Sun Stories: Delaney – Chapter 2 – Girl Walks Into A Tanning Salon…

“Sorry bitch. There’s a new girl in town.”

I haven’t seen Delaney since Friday and I’m kind of in a snit about it. But doesn’t she walk in Thursday night looking gorgeous. I send another customer to a room and she steps up to the counter.

“Are you mad at me?”

I just look at her. She’s gorgeous. I’m helpless. I was a little cranky that Delaney knows my pain over Kita. She also wants to be my number one but hasn’t performed all that well.

Seeing her Friday was great. But I acquired a fresh bottle of special lotion for her and she failed to come in on Sunday because she was so banged up. But beauty is forgiving and she looks magic today. She’s wearing a skirt and I’m seeing her sweet bare legs for the very first time and they are delightful.

She has great enthusiasm for tanning and I love that. And unlike Kita she likes to drink. I love drinking. Kita was a shit Number One because she’s an absolute bore. She doesn’t drink, eats at Honeygrow and has no experience in life whatsoever.

Delaney is a hot badass chick that has a good job, is up for a promotion, and likes to drink and uses the whole language when she speaks.

Such a better candidate to be my number one than loser Kita. Delaney’s fun. I love being around her. I’m not mad. She looks amazing today. I could never be mad at the pure luck I’ve had just to get a quality replacement for Kita.

I’ve actually been letting her use the lotion I got for Kita to tan because I haven’t seen or heard from Kita since she went to Florida. Kita has been back for over 10 days and she hasn’t texted me or ever come in on my shifts since then.

I know I have to accept the fact that I was a fool and just gave and gave to Kita and she’s a self-absorbed loser who doesn’t know who she is and just used me for advice and snacks. (And so much more!)

But it’s my fault. I got too involved. I like to help. I’m always willing to help people. It’s what I do.

But to ghost me for a month after everything and then come in half a dozen times when I’m not here. That’s simply unacceptable. Despite her smoking hot little body, no wonder boys in her life have no use for her.

Kita sucks. Even Achilles is like, “I guess we’re not hiring her now.”

But Delaney has appeared, and I am elated. She’s beautiful and has EFT and loves tanning. She got off to a little bit of a rough start with me but I adore her.

We have a nice little chat session and I’m just happy to see this lovely maiden. As always, I hand her the Sweet and Sexy tingler lotion I keep for Kita under the counter. If Kita isn’t going to talk to me or come in and see me, I’m giving her lotion to my new girl to get a great tan. Fuck Kita. Ungrateful welp!

Although Kita and her sister have been adopted from China and rescued by her rich and extremely affluent parents, they have completely blown it as parents. But when you’re rich and powerful you normally do that. You’re too busy with your own shit to properly raise your kids. They’re simply a goal or a need you need to fill in your silly life.

The girls suffer because they never really get the intimate family environment that children need to thrive and develop.

You send your daughters to private school because you’re loaded and you feel that’s where they should go. Those girls never learn any interpersonal skills with boys and you’re actually stunting their emotional growth.

So I’m done with Kita.

But Delaney…

What a welcome relief.

I don’t need Delaney to fill in the huge void left by Kita but it goddamn helps.

She is a welcome relief.

Delaney tells me she only came in one time this week at lunch and I tell her Achilles has been teasing me. She scoffs and tells me he’s an ass.

I tell Delaney that I have stripped Kita of her special ringtone and text tone in my phone.

She’s surprised and delighted.

I tell her that I’ve assigned Kita’s cool text tone to her, (Suspense) and have given her a special ringtone.

“What is it?”

“Call my phone.”

She calls my cell and “Back in Black” by AC/DC plays. She loves it because she always wears black. I tell her that the color black is a color that represents power and is also a slimming color.

I’m still worried as to when I’ll see her again.

She tells me not to worry and that she’ll be in Friday to tan again. She upgrades and tans in a better bed. I hand her Kita’s lotion and off she goes.

I like that I’m letting my new girl use my lost girl’s lotion again. I’ve been giving her Kita’s lotion to use since we became acquainted. The betrayal seems justified. Let Delaney enjoy what Kita has squandered.

Delaney’s a worker. She wants to be promoted. She works till 8pm every night. I guess that’s how it is now. You just have to put in as many crazy hours as your loser over- achieving boss does and it shows that you’re promotable, Sad, In my day, I would just go out and sell millions of dollars from 9 to 5 and kill it my way, but I understand the whole failure of today’s workforce. I feel bad Delaney had to work in a shitty dumb unproductive environment like that.

Friday comes, and baby hasn’t been in for a couple of days. I’m dealing with some computer issues and the girls are being verypatient. I wish I could just take their money and throw a switch and tan these ladies, but if the computer is acting up I’m paralyzed.

I manage to sludge through and get a few clients into their sessions, but the system is fighting me the whole way. I may have to shut down the whole system and bring her up again just so I can get through the night. (It happens. It’s just the nature of the business and the customers are always cool with it)

I hate it but in this moment I get to say things like: “Okay girls, when the system comes back up I’ll be able to do you, Olivia, and then you, Ciara, and then you Lexi. I promise. The system has never beaten me. You will get tanned tonight.”

The last time I ever got to say something like that was in Los Angeles when I was in a band in Hollywood. “I’ll do you Olivia, then you Ciara, and then you Victoria.”

If that were the case now, sweet Delaney would be first on the bus.

But I digress…

I get the system working. We had 30 minutes of failure but we’re back in business.

I have to pause here for a moment.

I’ll write more later!


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