Teen Vogue’s Most Disgusting, Explicit Material Of 2019

This is the last thing I want to post from last year…

Although Teen Vogue can no longer be found in grocery stores and newsstands, their polished, obscene brand of smut persists and remains available to any child with internet access.

2019 has been a big year for the publication to become increasingly legitimized as a source of journalism, given the unceasing advance of leftism in politics, but the real meat and potatoes of the online publication is its pornographic sex ed-style how-to guides.

Teen Vogue first caught the eye—and the flame—of Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, back in 2017 when they printed a sickening guide to anal sex for tweens and teens.

On Christmas Day this year, we reported that they revived that article, offering their readers an Anal Sex 101 guide. The details are far too graphic to repeat yet again, but suffice it to say that the article literally teaches its 11- to 17-year-old readers all about the mechanics and purported joys of sodomy.

The magazine also closed out the year with a thorough guide, complete with trendy watercolor illustrations, to female anatomy, and a gift guide for readers’ “horniest” friends. Because that’s exactly what teens need, apparently.

Believe it or not, these aren’t the worst stories to come out of this digital rag.

Here’s a round-up of the absolute worst content to come out of Teen Vogue in 2019, proving once again that they’re long overdue for a shut-down:

“When Is It Safe to Send a Partner Nude Photos?”

Some of the most obscenely immoral content to come out of Teen Vogue comes from writer Nona Willis Aronowitz’ column, Down To Find Out, which launched back in May and aims to answer readers’ “biggest questions about sex, dating, relationships, and all the gray areas in between.”

Its inaugural entry, a guide on “safe sexting,” celebrates that sending nude photos to “admirers” is now expected and commonplace. Aronowitz gives an intimate guide on how to execute the best nudes as a form of “radical self-acceptance,” telling readers to “Get very familiar with yourself. Pose in the mirror, caress your silhouette, know your naked angles…”

Imagine your child’s school counselor suggested nude selfies as a means of overcoming body image issues. You’d want their head on a spike, and rightfully so, and yet it is somehow perfectly fine for a complete stranger to offer this advice to children on the internet?! Come on!!

“Why Sex Work Is Real Work”

Back in April, Teen Vogue published a guest op-ed from Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, a “reproductive justice” advocate working to bring sexual revolution to South Africa. Mofokeng declares that the rights of prostitutes are “women’s rights, health rights, labor rights, and the litmus test for intersectional feminism.”“So, what exactly is sex work,” Mofokeng asks. “Not all sex workers engage in penetrative sex, though, undeniably, that is a big part of sex work. Sex-worker services between consenting adults may include companionship, intimacy, nonsexual role playing, dancing, escorting, and stripping. These roles are often pre-determined, and all parties should be comfortable with them.”

She goes on to urge readers to “support the global demand for sex work decriminalization, and fund evidence and rights-based intersectional programs aimed at sex workers and their clients.”

“Having Sex When You’re Fat: Tips on Positions, Props, and Preparation”

“Yes, fat people have sex — and it’s great,” writes “certified sex educator” Elle Chase, rounding out the inclusivity with an article on the right of overweight people to enjoy sex.

While addressing the issue of body image can be an edifying way to point young girls to their true worth in Christ, not their own beauty, Teen Vogue predictably steers the premise into a smutty, desensitizing ditch.

Along with tips and tricks on pillow placement and sex toys, Chase gives readers a run-down on basic sex positions and their dynamics for overweight couples. “…Don’t let the size of your body stop you from trying any position that floats your boat,” she encourages readers. “You may need to refine the position to better fit your needs, but there’s nothing wrong with that,” she concludes, giving readers the retch-inducing reminder that “We all deserve to f*** our fat hearts out.”

“How to Get an Abortion If You’re a Teen”

While the other articles may be disgusting and immoral, the last item on our list is downright evil. In Aronowitz’ Down To Find Out column, she helped her young readers navigate the dangerous waters of obtaining an abortion without parental knowledge or consent.

“First of all, I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to be ashamed of,” Aronowitz writes. “Accidents can happen even to the most careful among us. And it’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth. Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

Now, to be perfectly clear, no parent should “consent” to their child having an abortion—effectively murdering their own grandchild—to begin with. Parents who do allow or pressure their young daughters to kill their babies are an abomination. That’s all there is to it.

But, thanks to Aronowitz’s guide, children across the nation are equipped to take advantage of laws allowing them to procure an abortion on their own, regardless of their mental capacity as children to understand or consent to the procedure. This is to say nothing of the danger children are placed in when they receive an inherently risky procedure in secret. To put it quite plainly, Aronowitz has blood on her hands for every child who receives an abortion without parental knowledge, suffers, and possibly even dies from complications of the procedure.

This article was even published via SnapChat, a social media app incredibly popular with young people, allowing children to access the information without Teen Vogue showing up in their browser search history for parents to see.

There is no reason on this green earth why any child should have access to material like this. Teen Vogue serves no purpose whatsoever beyond grooming and desensitizing children to obscene sex, prostitution, pornography, and abortion. It is well past time to put an end to this sickening publication.


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Relationship Advice 2020: Make these New Year’s resolution to keep your relationship alive and healthy

New years is the time when everyone is busy making party plans and deciding upon the right new year’s resolution for their lives. We all hope to improve and do better every new year and make our lives more worthwhile. But this is also the time when we want to start a new beginning with a cleaner slate and renew everything in our lives. Now we all make good new year’s resolutions to make our lives more prosperous and positive but there are other things in our lives that need to grow and develop with every new year.

Every couple needs to take time to renew their relationship and refresh it. Our relationships too need some extra pampering and love as they grow and develop. It’s essential to ensure that our relationships grow the right way and make us happier and for that, we need to make some extra new year’s resolutions for our love lives as well. Every couple needs to make special resolutions to strengthen our relationship and ensure that we give more importance to our partner and our relationships.

Here are some special new year’s resolutions that every couple should make for a stronger and healthier relationship:

a person sitting on a bench with a mountain in the background© Provided by Pinkvilla

1. Promise each other that you will find some extra time from your busy schedules and spend time with your partner. This helps a couple get some alone time away from work and family and all the chaos and just be with each other and renew your romance.

a person looking at the camera© Provided by Pinkvilla

2. Don’t live out your lives doing the same old things that you’ve been doing as a couple. Begin this new year with a promise to try new things with your partner. Travel to new places and go on adventure rides and do all the new things you’ve ever imagined because life is too short and we all need to make some new and good memories with our partners.

a man standing in a rocky area next to a body of water© Provided by Pinkvilla

3. Don’t’ forget to do little things to make everything special for each other and make time to go out on dates together. Being married or in a relationship is not enough reason to not go out on dates. The dates keep the spark and love in your relationship alive.

a person in a green field© Provided by Pinkvilla

4. Don’t forget to take vacations away from the people in your life. Go away for a weekend or just a few days away from everyone just to be with each other.

a person standing in front of a mountain© Provided by Pinkvilla

5. Remember to always keep the communication alive in your relationship. Don’t shut each other out and avoid conflicts and miscommunication and gaps in your relationship by communicating properly.

a man sitting on a table© Provided by Pinkvilla

6. Be thankful for having a partner like yours and show some gratitude. Don’t take your partner and the things that they do for you and for the relationship for granted.

a close up of a flower

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Cut Back On Alcohol: 9 Tips To Drink A Little Less Alcohol This New Year

New year celebrations mean fun, music, dance, food, drinks It goes without saying that this is that time of the year when alcohol consumption reaches a peak across the world and this is where it gets risky in terms of health. Even people who stay far away from drinking the whole year, booze a bit in the new year’s festive mood. Well, no complaints on people who keep their drinking habit in control and focus on enjoying this time of the year but, for those who often become vulnerable after too much alcohol consumption, here are a few tips which will make you cut a little less on alcohol and enjoy the time with friends and family.

Tips To Drink A Little Less Alcohol

1. Write it down

Set a realistic goal by writing down your guidelines about how many drinks you want to consume in a week or month. This will remind you continuously about your goals and help you cut a little less on your alcohol. Initiating such habits also helps in reducing the risk of alcohol-related health disorders like liver cirrhosis.

2. Drink slowly

Sipping alcohol slowly is one of the best tricks to reduce the amount of alcohol consumption. The best way to do this is by inviting your friends whenever there’s a boozing plan. This will make you talk with them more and drink less. Also, avoid drinking alcohol in an empty stomach.

3. Watch your favorite series

Watching a series with your friends at home is way more cheaper than boozing at a bar with friends. This will make you enjoy peacefully and spend quality time with your friends in the new year.

4. Opt for a pleasant substitute

There are several nonalcoholic drinks in the market like a fruit smoothie, mulled apple juice and lemonade, which makes for a pleasant and soothing substitute for alcohol. Opt for those drinks and slowly try to include it in your new year’s healthy habits.

5. Drink water not alcohol to quench thirst

We may have heard people giving silly reasons to drink alcohol. Always remember that alcohol is not something which will quench your thirst. So, keep all the excuses aside and drink only water if you are thirsty. Also, try to drink a glass of alcohol first followed by a glass of water to cut the alcohol intake into half.

6. Go for low alcoholic drinks

The most favourable and easiest ways to cut down on alcohol is by replacing the high alcoholic drinks by low ones. Opt for drinks like wine and beer as they have less ethanol content or probably select soda-based drinks. However, don’t forget your limit.

7. Make a money log

It’s as simple as it looks. Keep a track of the money you have spent or going to spend in a week or month for alcohol. This will make you think again before you plan to booze the next time and may change your mind to save all those amounts.

8. Avoid triggers

You may have noticed that most of the times when people meet someone or come across certain situations or activities like friends meet or office party, it turns on their boozing mood and causes an urge to drink. To cut on alcohol, avoid such triggers and remember that health is more important than anything.

9. A simple ‘No’ works well

Always saying ‘yes’ to alcohol is not a good thing to do. Sometimes, it’s better to politely say the word ‘no thank you’ when someone offers you a drink and you are in no mood to have it. Remember to say it quickly and firmly without giving them another chance to change your mind.

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Best Tricks To Stop Being Single This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! And, if you have no one to keep you warm at night, the winter can be a lonely time. If you are looking for a mate, no season is particularly fun to be single but winter is worst of all. With the cold and dreariness in many places and the holidays with all the super helpful questions from your family like, “when are you going to find someone?”, being single all winter is no good.

The good news is, the winter is a great time to get out there and find someone to keep you warm, make your holidays merrier, and be the one you smooch into the new year. Here are the best tricks to stop being single this winter.

Download A Dating/Networking App

It is 2019, soon to be 2020. If you are single and not on a dating app or multiple dating apps, what are you waiting for!? Even if you are on a dating app but it keeps hooking you up with the same old bad news dates, this winter is time to change your luck and download a new dating or networking app.

Cool Things Chicago has a great list of the best dating list of the year. This comprehensive list covers the best dating apps in a number of categories to find a fresh one for you no matter who you are or what you are looking for.

The list includes the best new dating app of 2019, the best casual dating app, the best dating app for females, the best dating app for men seeking men, and the best up-and-coming-dating app of the year. With a new one of these dating tools at your disposal, the winter will be full of really fun dates that will hopefully turn into something more.

Try New Things

There is a saying that goes, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This is also a good way to explain why some people stay single for a long period of time.

If you use the same dating apps (see above), go to the same places, engage in the same activities, and hang out with the same people, it is no wonder that your relationship status never changes either. This winter, try some new, indoor activities, where you may meet someone new.

There are plenty of great options in the winter to find an interesting new person to spend time with. You can try skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or any number of winter sports that will introduce you to a whole new set of potential mates.

A site like MeetUp.com is perfect to find people in your area who are trying to do the same thing. Also, indoor winter activities can be fruitful too, Try a new bar trivia night, hitting the gym, or hanging out in a coffee shop or bookstore.

Be Less… Whatever

In most cases, if you are single this winter, you probably have an idea, at least deep down, as to why. Maybe you are too picky, too clingy, too desperate, too high-maintenance, or you spend too much time at work. Whatever the reason, this winter is a great time to try and work on yourself.

When you try to get better as a person, that comes across and is more attractive to potential partners. While they are notoriously unsuccessful for many, there is something to be said about creating a New Year’s resolution and trying to stick to it.

Whatever it is that you would like to improve about yourself to make yourself a better relationship candidate, January 1, 2020, is a great time to start. Yes, more than half of all resolutions fail but, with a few helpful tips, you can be one of the other half who improves your situation and finds a way to stop being single in the early part of the new year.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Hey, it works for Santa! If you are just dating with no real plan in mind, that may be a big reason why you are still single this winter. You may just need to get more serious about being in a relationship. One of the best ways to start is to make a list of what you are looking for in a partner.

You can include everything from personality to looks to job to family and more. Putting this together will allow you to start looking at people more seriously as a potential partner. When you keep a list like this of what you really want in a person who you settle down with, you will also be less likely to waste time with people who do not fit enough of the criteria on your list.

Just beware, the list should be a living document that changes as you do. It should also just be a set of guidelines, not the absolute rule. You want to look for the person who fits most of the criteria on the list, not hold out for someone who checks every single box.

Don’t Think Of Yourself As Single

The easiest way to stop being “single” right this second is to just stop thinking of yourself that way. Sure, your Aunt Rita will still call you single after a few glasses of wine but who cares? Think about all the freedom you have, all the choices and options, all the money you’ll save on holiday gifts!

In all seriousness though, even with the social stigma that sometimes comes with being single, it does not have to be a bad thing. There are plenty of ways to feel better about your relationship status and celebrate not having a partner this winter. Doing this and finding other, like-minded, uncoupled individuals will make your winter much happier.


It is the season to turn your winter blues into a winter wonderland. By following these tricks, you will have a great chance to stop being single this winter and start living your best life. And the best part is, even if none of these work this winter, you have taken steps to improve your situation and, as they say, Spring is right around the corner.


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How To Know If Someone Loves You, According To Their Actions

If your relationship is strong and brimming with love, you may notice a few things your partner does without hesitation, simply because they want to. Barring a busy schedule — and sometimes even then — they may drop everything to help you out, find ways to be supportive, or do little things to make you happy. And apart from wanting to be a good partner, it can also stem from their strong feelings.

“Your partner’s lack of hesitation to do nice and supportive things is one of the biggest signs of love and commitment because that means they are prioritizing you,” Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, tells Phicklephilly. “This is a sign of a good and loving partner, but it should be a mix of this trait and many other great ones that make a lasting partner.”

It’ll still be important, for example, that you both maintain your individuality, and do things for yourselves. And, of course, there are lots of other ways to show love, and not all of them have to happen immediately. That said, here are some sweet things your partner will likely do without thinking twice, according to experts, if they’re really in love.

1. Help Out During Tough Times


If your partner responds quickly when you need help — even if that just means stepping out of work to call you back — you know you’re a top priority to them, Caroline Madden, PhD, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the author, tells Phicklephilly.

This can pertain to time-sensitive situations where you need help right away, like if your car breaks down and you’re stranded. “The thing is when you really, really love someone you want to be there for them,” Madden says. “You want them to know that you are there to support them.” So don’t be surprised if your partner shows up with jumper cables, before you can even blink.

But they also won’t hesitate to help out in smaller ways, either, including doing little things every day, just to make your life easier.

2. Be Honest

“There are plenty of key things your partner won’t hesitate to do if they’re really in love, one of them being honesty,” Trombetti says. “It goes without saying that honesty is a key factor to a loving relationship, but showing complete transparency and letting your guard down is one of the most showing factors that they really are in love.”

If they do something wrong, they’ll want to tell you right away. And if something’s bothering them, they’ll find a way to bring it up. “It is one of the hardest things for most people to do,” Trombetti says. And yet they’ll make it a priority, because they know how important honesty is to maintaining a strong relationship.

3. See Things From Your Point Of View


If your partner has your best interests at heart, and really cares for you deeply, then they won’t hesitate to see things from your point of view. Or at least try to, even if they disagree.

“Someone who is completely in love with you will allow themselves to take a step back and put your ideas at the forefront,” Trombetti says. They’ll consider what you’re saying not only because your thoughts are important to them, but because they understand being in a loving relationship means both of you need to be fair.

4. Make Time For You

Again, it’s important that you both have your own things going on, in terms of hobbies and interests and friends that don’t revolve around the relationship. And yet, you’ll still want to put each other at the top of your lists.

As Trombetti says, “so many times we see partners putting priorities in front of one another. If you are truly in love with someone, you will never make them a second option!”

This is especially true when it comes to the big stuff, like attending important events together, holiday dinners, birthdays. Your partner won’t hesitate to put those things on their calendar, and make them happen, simply because they’re important to you.

5. Help When You’re Sick


Seeing someone all wrapped up in blankets and surrounded by boogery tissues isn’t always easy, and yet a loving partner won’t hesitate to march on up to your bedside and attempt to help you feel better. Whether it’s bringing you soup, supplying more tissues, or looking for blankets, they’ll be on the case.

As Trombetti says, “If they are willing to stick around and bring you back to health when you are at your weakest, they are undoubtedly there because they care and love you.”

6. Support Your Dreams

Whether it’s your newfound dream of procuring tacos for dinner, or a lifelong dream of going to grad school, your partner will be all about it. “A partner who loves you will always do [their] best to truly support you in pursuing your dreams,” Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating expert at Double Trust Dating, tells Phicklephilly.

And this is true even if these dreams seem “out there” or unattainable. “Everyone has dreams and aspirations for life,” Bennett says. “Sometimes they might seem far-fetched.” But a loving partner won’t be the person who drags you down or says you can’t do it. Instead, they’ll offer support, and maybe even find ways to help along the way.

7. Compromise


“A partner who loves and respects you will be willing to make adjustments to their own schedules, forgo certain commitments to meet one of yours, and meet you halfway on big important decisions,” Kara Lissy, LCSW, a NYC-based psychotherapist who specializes in relationships and attachment, tells Phicklephilly.

Basically, they’ll be willing to compromise. “The key here is that they see you as an ally in decision making rather than someone with whom they need to compete,” she says. And that makes it a lot easier for them to open up and be fair.

8. Push You To Be Your Best

“A partner who is in love will always see the best in you and won’t settle for you to see anything less than that in yourself,” Lissy says. This is why they support you in your dreams (both big and small). But also while they’ll encourage you to do little things on a daily basis, in order to feel good.

“This may show up in the form of them challenging an unhealthy or self-destructive habit of yours, or helping you set up a plan to achieve one of your long-term career goals,” Lissy says. Again, it’s all about wanting to offer support.

9. Share Their Feelings


One way to know your partner loves you, is if they have a strong desire to open up and share their feelings. After all, “intimacy is a key component of deep, fulfilling romantic love,” Lissy says. “Your partner won’t hesitate to be emotionally intimate with you and share important details about how they are feeling when they’re in love with you.”

10. Be Reliable

A loving partner won’t show up and do things simply because you asked them to, but because they want to, and that can result in them being extremely reliable. They won’t forget important dates, or leave you hanging — and if something comes up and they do, they make up for it.

“When we know with certainty that we can rely on someone, it enables us to feel safe and secure,” Lissy says. “Your partner will show up when they say they’re going to show up and follow through on important commitments to you, which shows love and respect.”

11. Hang Out With Family


If you and your partner enjoy hanging out with family, that’s great. But not everyone’s guaranteed to like, or even get along, with their family, Bennett says. But a loving partner will grin and bear it, and be as supportive as possible.

For example, they won’t leave you hanging when it comes to attending awkward get-togethers or holiday parties, and they’ll be there if you need to vent about something your parents said. Of course, there’s no need for anyone to suffer through toxic family situations, just to be a good partner. But you might notice yours is down to do whatever they can to help.

These are just a few of the things a loving partner won’t hesitate to do. It shows not only how much they want to offer support, but how focused they are on contributing to the overall happiness of your relationship.


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Sun Stories: Eileen – Chapter 1 – My Hire

Happy New Year!

A girl calls the salon and asks if we need help. We’re hitting our busy season and it’s getting nuts in here by myself. I’ve been fucked for the most part. We’ve had little inquiries and I’m worried. I’m getting run over every night here. We’re making money, but I have to keep the level of service up. I need another person here.

If someone walks in and has never tanned before or it’s simply a new client that’s going away and need to ‘get a base’ I have to spend time with them.

If 5 people walk in behind them I’m screwed. I have a waiting room full of people wanting to get into beds and I’ve got people leaving.

I can’t be in three places at the same time. People are signing up, people are waiting, people are leaving, beds need to be cleaned, what’s going on with the laundry? It gets crazy in here.

I tell her we do need help and that she should come in. She tells me she’ll stop in tonight. I literally forget about it when I hang up because I’m so busy.

It’s hard to find talent for the salon. You get what you pay for. But that’s just part of this business. I’ve learned this in the 2 years I’ve been here.

I hung a shitty Help Wanted sign on the end of the counter. It got wrinkled and mauled by all of the customers that lean on the counter.

We have this cool rich dude that comes in and tells me the sign looks like it was written by Michael J Fox. I let him go on our system and make a better sign. He makes two and hangs one on the wall behind me. I appreciate that and he’s right.

But still.. very little bites. I work so much that people just think I need a day off.

But that call came in. I forgot her.

I’m blazing through clients and it’s busy. I’m getting run over.

I put a girl in a sunbed and there is a girl behind her. I speak:

“Last name?”

I need to keep them moving.

“I called and I’m here about the job.”

She looks 24. Attractive. Fit. Dark hair, fair skin, glasses and dressed to impressed.

I love her.

We’ve had so much shit come through here and Eileen is like a breath of fresh air. She almost seems too good to true.

Beautiful girl. Firm handshake. I can sense professionalism.

Gotta have her. I can feel it. My hire.

I immediately send texts to my partner.

“Where are the applications? I have a live one I really want. She seems amazing!”

Achilles as awesome as always literally signs on to the system from home and prints off the application.

I’m amazed and love him for this, because he can feel my earnest on this applicant. Which also shows he trusts my judgement.

Eileen is dressed professionally and I am floored by my good fortune this late in the game. I can just tell. Criminal Justice major at Drexel. This is a serious girl. I already adore her.

She’s from Missouri. We’ll get to that. She can kill it for us during our busy season and then go home for the summer and work as a hostess at Olive Garden. She started at 8 bucks and is now at $9.70 and hour. You don’t get that kind of raise as a teenager in a year.

This is a quality girl. I can see we here at the salon have hit tanning gold.

I like her for this job and so I’m impressed with her.

I tell her I’ll text her if she has the gig and she’s cool with that.

I didn’t even know about Amelia at the time. I thought I would have my new magic girl all week but that was still in question.

I still needed to find out what the hell was going on. Quite suddenly we went from nothing to two girls.


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Philadelphia’s New Year’s Tradition Reflects Our Racist Past — And May Overcome It

The Mummers Parade is growing more diverse, showing how longtime traditions can be recast.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Frank Rizzo’s quoted comments came during a 1978 mayoral campaign. In reality, they came during a campaign to change the city charter so that Rizzo could run for a third consecutive term the following year.


For more than a century, Philadelphia has celebrated New Year’s Day with the Mummers Parade, a regional tradition that brings thousands into the streets to wear costumes, play music, dance and perform satirical sketches on local and national politics.

Almost every year, however, the parade sparks controversy. In 2019, for example, City Council President Darrell L. Clarke denounced the mummers because he incorrectly thought that the rapper Jay-Z had been portrayed by a white man in blackface, not an African American. While Clarke was wrong, the mistake was plausible, given that black Philadelphians, who make up more than 40 percent of the city’s population, have never participated in the parade in large numbers. And until the city imposed a ban on blackface makeup in the parade in 1963, many mummers marched in blackface, a practice inherited from the 19th-century minstrel show.

Even today, the Mummers Parade is imbued with performances reminiscent of blackface minstrelsy. The “strut,” the mummers’ signature dance step, for example, can be traced to the cakewalk, an antebellum plantation dance adopted by the minstrel show.

In many ways, the history of the Mummers Parade is a microcosm of the halting movement toward racial integration in the United States. The persistence of minstrel-show stereotypes in the parade mirrors and magnifies the persistence of racism in American society at large. But the parade is also one of the most prominent expressions of Philadelphia’s distinctive history and culture and, thus, also a potential source of civic strength in an increasingly diverse city.

Throughout much of northern Europe and colonial North America, groups of costumed “mummers” roved from house to house during the Christmas season, entertaining their hosts and expecting food, drink or a small tip in return. As early as the 17th century, immigrants from England and Sweden introduced this custom to southeastern Pennsylvania.

By the 19th century, most mummers were young, working-class white men, and their streetside antics were infused with forms of racial impersonation borrowed from the Indian melodramas and blackface minstrel shows popular in the contemporary theater. According to the Philadelphia Public Ledger, New Year’s Day 1876 witnessed impromptu parades by men dressed as “Indians and squaws, princes and princesses, clowns … [and] Negroes of the minstrel hall type.”

Philadelphia’s new, central police force eventually cracked down on unruly holiday celebrations, and H. Bart McHugh — a newspaper reporter and theatrical agent — led the effort to corral the mummers into an organized parade, with prizes funded by the city. In 1901, the city government sponsored the first official Mummers Parade, and the Public Ledger reported that “three thousand men and boys in outlandish garb frolicked, cavorted, grimaced, and whooped while the Mayor and members of Councils, Judges, and other officials, State and municipal, looked on.”

From the beginning, most mummers’ clubs specialized in fancy dress, music, dance or comedy, leading to an elaborate structure for judging a varied assortment of parade performances. Three African American groups competed for prizes in Philadelphia’s first city-sponsored Mummers Parade, and regular African American participation in the parade continued through 1929, when the Octavius V. Catto String Band (named for a martyred 19th-century civil rights leader) made its final appearance.

Sociologist Patricia Anne Masters attributes the withdrawal of independent African American clubs from the 1930 Mummers Parade to the Depression, which hit Philadelphia’s black community especially hard. Deteriorating economic conditions, along with the Catto String Band’s last-place finish in 1928 and 1929, clearly discouraged African American groups from competing, but black brass bands continued to march as paid accompanists for white mummers’ groups through the 1930s, a practice that remains common today.

Yet, Mummers documentarian E.A. Kennedy III suggests that the prolific use of blackface by white mummers also contributed to black disillusionment with the parade. This disillusionment erupted into full-blown conflict in December 1963, when Cecil B. Moore, head of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, and Louis Smith of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) successfully pressured parade director Elias Myers, a city official, to ban blackface from the Mummers Parade. This ban precipitated an unsuccessful legal challenge, as well as protests and counter-protests by mummers and civil rights activists.

The result was an uneasy detente over the issue of race in the Mummers Parade. Even in 1975, 12 years after the blackface ban, the New York Times described it as “essentially a white man’s event,” overseen by Mayor Frank Rizzo, who famously enjoined his white working-class base to “vote white” during a 1978 campaign to change the city charter so he could run for a third consecutive term.


Over the past six decades the parade has grown considerably more inclusive, even as brownface, redface and yellowface makeup have remained common sights in the parade, and blackface still appeared at the nighttime party after the official parade has ended. In the 1970s, most mummers’ clubs began admitting women for the first time. (Women had long worked behind the scenes, helping to stitch costumes but rarely appeared as performers). In 1984, the Goodtimers Comic Club, with an African American president and hundreds of minority members, started competing in the parade, just as W. Wilson Goode, Philadelphia’s first African American mayor, took office. And in 1992, a group of Cambodian American artists and students teamed up with the Golden Sunrise Fancy Brigade to stage a Khmer dance drama along the parade route, reflecting the rapid growth of the city’s Cambodian American population.

Over the past six decades, the Mummers Parade has grown considerably more inclusive. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)
Over the past six decades, the Mummers Parade has grown considerably more inclusive. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

By 2016, participants in the Mummers Parade included a Caribbean steel band, a Mexican American carnival organization, an African American drill team, a Puerto Rican bomba group and a brigade of drag queens — even as videos of individual mummers using racist and homophobic slurs along the parade route have also gone viral in recent years.

This bifurcation captures the complex state of the parade when it comes to race as we enter a new decade. Some mummers embrace the growing diversity of the parade out of conviction, whereas others view it as a pragmatic antidote to the declining participation and attendance that have afflicted the parade since the 1990s. Indeed, many if not most new mummers over the past decade have come from outside the white ethnic communities that traditionally sustained the parade.


Progressive and racially integrated mummers’ groups like the Vaudevillains, the Rabble Rousers and the Lobster Club have sought to change the political tenor of the parade, with performances that confront climate change, nuclear proliferation, big agriculture, student loan debt, access to health care and fracking in rural Pennsylvania. (Full disclosure: I was a member of the Vaudevillains from 2009 to 2012). These groups have realized that joining the parade is the only way to bring about a more pluralistic future for the mummers, offering a local lesson in direct political action that applies to struggles over diversity, equity and inclusion at the national level.

The Mummers Parade offers a carnivalesque bully pulpit to communicate directly with one’s fellow citizens, and as a city-sponsored event, participation is open to anyone. The reach of the parade has diminished from its peak, but roughly 8,000 marchers and 50,000 spectators crowd the parade route each New Year’s Day, and hundreds of thousands watch the parade on local television. Because Philadelphia is the largest city in America’s second-largest swing state, the vibrancy of the city’s political life has national implications, especially in a presidential election year.

A populist tradition like the Mummers Parade has the potential to point the way toward a more inclusive future or to remain mired in the racism that has characterized America’s past. Rather than abandon or decry the parade for its attachment to minstrel-show stereotypes and its history of racial exclusion, Philadelphians of all backgrounds would do well to embrace mummery as a powerful civic rite, with the potential to make the city’s growing diversity a force to be reckoned with.


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Phicklephilly – Happy New Year – 2020

Wow. What a Year!

What a Decade it’s been!

How do you like my new Homepage pic? In the last few years the skyline here in Philly has dramatically changed. The town has really boomed in the last 12 years I’ve lived here. So I figured the pic should reflect how lovely our city looks now as we enter a brand new decade!

I’ve been writing Phicklephilly for over 3 years now, and it’s been an incredible journey of dating, love, relationships, and new discoveries!

I’d like to first express my incredible gratitude to everyone who has chosen to read, like, comment, and most of all, follow my blog. I appreciate every one of you and will always try to respond to any of your comments on any of my stories.

Can we talk numbers for a moment before I get to the good stuff?

Here’s where we are as of this writing. Over the last 3 years, I’ve had over 55,000 visitors to the site, and over 100,000 page views! I can’t believe my good fortune.

Thank you all!

I started this blog back in the Fall of 2016 with a single post on a Monday about a date I went on. After writing it, I thought… How the heck am I going to come up with something for next week? But I wrote something else and was on my way. It was a very long and slow progress in the beginning. (The only way to become a writer is to simply write!)

Then I’d do an update on the occasional Wednesday. Then came Tales of Rock. Then Crazy Dating Stories from my past. What followed was Dating and Relationship Advice. What was once a once a week thing has grown to a daily forum!

Top Blog Posts of 2019

You want to know what’s weird? Out of everything I’ve written on here, (1800 posts!) the most popular thing I’ve ever composed is a post entitled, Asian Massage Parlors – The Fun Part. It’s had over 2700 page views in the last 2 years! People all over the world read that piece every day! I don’t know why, but it’s an odd anomaly based on what phicklephilly is usually about.

Another strange phenomenon has been the success of articles I’ve written about two actresses that were on a wonderful program from the BBC. Death in Paradise. It’s a great little series that takes place at a fictional resort. The local police force solves a different murder each episode. Actresses, Sara Martin, and Josephine Jobert have both been on the show at different times. I was completely taken with both of these lovely, talented women. Well, apparently, so is the world. Anything I’ve written about either of them have been some of my most successful posts ever! (2400+ views each!) You’d think a Dating and Relationship themed blog wouldn’t get that kind of traction writing about actresses that aren’t even popular here in the US. But apparently, globally these ladies are beloved. Congrats ladies! Thanks for making my blog great!

There are several other posts that are wildly popular as well, but mostly people like stories about my teenage years. One of the most popular ones is about a young lady named Lola whom I had the pleasure of having as my little girlfriend back in the 70’s. It’s a sexy, fun tale that has somehow caught the imagination of my readers. (1200 views!)

Also, it seems anything sexy seems to generate quite a bit of buzz. One of the top performers is entitled, Hookers on Tinder. (All time views: 3200!) I’m still a bit surprised by all of this, but I promise to keep trying to create quality, fun content that people like to read.

This kind of data tells me that the people have spoken, and maybe I need to dig deeper into my checkered past and pull out some more stories from my youth!

I’ve written so many heartfelt pieces about my life, family and feelings. No one really cares much about me working through my issues as a kid. They love the crazy, sexy stories and dating advice! (I don’t really mind what you like. Just keep reading folks!)

Anyway, let’s talk about what’s coming up on Phicklephilly in 2020.


Dating and Relationship Advice

This series began back in 2017. I would publish content on the weekends. It just seemed like a natural progression for the blog to take. I wrote about dating and relationship tales from my own life, and thought, why not give a little advice to help others?

It was okay for awhile, but then a friend of mine was going through a difficult separation from his wife and I wanted to help. I of course, rallied around him to assist. But I also thought, what if I try to write something every day that references dating and relationship guidance? I’ll do it every day for 30 days and he can read it, and it’ll help acclimate him to the new dating world after being off the market for 12 years.

Well, that turned into 90 days. Then I simply pushed on and kept researching and writing, and before I knew it, it became an everyday thing.

But… after a year I realized he was too busy to read it and it felt like a waste of my time. I also wanted to focus on the things I wanted to write about in my own life. I was tired of having to edit 14 posts for over 3 hours every Sunday night, just to be ready to publish for the upcoming week’s material.

But then something magical happened. 

My daily traffic DOUBLED! 

I liked that very much. But after a year and a half of that I decided around the end of the third quarter of 2019 I was sick and tired of writing dating and relationship advice every day. I decided to stop doing it by year end and focus on stories that were exclusively about my life experiences from then on.

But… it got to be about a month ago and I realized that dating and relationship advice had become the bedrock, the foundation of the blog itself. It seemed people loved reading them and always enjoyed the content and commented to let me know that it was helping them in their daily lives.

So… Happy 2020! I will continue to try to bring you the best and most interesting dating and relationship content I can for at least another year. (Knowing me, I’ll probably never stop writing about the subject because there’s so much to tell!)

Thank you for all of your words and support. Dating and Relationship Advice is here to stay!

Did you know there’s a Language Translation widget on here now? It’s really increased my global reach, and I like that people everywhere in the world can now enjoy my stories in their native language. Phicklephilly can be read in any language with a simple click of a button! (Now you have no excuse not to read my blog!)

Sun Stories

These stories will continue to be told through 2020 but probably not much further than that. If you keep reading the blog you’ll find out why. However, I’ll be introducing some new people that have come to work at the salon so we’ll see how they work out. The lovely Amelia and Eileen come to mind. I hope you enjoy reading about these great women whom I’ve had the honor to know.

Crazy Dating Stories

I’m almost out of gas on these stories. They’ve been fun to recount, but there are only so many in my memory. I’m sure there’ll always be some crazy story to tell based on who I am, but for the most part, they’ve been exhausted at this point. I will eventually tell the tales of my young life in New Jersey with some legendary people, but there are still some from my time in California in the early Eighties, but beyond that not much is left. Which brings me to…

California Dreamin’ 1982-1984

I really enjoyed writing about the journey on the road to Los Angeles back in those days. I think I did justice to the trip itself, but I know there’s so much more to tell. I still have more stories to tell, but they’ll no longer be running every Friday anymore. I’ll probably write a few more and run them on Saturdays. I’ll compose them as the memories surface, but I’ll write them when the mood strikes me. I promise they’ll be interesting, but for now I need to focus on the things that are happening in my life right now. (So, they’re not going away, just published a little less.) Spoiler Alert: George Carlin and Arnold Schwartzenegger will both be making appearances, and I have proof that I’ve met them both!

Erotic Fiction

I tried my hand at writing erotica in 2019. I thought this would be a fun foray into something a bit more racy than the usual Phicklephilly dating fare. I worked hard on creating rich stories with solid plot lines and characters with a bit of sex. I thought they’d be a big hit with my readers.

I was dead wrong.

Murder Mystery Weekend, Another Life, A Unique Gift and The Beach House all withered and died like a house plant that gets no light or water. I get it. No one read any of them. (Okay, like one guy read maybe one or two of them, but that’s just not enough for me to continue these erotic series) Frankly, I liked the idea of A Unique Gift. (The whole mind control thing tickled me.) I loved writing The Beach House and thought it would make a solid book, or movie. But alas… all of it failed miserably. I appreciate anyone who took a look, but I get it. It just didn’t work.

All of that content and more sexy, NSFW stories can be found on the following site:


So, going forward, the only things that will run over on that site (La Petite Mort) will be content that’s too racy for phicklephilly. I’ll post a NSFW link on any given story and you’ll be able to click on it and go read the story over there. I’d simply abandon the site, but based on recent events, I think I’m going to need that it to be able to publish some of my upcoming adventures. But for now, Erotic Fiction is done on Phicklephilly.

Tinder Moments

This was a monthly series where I collected funny, crazy dating profiles from online dating sites. Frankly, I don’t really use those sites anymore and got tired of collecting, and cutting and pasting all of that nonsense into my blog. So they’re also sadly dead on this site. You can always go back and read the old ones. They’re pretty funny!

Phicklephilly and Sun Stories published as books on Amazon Kindle

I tried to get two books published over a year and a half ago and ran into so many technical difficulties with the team at Amazon, I decided to scrap the idea. However, I’d like to try again in 2020 and also have another work of fiction entitled, Angel with a Broken Wing, I’d like to try to publish this year. So, fingers crossed! I’m going to give it another shot! Wish me luck!

Tales of Rock

I still love researching and writing this column. As a musician and a fan of music, it’s fun to dig up these stories about the musicians we all love and hate. They’ll continue to run every Sunday at 8am through 2020. I’ve also added another feature entitled, The Best Band You Never Heard. It’ll run on the first Sunday of every month and introduce you to just that. Great bands you may never have heard about that rock! Tales of Rock is here to stay!

Phicklephilly the Podcast

I’ve done a few of these on Spotify and enjoyed making them. If I have time I’d love to do a podcast series about a former love of my life, Michelle. I still miss her friendship and would like to create a kind of audio book type thing so you can hear my stories in my own voice. I’d also like to have guests on and interview interesting people about a myriad of different subjects. Please stay tuned, this is new ground for me and any feedback is always welcome!

Guest Bloggers

There’s one person’s blog I’m interested in promoting this year on Phicklephilly. I enjoy supporting other artist’s work. I’ve done it in the past. But here’s the thing. It has to fit with what I’m creating on this forum and sadly, I really have little time these days to add anything other than the content I work to publish here everyday. I’m not ruling it out, but I just don’t want to bite off more than I can chew this year.


The core formula of Phicklephilly has always been my personal experiences here in Philadelphia. Although Dating and Relationship Advice has become the foundation of the blog that carries it forth, I believe the stories about my life lie at the center of its existence.

I live a quiet and private life now, but have always believed in absolute transparency in the words that I write here. I have no illusion as to who I am, or what I am in this world. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done, and it’s all from the heart.

Let’s review what’s been happening.


She was my girlfriend over 10 years ago. I still sometimes think about her, and you can read her series on Phicklephilly from 2016-2017. Originally there were only about 15 chapters but it will probably swell to 24 based on events and time. But I assure you, Michelle is not coming back. I miss her and wish her well, but it is what it is. Michelle is the one who got away.


Cherie is my lovely girlfriend I started seeing near the end of 2016. That relationship has weathered time, distance, and my dalliances with other women. The issues in this union have been ongoing. The distance factor: She lives 40 miles away in Pottstown, PA. Our age difference: 30 years. Our work schedules: We both work crazy hours. Her family obligations: Lives with her parents and sister and has a young son. We rarely see each other. It sucks, because she’s a wonderful lady.

Sadly, when I look back on the last year or so, our tender relationship has been reduced to little more than a series of booty calls due to the sheer lack of time either of us have to see each other. Cherie is a great girl, but I have a feeling that in 2020 this relationship will sadly meet it’s end. (But, I could be wrong!)


She’s the Asian girl I met a year and a half ago at the tanning salon. A lovely, sweet girl trying to navigate her life at college here in Philly. (You can go back and read the entire sordid odyssey on this blog.) I never saw any of this coming and feel bad about it. We dated a little bit, but it felt more like a mentor/student relationship that recently spun out of control in glorious fashion. To be honest with you, at the time of this writing I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.


This has been a recent, unexpected development. I don’t quite know what to make of this Persian beauty. Her appearance has been quite unexpected and I have no idea where this one will lead me. (Probably into trouble!)


Ah… last but certainly not least is the ethereal, Rebecca. I met her back in 2016 on Tinder when I first started writing this blog and got back into the dating arena. She predates Cherie, but disappeared for a period of time. I found her absolutely enchanting despite her then chaotic lifestyle. She recently resurfaced, and I decided to rerun her original series from the Fall of 2016.

At the time, she drifted in and out of my life. But I met Cherie and she took precedence. Cherie quickly became my main squeeze and I gave little thought as to what happened to Rebecca. I was sort of falling for her back then, but she was so flaky it was hard to lock on to her in a meaningful way. I get it. A young lady with a busy life. But there was just something wonderful about her that I could never quite possess. That obviously made her even more desirable to me.

I wanted to go back and release the original series and publish everything that happened leading up to her doing what she did. I had some drafts that I never published back then and wanted to tell the whole story now that she’s appeared back in Philadelphia. I was too busy with my new love, Cherie to even think about her back then. I hope you find her series as interesting as I do. I loved writing about her back then and I guess I just felt the story needed to be told once and for all. At this point it’s more of a nostalgia piece than anything.


Other than that I’ve been leading a pretty quiet and uneventful life. I like to work and stay busy. I feel like old Ben Kanobi from Star Wars, A New Hope, Episode IV. Not Obi Wan out fighting the Empire, just old Ben hanging out in his little house watching Netflix.

Sometimes I feel like all of my memories are here on phicklephilly and scattered in a bunch of letters and photo albums in my house.

But… I’m still alive and well and I’m sure there’ll be some new adventures I’ll explore in this brand new decade!

Thank you again for reading Phicklephilly loyal readers!

Onward and upward into The Roaring 20’s!

Thank you!



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