Signs You Could Be Dating An Alcoholic

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Some people are so good at masking their real selves when they want to achieve something. That’s why it’s possible to date an alcoholic without knowing it. And by the time you know the truth, you will have tied the knot and a divorce is not always an easy decision.

When dating, you need to have your eyes wide open so that you know your partner well enough. It’s unlikely that they will come and tell you that they are struggling with alcohol. It’s upon you to watch out for the signs and make a decision.

If your partner portrays these signs, it’s possible that they are alcoholic:

1. They are always looking for an opportunity to drink


An alcoholic will even celebrate the smallest achievement with alcohol. When you have a small fight, they will go out drinking in order to release stress. It means they depend on alcohol to cope with the ups and downs of life.

2. They do not stick to one brand

Most people who take alcohol have a particular brand which they stick to. If your partner is not one of them and takes anything that is available, you need to get worried. Alcoholics do not care what they drink so long as it makes them drunk.

3. They have problems related to drinking

Signs you are dating an alcoholic Signs you are dating an alcoholic

If your partner has ever lost a job or done something humiliating due to drinking and they still won’t stop, they have a problem. They know how much drinking has cost them but still won’t stop because they are already addicted.

4. Withdrawal symptoms

Alcoholic signs


Does your partner often complain of headaches, nausea or anxiety after going a few days without drinking? That’s a telltale sign that you should never ignore.

5. They have a high tolerance for alcohol

After downing three beers, you already are feeling tipsy. But your partner is on their eighth and show no symptoms of being drunk.

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6 thoughts on “Signs You Could Be Dating An Alcoholic”

  1. Good points. My first husband put in a keg, excuse me converted a fridge to install a keg with a tap! He even taught my girls how to pour him one without a head. I flipped! After the divorce, his girlfriend called and asked if we could meet, so I agreed. She had some concerns and asked if he had a drinking problem. Yes, I said and she broke it off. She told him that unless he got help she wouldn’t date him. He got help. Her advantage was, it was a new relationship and he still giddy with wanting to please her.

  2. I briefly dated a guy who once called me complaining he had fallen asleep drunk at the bus stop and woken up there mid-morning. Couldn’t run the other way fast enough (screaming optional, but advised). Second one wanted me to get into a car with him driving when he was noticeably drunk. Yeah, no, I’ll walk – away from you -, thanks. I know it sounds cold, but the second I find out someone I’m only dating (not married to or a family member) is ruining their life by drinking too much, I’ll walk before they ruin mine too in the process!

    1. I couldn’t have said it better, Jay. Great info and real life experience. You’ve made good choices. It’s a shame but some people just can’t handle their alcohol and can’t recognize when it becomes a problem. I appreciate your words! 👍🏻😊👏🏻

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