Why Women Find Older Men So Attractive

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It seems that there are quite a few women who want to spend their lives with much older men. There is even a special term created for this type of relationship, the May—December romance. It sounds pretty romantic, but some people still look down on couples whose age differs significantly. This happens because they don’t realize that there are amazing reasons why women are attracted to silver foxes.

Now Bright Side knows at least 10 valuable reasons why this happens. And we are going to tell you about them right now.

10. They’re more mature.

It’s common knowledge that women tend to mature earlier than men. That’s why younger guys who are usually at the age where they still want to try different things and explore the world before entering a serious relationship, are just not the right partners for them.

Older men may seem more reliable and attractive to women who are ready for deeper commitments and family. Because these men are more likely to have passed their wild phase and want to settle down.

9. They know stuff.

We all heard that with age comes great wisdom. But there is also an ending of this saying, “but sometimes age comes alone.” It seems that Oscar Wilde was wrong, as studies prove that older men are more intelligent than younger men. And the possible reason is their broader life experience.

Women confirm this finding. They are sure that older men have gone through plenty of life experience that has effectively taught them various lessons. You can see this through their conversations.

8. They know what they want.

Another valuable trait some women highlight is that older men have less mess in their lives — and this means stability. They know exactly what they want, how to get it, and how meaningful it is. That’s why they usually don’t waste anyone’s time playing games. And that’s why they have no barriers when it comes to approaching anyone whose help or advice they need.

7. They’re more financially stable.

Most of women really want to be financially secure. Because when you start a family, you need to make sure that your man has enough money and assets to provide the support you and your kids need. And this is where older men are usually ahead of the game.

An average Joe in his late 20s tends to have fewer assets and less savings compared to older men. Younger guys still have to develop themselves and their careers. They’re looking for financial opportunities, and family is not something they care about in the first place.

6. They are partners.

Mature love is about patience, care, trust, and sometimes independence rather than anything else. But youth is known by its “all-or-nothing” mindset, storms of feelings, and standing ground. If there is at least one person who is wisely ready to take a back seat or at least to initiate the discussion of issues, there is hope for the relationship to last.

That’s why women appreciate when their men are able to be partners and not someone who wants to make the world revolve around him. Women do not need to be told what to do or even “allowed” to do something. Being equal is the thing that actually matters.

5. They have no problem with helping women around the house.

Women do need help with their household chores, and it seems that older men have less biases when it comes to this point. We can see this in a lot of comments from women on Reddit, they say that their older significant others never claimed that household chores were only a woman’s job. For example, some men do the dishes after meals or even wash their own clothes. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they have to do it all the time, but they can be helpful when there is a need.

4. They know how to treat women.

It seems that women appreciate all the relationship experience older men might have had. And it is no wonder since they really have had enough time to develop and practice their skills for treating women right.

The knowledge of what makes love fail or go on gives them a bit of advantage. They understand what women usually need and what will make them happy. They know how to avoid (or at least try to avoid) the same problems they have already been through. And this makes the relationship that much easier.

Older men have a unique attractiveness that triggers something in women. First of all, it’s in their appearance — noble wrinkles around their eyes, salt and pepper hair, light stubble in some of them. They also have their own way of presenting themselves, and women like the way they act, laugh, and behave. They stand out thanks to their unique sense of style because they don’t usually follow fashion trends as closely as college aged boys.

2. They don’t seek out drama.

Let’s face it, women are pretty emotional creatures. They can easily exaggerate things and act without thinking. That’s why it is important for them to have men who are able to make them stop and breathe. And it appears that older men tend to have this skill.

We believe that they just don’t look for any drama or conflict anymore. They prefer not to argue over ordinary problems. And even if there is an issue they can sit down and talk it out like adults and come up with a solution that will be beneficial for all parties.

1. They provide a feeling of security.

Some women mentioned security in their comments, and we can’t omit this point either. In fact, security is one of our basic needs, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And what can make women secure and comfortable in their everyday lives? We believe that all the things we’ve discussed above can do this.

You need money and other assets to be financially secure. You need a reliable partner to spend your life with. And you need to know where your life is going. It seems that older men are better able to provide all of these things and make us feel safe.

Do you find older men attractive? Why do you like them?


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21 Signs He’s Madly in Love With You

Is there any better feeling than being in love? When you fall in love it seems like the entire world stands still. Time almost stops as you take in this wonderful new adventure.

But how do you know if he’s madly in love with you? After all, love is not something that should be sacrificed on the altar of compromise. If it’s not true love, it might be time to move on.

In this piece, we’ll give you 21 tell-tale signs that he’s madly in love with you. By “madly in love” we mean that he’d do anything to make you happy.

You deserve true love, and should never settle for less.

Now, let’s dive in.


1. He Wants to Cook For You After a Long Day

Life is exhausting. Waking up at 6:30 A.M., getting yourself ready, heading to work, putting in long hours and commuting home is sometimes all we have to offer in a day.

After we get home, it’s time to deal with the chaos of the house. The kids are all over the place, the living room is a mess and dinner is an exhaustive mystery.

Imagine walking in and seeing him preparing a meal for you without you lifting a finger. If he understands your stress and is madly in love with you, this will be common.

2. He Forgives You Without a Grudge

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. Do your mistakes turn into big issues within your relationship, or is he ready and willing to forgive those things which are forgivable?

A man that loves you won’t hold grudges or constantly remind you of the things you’ve done wrong.

3. He Learns to Enjoy the Things You Enjoy

As an avid biker, I enjoy taking 8 – 10 mile bike rides on my lunch break every day. I work from home so I have the freedom to do so.

My fiance was never much of a biker before he met me, but soon after started to join me on these daily adventures. He even bought an expensive bike that fit him perfectly so he could enjoy our time together even more.

4. He’s Very Giving in the Bedroom

This is where you’ll know for sure how much he cares for you. Does he expect certain things out of you and get upset if you don’t live up to his expectations?

Or does he give freely without expecting anything in return?

5. He Gives You Freedom Without Hassle

Every girl needs a night out with friends. However, if that night comes with a third-degree from your partner, it’s just not worth it.

When you fall in love with the right man, he won’t hesitate to accept your need for a girl’s night out. In fact, he’ll encourage it.

6. He Pets Your Cat

When that new love interest sees your cat and warns you, “I’m not a cat person”, be wary. If he’s really into you, he’ll accept the things that are important to you and do his best to embrace them.

Even if he genuinely dislikes cats.

7. He Writes You Poems or Makes You Art

Not every man you fall in love with will be the artistic type. The point is that he’s eager to make the effort.

A man who feels deeply for you will want to create things about you that inspire him. He thinks about you day and night and wants to show it in a tangible way without you asking.

8. He’s Not On His Phone Much When He’s With You

But when you’re with someone who can’t get enough of you, the last thing on his mind when you’re together will be his buddy’s latest social media update.

9. He Makes a Point of Introducing You to His Friends

Is he excited to introduce you to his friends? Does he make a point of how much they’ll love you when they meet you?

This is a sure sign that you chose to fall in love with the perfect man for you.

10. He Buys You Flowers for No Reason

This might sound cliche but it really isn’t. A man who’s deeply in love with you will always be looking for ways to make your day better.

Those unexpected flowers delivered to your desk at 2 P.M. on a random Tuesday can turn an entire day around.

11. He Openly and Genuinely Apologizes

We all screw up. He will too. But what happens in your relationship after the screw-up?

Does he hold on tight, saying he did nothing wrong? Or is he willing to admit his mistakes and ask you to move on?

12. You Catch Him Looking At You All the Time

When he falls madly in love with you, he won’t be able to get enough of your beauty. Even the things about you that you don’t like, he’ll love.

When you catch him looking at you at unexpected times, it means his heart is yours.

13. He Shows a Genuine Interest in Your Job

Your career is a big part of your life. Does he ask real questions about it and try to find out what your day-to-day life at work is like?

If he does, don’t be afraid to share details that you think are mundane. He wants to share the experience with you.

14. He Doesn’t Get Jealous over Trivial Things

Jealousy is very unattractive. It’s also a sign of insecurity and possessiveness.

This is not loving.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

A man who loves you will sometimes feel afraid of losing you, but won’t have a desire to possess you.

15. He Offers to Rub Your Feet and Give You Massages

While this would seem kind of weird on a first date, when a man loves you he will cherish every inch of you.

When you’re sitting on the couch binge-watching a show after dinner, he’ll love rubbing your feet after a long day. Before bed, he’ll message you without you even asking.

He can’t get enough of you and it’s a great thing for you to embrace.

16. He Wants to Impress Your Family

Even if your family is skeptical of him, he’ll want to make the best impression possible and show them that he’ll take care of you.

If he doesn’t care what you’re family thinks about him, picture big red flags going up in every direction.

17. He Boasts About You on Social Media

Maybe your new love interest is more of an introvert. That’s OK. Introverts are sort of sexy.

If he’s an introvert, he may want to “show you off” on social media rather than in person. Take this as a huge compliment and roll with it.

It’s his way of saying he loves you.

18. He Does Everything in His Power to Make You Happy

You’ve dreamed of a genuinely happy relationship for most of your life. Finally, you feel like you’ve found it.

But what about it makes you so happy? If you look closely, it’s because he’s doing everything he can do to make you happy.

And he enjoys it.

Making someone else happy shouldn’t feel like work. It should be natural and automatic. He does that for you.

19. If You Lost Everything He Would Still Be There

Do you ever feel like he’s only with you because of what you have? If you lost everything tomorrow, would he still be there?

If you’re not confident about this answer, then his love for you might not be as genuine as you hoped.

20. He Tells You How Sexy You Are When Wearing Sweatpants and a Tee

Getting comfortable means simple clothes and no makeup. Does he make you feel sexy when you’re not even trying?

Remember, when he tells you how hot you look wearing your comfy clothes, he means it. A man that deeply loves you doesn’t care if you’re wearing a black dress and pumps, or gray sweatpants and a concert tee.

He’s deeply attracted to you no matter what.

21. You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Him

Take a minute and imagine your life without him. What does it look like? Is it lonely and void of love and security?

Or is it a relief that the pressure of him being around is gone?

If you can’t imagine what life would look like if he was gone, it probably means that he so madly loves you that life wouldn’t seem complete without him.

Of course, you have problems together, but are those problems worth the reward? If he checks off most of these points, it probably is.

Does He Love Me, or Does He Love Me Not?

Of course, no relationship is perfect. We all argue and disagree on a regular basis. But if he is head over heels for you, you’ll see it in these 21 sure signs.

Make no mistake, true love is still possible even in the strange times we’re living in. If you’ve found it, hold onto it as strong as you can. Don’t take it for granted.

After all, when you fall in love, it’ll be a story you can tell for the rest of your life.


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