How To Survive Marriage Without Intimacy: Exactly How To Deal With No Intimacy In Marriage – Part 2

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Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you’ll discover a stunning trick which will make your spouse love you for the rest of their lives even if they are this close to walking out the door. There is a set of easy to follow psychological tricks which will save your marriage and get you back to that place you once were – in love, committed and excited about the future – within a few days guaranteed.

You may be looking to save your marriage and simply do not know where to start. The one thing that you know is that you want to keep your husband, and get the best of happiness and love with him, and from him as well.

Here are a few tips that will help you save your relationship and get your husband on the same page as you towards a happy marriage.

1) Do things together. You can make chores such as shopping for groceries and hardware seem like a joy-ride just by deciding to enjoy that given time with your husband. When you make the conscious decision to take on responsibilities with a friendly and light-hearted disposition, your husband will want to unwind with you as well. Treat everyday tasks like absolute necessities that must be taken care of, and you will see yourself being done with them earlier, giving you more time with your spouse.

2) Do something new. Pick a new sport, hobby, social cause, or even jogging route and make it a point to do what you enjoy the first thing in the morning. This may mean that you have to wake up earlier than you usually do, or go to bed before anyone else does at night. The sheer newness of the routine and the excitement of doing something you enjoy the first thing in the morning will give you the power surge for the rest of the day. Positive energy spreads faster than negative vibes, and the favorable impact of doing something for yourself will prove contagious for your husband, since you will be filled with new things to talk about and also have a diverse outlook on your everyday routine. If you want to give your marriage a breath of fresh air, you must start by taking one yourself!

3) Be happy or be right. You must decide what matters to you more from this day forth in your marriage. Being right in an argument may risk your husband’s feelings or self esteem. Having the last word holds a short-lived satisfaction that is nominal compared to the journey of sentiments and achievements that you share with your spouse. You will find it easier to give in to a winding conversation with a smile, and your husband will appreciate your regard for his word as well.

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Jack is an example of doing everything wrong in a marriage.

He was always late whenever he and his wife went somewhere. He would forget his wife’s birthday, and even their anniversary. He simply gave the impression that he did not care. Then he wondered why his wife would get upset with him.

Jack missed an important principle for a successful marriage. Now this is the principle Jack missed year after year. Jack failed to understand that a successful marriage means attention to the details. What are the details that Jack missed? The details that communicate that I love you and care about you.

1. If you love someone then you know their likes and dislikes. A person who knows me knows that I do not like rock music. They know that I like classical music. They know that I especially like brass band music, and they know that I like jazz from time to time. My wife would never give me tickets to a rock concert for my birthday. She knows my likes and dislikes.

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2. If you love someone then you know your spouse’s special days. Perhaps you do not have a lot of money. But at least you can remember your spouse’s birthday. Now this is what you want to communicate on your spouse’s special day. “I am glad you are here, and I am glad we are together.”

3. If you love someone then you know their needs. It would be a terrible thing if a man had a serious health problem, but his wife always cooked meals that made his health worse. Such actions communicate a lack of concern for someone’s special needs.

4. If you love someone then you take time to be with them. As you talk you do not constantly check your email. You put everything aside. You give them your full attention to your spouse. You listen deeply to their concerns, and you listen to how they feel.

A person with a successful marriage does not do everything perfect. But they pay attention to the details. They pay attention to the details their spouse is concern about. They identify those concerns, and they remember those concerns. They want to make sure their spouse knows that they are concern about the details of life.

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Are you looking for relationship breakdown advice? If so, you have come to the right place. First off, if you are experiencing problems with your relationship, know that you are not alone. There are millions of couples around the world that are having difficulties within their relationship. Also, know that repairing your relationship is not out of reach. Although relationships do not heal themselves overnight, they can heal if you are willing to work at them.

If you are involved in a relationship that is failing, you know how painful the experience can be. Separating from your partner can be extremely devastating, often reaching the same level of hurt as losing a loved one. Broken relationships can cause a wide variety of negative emotions including confusion, depression, anger, and hopelessness. If you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, let them go. There is hope. If you are willing to work at your relationship, it is not doomed to fail. With hard work and time, any relationship can be rebuilt.

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The first step in healing your relationship is understanding why it is failing in the first place. There are many reasons that a relationship can result in failure. Most of the time, however, a relationship begins to fail because one partner is not getting everything that they need from the other partner. Many times, these needs are not even communicated and the other partner does not even realize that anything is wrong. The problem, therefore, is ignored and eventually becomes magnified to the point where it begins destroying the relationship.

It is only once you have determined the cause of your relationship failure that you can begin to heal the relationship. If you don’t know where to begin in understanding your relationship problems, there are many programs available to help guide you. Relationship programs will give you the information that you and your partner need to help you gain the understanding of where your relationship went wrong. A good program will not only get you communicating problems with your partner in an efficient manner, but will also provide you with relationship breakdown advice and with techniques that you can use to rebuild your relationship. Begin your search for a relationship rebuilding program today and begin looking at your spouse the same way you did on your wedding day!

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Sun Stories: Delaney – Chapter 3 – Girl Walks Into A Tanning Salon…

Delaney always wears black. (Just like me!) But tonight she’s wearing a skirt. If you’ve been reading this blog you know I am an avid leg man. She looks amazing. This is truly my new number one.

Her black skirt is just above her knees. Lovely calves. Beautiful slender tan legs. I adore her more in this moment. My new queen of tanning has arrived on a Friday night with her legs exposed. It’s winter and pretty legs are few and far between, but here is Delaney with the well turned calves out.

I tell her I’m a leg man, and she kicks her legs up and says she isn’t tan enough but I’m delighted to see her legs. Delaney is so beautiful and I think I’ve finally found my rock and roll queen of tanning.

The right amount of corporate, experience and sin. I made a misstep with Kita.

Delaney is the perfect Number One.

Delaney hands me $5 to upgrade to the premium bed. I almost don’t want to take her money but I send her to the premium bed. The system is acting up but I make it work. The salon’s computer system which rules this place like a HAL 9000 has never beaten me. I feel like the Dave Bowman of this salon.

After 15 minutes my beauty opens the doors and says she has to go back to work. She has a dinner date with her boyfriend the CFA guy at 9:30.

She mirrors my joke about Kita. If I walked into Sampan where they were having dinner and she said, “Hey Number One.” Her boyfriend would be like, “Hey.” and she would say, “I’m not talking to you.” and then I would roll in.

I love our playful banter.

Delaney gets it.

Kita is dead to me. I’m relieved I don’t have to spend hours giving her things and shitloads of advice that is basically wasted on this foolish little girl.

I prefer a bright girl who’s a little crazy, loves tanning and enjoys getting black out drunk.

As a writer, I can relate to that.

I think CFA average dude/decent catch will bore her and he’ll hate her partying ways as beautiful as she is.

Delaney comes out of the sun bed holding Kita’s bottle of Sweet and Sexy lotion. I’m happy I’ve let her use it for free. It’s given me a bit of vengeance against Kita for ghosting me. It feels good.

I tell her I’m working all weekend and I have a little something for her.

“Oh really?”

“Come in and find out, love.”

I have to do some shitty Women’s March tomorrow with my friend that I totally don’t want to do, but I’ll come in and see you at some point.”

Delaney emerges from Room 2. The Max 10. The king of tanning machines. She looks darker, prettier and a bit rosy from the tingler. She loves to tan and loves the idea of destroying my former number one. I love this innocent drama, and this game I play with my clients. MY Yelp reviews are soaring!

Delaney walks out of room 2 and all I see is her lovely face and her smashing calves and knees. I’ve been saved by this delightful lady. I love to work and adore working here, but Delaney just made it magic, She doesn’t know the rich life I’ve led. I’m just a kind clerk at a tanning salon.

But she’s sweet to me and I make her feel special and that’s enough for me. I love her. (In a classic phicklephilly way!)

Delaney emerges out of the booth, the bottle of Kita’s Sweet and Sexy lotion in hand.

“It’s done. I used the end of it.”

Delaney looks at me and holds the bottle aloft for a moment before dropping it in the trash can.

“Sorry bitch. There’s a new girl in town.”

She releases Kita’s bottle of lotion. The bottle lands with a crash among whatever Achilles didn’t finish for lunch, (usually a bunch of rice that looks like throw up in our trash can) spent lotion packets, winkease, soda cans, and other gross trash.

I think the shift of power has just happened.

I felt a sense of pride in Delaney using the last of Kita’s lotion I got her. This is fun. I love this little drama I’ve created at the salon to keep it interesting. Kita fails me and Delaney appears and hopefully works hard to be the better number one I imagined. How great would be if Delaney actually came through as the girl who loved tanning? A baby obsessed. The perfect client. I would give her gifts and some how she would return my favors?

I have been there two years and now I totally understand the industry. I have the client the services on autopilot. That’s why I’m getting 5 star Yelp reviews on a weekly basis now.

Dalaney says she’s coming in tomorrow. I have a gift for her. I have a fresh brand new bottle of Sweet and Sexy tingle bronzer for sweet, hot Delaney. She deserves it. I want to give it to her so bad. When I bought it I knew I would give it to one of my favorite girls at the salon. I really didn’t know who would get it.

I secretly hoped I’d give it to Kita. But she has failed me so much I’m done with her.

I almost can’t believe a girl could be so callous, self absorbed and lost. But after getting to know Kita, Now I know.

I can’t wait to give Delaney the Sweet and Sexy Lotion. I can’t even accept any payment for it. Baby loves to tan and I’m going to bring that lotion to work Saturday.

I hope she comes in. Because even though she has a boyfriend and they’re meeting at Sampan tonight, I’m still the guy that makes her beautiful.

I know Delaney needs to find her way, but I will find a way to have a drink with her at Square 1682.

I will make that happen.

My Number One needs to evolve.


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