When She’s Through With You, There’s Little You Can Do

Let’s face it, man, you screwed it up! She loved you with everything she’s got: deeply, truly and without expecting much in return.

Now you know that she wasn’t like the other girls you’d met before. For one thing, she put up with a lot of your bullshit before she finally slammed the door.

Now you want her back. And you expect that in this article I am going to tell you how to get her back. Unfortunately, I can’t. Instead, I’ll try to tell you how to pull your shit together and move on, and make sure you never forget the lesson she gave you!

Classy gals are hard to find

At this point, you probably know that it’s damn hard to meet a really classy chic and get her interested in you. Well, the most important thing to remember is that when you meet her, you’ve got to appreciate, respect and keep her by your side.

The first time you saw something in your relationship was not going well, you shouldn’t have ignored those warning signs. You should have talked to her and you should have listened to what she had to say.

Now it’s too late about all these could-haves and should-haves. All that matters now is that she’s gone and she isn’t coming back to you! I know it hurts, I know you are sorry. And yet, you shouldn’t have it happen. When a relationship reaches the point of no return, the best thing you can do is let her go!

She wasn’t the fool you thought she was…

Looking back, now you probably remember how many compromises she made in the name of your relationship. How many times she forgave you your irresponsibility, your recklessness and your poor treatment of her.

No wonder that at some point you started taking her for granted. You underestimated her ability to see through your shit and that, man, was your biggest mistake! Because even if that girl was in love with you, she wasn’t stupid.

Remember all those times you thought you had outsmarted her? Well, it’s just she let you do that. She let you take advantage of her because she was truly and wholeheartedly in love with you. So, it was actually you who’d been making a fool of himself, not her!

She gave you enough second chances

Stop whining like a bitch that you’d give her the moon and the stars if only she could give you one more chance! If you look back at your relationship, you’ll see she gave you enough second chances. In fact, they were more than enough, if you ask me.

The problem is that when you had them, you screwed them all! You failed to notice how she was slowly but steadily distancing herself from you. Yes, you read it right. Your breakup did not happen overnight. It was a process that you could have reversed. The only problem was that you did not even notice it was going on.

And because you crossed all boundaries, she finally built a wall. Her heart may now be breaking into pieces; her body may be aching for you, but she won’t give in to her desire to forgive you. This does not mean she is cruel. She’s just painfully aware of all chances she gave you.

It’s time to pull yourself together and move on

What’s done is done. She’s gone for good and it’s time to move on. If you ignore my advice and keep chasing her you’ll become a clingy wuss-bag or, worse still, a downright stalker! The more you chase her, the more obsessed you’ll be getting with her.

As I see it, things can easily get out of control at some point. In the worst possible case, instead of having her back, you’d probably get a big, black cellmate named Booker! So, do not look back in anger.

According to psychiatrist and writer Jean Kim, M. D., one of the worst post-breakup developments is an on-again, off-again relationship, which invariably leads to a lot of pain in the neck for both partners.

Take my word and move on. If you channel all that negative energy that has built up inside you onto a positive cause, the results will be astounding. If you are a student, focus on your studies. If you are not, why don’t you go to college and earn a degree in something?

All these self-accusations and reproaches are smothering you, man! You’ve got to let out the steam in some way before you’ve gone nuts! Sign up for a gym membership near you and start building some muscle. This strategy works in more than two ways.

First, your workouts will gradually take your mind off her. Then, you’ll surely meet a whole bunch of new guys and girls in the gym and you can make some amazing friendships for life. Last but not least, the stronger and the bigger you get, the bigger your self-confidence will become.

And when the next great girl comes…

Well, it’s enough not to repeat the mistake you made with your ex. Remember that only a fool trips over the same stone twice!

When life gives you the second chance you’ve always wanted, make sure you do not take your new girlfriend for granted. Instead, show her your devotion and always keep her dignity on a pedestal.

If she gives you kindness, openness, and true love, make sure to reciprocate with the same. Do not make the eyes that make you so happy cry incessantly. Cherish the love that you’ve got and you’ll have it forever!


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Lies Women Tell Themselves

Yes, there are plenty of lies women tell themselves. The worst part is when we start believing these lies and deceiving ourselves. Sometimes you just need a wake up call and I’m hoping this post will be yours. So here are some common lies women tell themselves. If you find your personal lie here, I hope you can snap back to reality and stop lying to yourself because you deserve better…


Do you find yourself using sex to make your relationship problems go away? Are you the sort who’d rather have sex with your partner to end a fight than talk things through? The thing is, while sex may temporarily sweep your issues under the carpet (or should I say bed), the same problems will keep popping up until you actually solve them. I know confrontation is hard but you need to stop using sex as a weapon, face your issues like a woman, resolve fights and then have make up sex! So much better!↓


I was in a relationship with a jealous boyfriend who hated it if I even so much as spoke to other guys in my class. I was 17 and naive enough to believe that his jealousy meant that he cared. It came to a point where there was both physical and emotional abuse and it took me a while and lots of tears to realize that it wasn’t okay for him to treat me the way he did. My point being, do not justify his unreasonable actions by thinking that’s how he’s proving his love for you. A little jealousy is natural, but acting like a mad man is not normal! It’s not okay and you need to stop lying to yourself and get out NOW.


The thing with this lie women tell themselves is who doesn’t want to spend time with their partners, right? But if you find yourself spending every waking hour with your significant other, it’s time to get some space. Remember that you are an individual first and love doesn’t mean having to always be by his side or knowing what he’s always up to. Do things alone, go out with your girlfriends, watch a movie with your other friends… in short, have a separate life! Believe it or not, it is important! Besides, absence makes the heart fonder remember?↓


Honey, relationships are great and all, but you don’t NEED a man! Being single and having all that freedom and time is just as much fun if not more. Besides, you’ll never discover your inner self if you’re never single. Point being, if a great guy comes along, yay! If not, who cares. Never settle for anything just because you think you NEED to be with someone. Love is supposed to be magical, not mediocre and you’re better off being single than in a “meh” relationship.


One of the more popular lies women tell themselves and a personal favorite, this lie can end up being rather heavy on your pocket. Whenever I look at shiny new shoes or a pretty dress, the line between “want” and “need” gets blurry and I invariably end up giving in to temptation. The result? A wardrobe full of dresses and shoes that I hardly ever wear. Lately, I have been allocating myself a bi-monthly shopping budget and every time I go shopping, I stick to say three things that I absolutely need and one bonus “want” item. Let me tell you, it has been working!


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