Sun Stories: Delaney – Chapter 1 – My New Number One?

We have this client that’s been coming here since college. She now works at an IT recruitment firm here in the city. Thing is, she has referred more of her co-workers to this salon than anyone else. I spoke with my partner Achilles about that and he was surprised.

“I feel like I should get her a bottle of booze.”

“Give her a free bottle of tanning lotion!”

So we did and she was surprised and happy when I handed her the bottle last Saturday.

The last girl she referred was lovely Delaney. Enthusiastic about tanning and a fiery personality. She expressed how she wanted to get dark and loved tanning. She bought the All Access EFT. (That’s when they sign up for a monthly debit on their credit card)

That’s our favorite kind of client. Makes a six month commitment and the money just rolls in every month.

Delaney is twenty-two years old but acts much more mature than most girls her age. But I’m sure she likes to go out and party with her girls on the weekends. She’s 5’5″, fit, dark brown hair and green eyes. Beautiful girl.

We got to chatting and I feel like I’m really connecting with this girl. Obviously connecting over tanning and the salon. I really like her.

She tells me about some guy she’s been seeing. She shows me a picture. (She could get a hotter guy) But from what she tells me, is sounds like this guy has a great job like my friend Duncan. (See: Duncan – 1997 to Present – Concentrated Dosage) This guy could be a great catch for Delaney. But at twenty-two she should probably take her time and enjoy her youth.

If this guy she’s dating is working all the crazy hours my friend Duncan works, that works in my favor. Because Then I can have Delaney for drinks and snacks at night.

But she’s got a good job too. Technical Recruiter right out of college. She went to Penn and during that time she earned a BS in Telecommunications all the while performing volunteer work in the community.

After a few visits I can tell Delaney has great enthusiasm for tanning. I tell her about Kita. (See: Kita – Chapter 37 – You are no longer my number one) I start letting Delaney use Kita’s Sweet and Sexy lotion that I gave her. Delaney relishes in the idea of bumping this ingrate off her pedestal and taking her place.

I’ve already ordered a new bottle of Sweet and Sexy. I knew I would need to gift it to my new queen. I wasn’t sure who was going to get it, but I know now.

Lately she and some of the girls have been coming here to that salon on their lunch hours. So I haven’t seen her in a couple of days. Achilles knows I like her and he’s been teasing me about that. I don’t mind.

Delaney came in Friday night! We chit chatted and Delaney’s excited to be the new Number One! I mean she’ll have to earn her way into it but I think she’s up for it. But only time will tell.

“Yea, I need to be able to bring food to you and tell you my stories. I need to be able to text you and see if I can bring you a coffee.”

Okay. Theses are the things I need to hear from my Number One. All Kita did was take, take, take. She’s a self-absorbed young girl that is lacking any real social skills. I haven’t even see or heard from her and she’s been back for over a week. She even came in and bought a new EFT package. (Probably just waiting for her Mommy to drop some loot in her account) But she did it all when I wasn’t here. I don’t understand what’s going on. But I must move forward with the new batch of ladies that are my top five.

Delaney asks for my number. I’m ecstatic but remain calm. We exchange numbers. I’m feeling happy about all of this. Because with the Kita ghosting, and the recent Bailey fail, (See: Bailey – From Texting to Connecting) I’ve been feeling a bit used.

But it’s my own fault. I just love beautiful young women and romance.

But maybe it’ll be different with Delaney. She’s Ivy League. She seems more mature and may know how to behave to earn her place as my Number One Favorite Client at the salon.

I actually enjoy all of this contrived, created drama. It makes the job more interesting,  and phicklephilly’s not going to write itself. As much as I complain, I’m enjoying this journey. The yearning, the disappointment, the surge of euphoria, and none of it is really affecting my real personal life. I’ve compartmentalized my life so well this time. I pull the strings on what will happen, and occasionally my lines are cut. But that keeps it interesting!

Things are cool between Cherie and I and I’m free to build content for my work and nobody gets hurt.

Delaney says she’ll be in on Saturday and I tell her I’m off that day. She says she’ll come in Sunday. Perfect!

Sunday comes and it’s painfully cold again in Philly. I head straight to the salon to warm up. I thaw a bit. I’m in an hour early so I run across the street to Starbucks and grab a breakfast sandwich. My stomach is a bit fucked up. I ate almost an entire pizza for some unknown reason. Probably just a late night craving. I just can’t do that anymore. That sort of behavior just gives me a food hangover. Plus all the cheese doesn’t fair well with me anymore. (But it was delicious!)

We’re open from 11am to 4pm on Sundays. I’ve brought with me a brand new fresh bottle of Sweet and Sexy lotion.

The very same lotion I got for my former Number One, Kita. The same product that I’ve been allowing Delaney to use that I kept at the salon under the counter for that ungrateful welp, Kita.

I text Delaney around 2:30pm.

“Feeling a little pale?”

“I AM. And hungover. Getting some hair of the dog in my system then coming over for some sunshine.”


Later it’s getting near closing and I text her at 3:50pm. We’re closing in 10 minutes but for Delaney I’ll stay open for her.

I get a text from her at 4:05…

“NO. Ugh. I fucked up today Charles. Today was not my best. You’ll be in tomorrow afternoon?”

“Aww! Poor baby! I’ll be here from 3 to 8pm Monday.”

I’m fine with it. It’s cold out and I just want to go home. But Monday comes and what I realize is that it’s Martin Luther King’s birthday. It’s a national holiday. Most major corporations and banks observe this holiday and they’re closed.

So let’s recap the weekend but I’m going to allow my friend Zach from City Tap House, (A huge sports bar in center city) describe what happened.

“Dude. Eagles are in the playoffs. It’s huge in this city. Everybody went out drinking Friday night. My bar was a shitshow. Saturday they all kept going and the Eagles played at home. Everybody’s out eating and drinking. Shitshow. Sunday everybody was hung over and fucked up in general. Delaney probably was so banged up from the weekend she forgot she was off on Monday. I was here working out at the gym here all night. Nobody came in because nobody is at work today. She’ll be in tomorrow and she’ll be sorry she didn’t come in to see you. But the weekend and with the Eagles going to the Superbowl, the city and it’s inhabitants are just going insane. Don’t worry. She’ll be in. She wants that Number One spot. Now she owes you.”

He’s right. I’m not worried. I’m here and writing about it all. I’ll just let the universe unfold as it should.

And it will.


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