California Dreamin’ – 1982 to 1984 – Gabrielle – A Real Date?

I was at an outdoor music festival I saw this girl that my friend John worked with, and standing next to her was this gorgeous brunette girl. When I got home I called John and asked him if he knew she was. John said that it was his friend Gabrielle, and that she was single. He offered to give him my number. I was thrilled.

I called Gabrielle and told her who I was and since she was friends with John, she’d meet me. This chick was smokin’ hot so I wanted to take her on a real date, because in L.A. those are few and far between. We made plans to grab drinks at one of my favorite bar/restaurants in Studio City.

“We met up, and it was sadly awkward from the beginning. Her nonchalant, ‘I could care less if I was on a date’ attitude was bothersome. We walked through a residential area to the bar and talking to her was like pulling teeth. (Which almost never happens to me) Every question I asked was met with one-word answers and she really didn’t seem that interested in me. After one drink I was ready to get the hell out of there, she kind of gave me the feeling like she was over the interaction. Maybe she saw me and just wasn’t interested, which was okay with me. I get it. I was cute back then but this babe was model hot and maybe just not into me.

“She was walking me back to my van and as we turn on the street I was parked on, she grabs me and kisses me.

Out of nowhere.

Honestly, I think she and I were on separate dates because she seemed to think it was going SO WELL that a movie moment was necessary. I was so confused, but it also wasn’t the worst kiss, so I participated. After a few minutes of a high-school-esque make out session, she pulls away and says,

“‘I’m dangerous.’

“‘Um, ok?’ I grabbed my keys and began to walk to my van. She says behind me:

“‘I’m no good for you. You shouldn’t be near me.’


“It should be said that this girl was about 5′ 3”. She didn’t come across as dangerous, and I was just baffled by her behavior.  It was just her demeanor, like she needed me to know she was ‘dangerous’ and she wanted me to like that he was ‘dangerous.’

“I walked to my van, got in, drove away, and went home.

A week or so later I’m at a barbecue in Mar Vista and I see John. I’m telling him the story and he starts laughing a few others start cracking up as well.

“What’s so funny about that?”

“Dude. Gabrielle is an actress. it sounds like your ‘date’ was used for ‘method acting’ for a role. Now I don’t know if she actually wanted to go on a date, or if I just popped up on her radar at the right time. I also don’t know how truly dangerous she is, but if you ask her, she’d probably say ‘Very dangerous.”

“Oh, for fucks sake!”

Only in L.A.

But what a beauty…


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