Tinder Moments: 13 Trashy Tinder Moments From People With No Shame

The place where self-respect goes to DIE.

I used to collect these all the time and run them here on the blog. I don’t do these anymore, but I’ve recently dug out a few of these nuggets for your enjoyment!
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      Clothing - Mir, 23 18 miles away Baby daddy decided he needed tinder so mama decided she should to0

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    Text - Maggie, 21 UC San Diego 16 miles away The only thing more open than 24/7 convenience stores are my legs If you buy me dinner, 'll make you breakfast I'll give you more happy endings than a children's storybook

  • 3
    Hair - Kristen, 25 10 miles away Who wants to practice their Australian kiss. It's like the French except you go down under

  • 4
    Hair - Abby, 21 Penn State 27 miles away 100% guarantee I will call you Daddy and cry after sex

  • 5
    Text - Catherine, 22 New England Institute of Technology 35 miles away at least my dad is dead so you don't have to worry about getting his approval

  • 6
    Eyewear - Jasmine, 20 27 miles away Fresh university drop out! Hobbies are: singing, drawing, reading, crying myself to sleep after thinking too hard about my future, and long walks up and down the luxurious Mall Looking for: someone kind, smart, funny, that can financially support another person and potentially help that person get out of debt, and is easy to talk to.

  • 7
    Product - Isabell, 22 3 miles away Our relationship should be like Nintendo 64- classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in.

  • 8
    Hair - Kiya, 19 Victoria's Secret PINK University of Leth bridge 18 kilometers away I will kill spiders for you gag reflex as absent as my dad and the only thing lower than my standards is my self esteem

  • 9
    Text - Zane, 24 Funeral home Earlham College less than a mile away Winter is coming and heated blankets are getting pricey. Save money and cut down on your heating bill by taking home this big guy. He's polite, funny, house broken and a good listener that can binge watch Netflix for hours on end. So stop stressing over thread counts or dry clean only quilts and hunker down with a large pizza and this hunk. Get you a big guy today!!

  • 10
    Product - BEER DOWN Denée, 26 e The University of Arizona 5 miles away Boys call me Dumbledore because I'm the headmaster

  • 11
    Hair - Jordan, 19 89 miles away Tinder needs a filter: -no ugly guys -not too short sexy voice - tan - strong and muscles and abs not too much of a douche And if you're uglier then your tinder profile, I'm gonna stop talking to you

  • 12
    Face - Katelyn, 28 10 miles away Let's see what trash tinder brings to my doorstep... Don't have over 100k in your savings yet? Don't make over 300k/year? Then go away. Made enough to never work again? You're on the top of the list Long term ONLY I am a gold digger AND a men's rights activist Nerds preferred but not mandatory

  • 13
    Product - Hannah, 21 4 miles away Got a bf but looking for some side action

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5 thoughts on “Tinder Moments: 13 Trashy Tinder Moments From People With No Shame”

  1. They say honesty is the best policy but Jack Nicholson says, ‘You can’t handle it truth.’

    Does one want mystery and to wait awhile to figure out that she’s actually a self absorded gold digger or appreciate her honesty from the start, date her and let nature takes its inevitable course?
    Sex is good thing. Everyone needs a little lovin’ at times. Why can’t we appreciate those who are gagging for some say so from the get go?

    I think it’s best if you lie to me. -Michael

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