with the topics and he’s too nervous to tell you to back off. So, instead, he retreats, thinking that it’ll help create some healthy space between you.

#6 He doesn’t have time. I don’t know what this guy does for work or school, but it could be that he doesn’t have time to small talk via text. Maybe he works late shifts or is always on the go. If the text isn’t related to what he’s doing at that moment, it’s not important. It’s not a good time to reply to your texts.

#7 He’s not a texter. Some guys love texting and other guys aren’t into it. He may text you a couple sentences here and there, but it’s not his thing. I know guys who don’t check their phones for days. Look at the way he texted before and compare it to now. Is there any change? Or are you just overthinking things?

#8 You aren’t clicking over text. If you aren’t on the same page, texting can become more of a chore than a delight. If you both understand each other’s sense of humor and lingo, great. But if not, then he may be turned off and uninterested in keeping the conversation going.

#9 He’s spending time with other people. Some people make an effort to make sure they’re not texting during the weekend or evenings. Can you blame them? We’re literally addicted to our phones. If he made this rule for himself, he’s going to follow it regardless, but he probably would have told you this from the beginning.

#10 He forgot. Our days are usually packed with people to meet and things to do. So, it’s pretty normal for people to open a message and forget to reply. These things happen. It doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you, but it’s more than a day. I would say it’s a little odd. I mean you can forget for a day, but for three days? I don’t think so.

#11 He met someone else. If he was chasing you but suddenly went cold, something happened. It could be an ex or someone new, but the point is, he met someone else and kicked you to the side. Even though it’s nice to know he’s not interested in playing two girls at one time, how he decided to “let you go” wasn’t respectful at all.

#12 He’s not serious about you. When you’re really into someone, you text them all of the time. He likes you, but he’s not looking for anything serious. So, he texts you on his terms, when he wants, because he’s not interested in putting in any extra effort.

#13 He’s scared of commitment. The dates you went on were great, the sex was pretty good. Not a bad start, right? Ah, but once you started connecting, he suddenly stops texting you. Well, it looks like commitment issues on his end. Why else would he stop texting you when everything was headed in a good direction? He’s scared!

Why do guys stop texting for a few days? Actually, here’s a better question: are you going to still talk to him?


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Kita – Chapter 40 – While You’re Away – Part 1

Kita… When I first met you I liked you immediately. I can’t put my finger on it.

Actually I can put all of my fingers on it. You were sweet, nice and a lovely young girl. Asian. Loves to go tanning, a flash of blonde hair over your dark roots that actually creates a halo of gold around your lovely head.

I started writing about you before I knew you. I never do that. I only write about real encounters but I knew very little about you. But meeting you was an inspiration. I don’t know why. You never know when the spark will come but it feels so good when it does. There’s certainly nothing special about your persona.

You’re cute, fit and tan. You and your sister were adopted from China by a couple of Americans and they’re powerful people. That’s pretty cool and I’ve done my research and they’re a couple of high up important people. So that anybody that gets to know you will have to understand that protocol.

But quite magically I had the honor to get to know you. A lucky girl snatched from an orphanage in China by a great couple that maybe couldn’t have kids. It’s almost on a Brad Pitt and Angelelina Jolie rescue.  You and your sisters are lucky girls.

Lottery lucky.

I had the pleasure of getting to know you. What are the chances? A middle-aged man who writes a dating blog for Philadelphia about all of his dating foibles and relationships. You transplant from Florida and attend a university for hospitality management . Nothing extraordinary about that.

But you love to be tan. There’s only a handful of you that’re really addicted. It’s okay. Sunlight is what we deliver here at the salon, and I’m one of the best salesmen in the city. So if you want results you’ve come to the right place.

But I had the chance to actually get to know you. You’re 21 years old. A child. Not like my former co-worker, Summer. She has so much experience when it comes to life, boys and social, but you’ve been sheltered.

Not in a bad way, but in a way that’s been detrimental to your development when it comes to navigating the world of romance and relationships.

You like to hang around the salon and chat with the old lion that’s fought so many battles in regard to love. Not all battles, but maybe some wrestling matches.

I give you advice and wisdom my lithe gazelle. I know so much about your family now. I’m good at reading people and profiling personalities over time. Your story is textbook, darling.

A dad who’s job is so important he’s not around. I like him and admire what he’s done for our nation. Mom is the same but retired. Dad kinda knows his kids but is busy and good with opening the wallet. Mom is a little more loose with words and questions but a little tighter with money and budget.

It’s a nice balance and I think you have a nice family. I have that too and it all makes me smile.

But you and your lovely sis went to private school for girls. That’s no boys. You gotta know boys unfortunately and make mistakes with boys to navigate the world of woman adulthood.

You chicks missed that.

You had the one guy somewhere around 16 and he broke your heart. That should be nothing and you move on to the next hottie.

But you couldn’t eat and had some real depression. Totally normal. That’s what pain, depression and sadness is. Depression and sadness is like an illness you’re born with and gets worse during events.  Your mom gave you meds to combat your sadness.


Sick kids need to suffer and get well with the tools they have and the people around them. You don’t stuff pills down a child’s throat to shut off the feelings of illness. The child or the adult needs to feel the searing pain of sadness and loss and eventually heal on their own. (Surrounded by family and friends)

But nobody has the patience to console and wait anymore. They give you a pill to get you in line.

You’re killing the child’s development. You think You’re doing the right thing and saving your child, but you’re ruining their development and their future coping skills. I know you didn’t mean it, and were trying to help your child… the adopted child that’s not your blood but you fucked up.

She needs to be sick and sad. She needs to heal in a natural way that’ll make her evolve and be strong. She’ll be a better stronger woman on the other side.

Fuck sake… no drugs!

Then Kita gets with some other white boy romance loser. He sends out his best representative to get in her sweet pants. Who knows, maybe he liked her, maybe he thought he loved her, but after a few years he grew tired of her.  People change… they grow.

Maybe he’s and asshole. I don’t know. But JR basically fazed Kita out. Terrible, but I get it. He may have grown tired of the super tanned, needy, Asian chick he closed on some passionate, sweaty night.

His family didn’t like her and her family thought she was trading down into some lowlife Delaware county trash. Because her family is rich and powerful.

After 3 years JR’s had enough. He wants to drink, drug, and kiss some other babies. Kita has zero experience, doesn’t drink, isn’t all that interesting, and kind of isn’t fun for him. He wants the hot bitches in the club. Kita is a scheduled, nice, conservative, needy, very communicative young girl that could be viewed as a burden to a young man.

So after some time he tires of her. I don’t see that in this moment because she’s a 21 year old gorgeous Asian, fit baby, but it happens.

I was once at a wedding with my brother in law and he asked who a specific girl was.

I told him it was the bride’s hairdresser.

He said: ” She’s hot. But somebody’s tired of that.”

I never forgot that simple wisdom.




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