Sun Stories – Zoe – Chapter 1 – The Real Number One?

Zoe has been a client of our salon since she was freshman. She goes to Temple and needs to keep her tan on to maintain her hotness.

I’ve been creating this little drama story while working at the salon. I rank all of women based on their beauty. I once created a list of the most beautiful women that set foot in the salon.

The list got out of control and approached the 30’s.  It was just me being new and never being around so many beautiful fit young women in my life since the 80’s.

I started to have my top 10, and then my top 5 and them my number 1.

It seems weird but I created this list because it occupied my creative mind while I work at this mundane business.

Kita held the title for a long time and was basically my sugarbaby and didn’t even realize that I was just trying to teach her what dating was supposed to look like. Total waste. But It ended as it should.

Here school schedule changed and although she blew up my phone and spent hours at the salon getting my free advice, she still went back to loser Steve. So she learned nothing, but I extactred my fee for the therapy.

When Kita went on winter break to Florida and ghosted me for a month after all of her promises I was a little annoyed but understood.

I had already chosen a new number one with Delaney who wanted the spot of number one so badly. She promised much but failed miserably. She even was fired from her job for a clumsy infraction.

I went back to Sasha. The most beautiful girl that comes to the salon. I gave her the lotion I had for Delaney. I even got her an exclusive sunscreen for her eyebrows because she is my desperate number one.

But Sasha hardly comes into the salon. It’ hard for me to have a number one if she never comes in.

I considered another girl that loves to tan, but she says all of her aunts and uncles are dying and she won’t be in any time soon. We had planned to hang for drinks but because of all of the death she has blown me off and she hasn’t come in all week to tan.


I get a call from Zoe.

“Do what do I owe this honor, Zoe. I told you to never call me at work.”

“But I can’t stop thinking about you.”

That was it. She got the joke and played along. Zoe is cool. In that moment, I realized some things.

Zoe comes in all of the time. She has a premium package. She’s sweet and smart. She always listens to my crazy stories and remembers the details. She laughs at all of my jokes. I’m able to reveal crazy stories to her and she’s always interested and cool with them.

Zoe is great. She must come from a great family and is balanced.

Zoe is beautiful and is a consistent client. She is always sweet and her Instagram page is slammin. (Yea I said that) Zoe has always been top 5 but now I feel like after all of the other women have failed me in my little numerical drama, Zoe has moved up on the list.

After her cool flirting and being a consistent client I’m starting to think she’s earned the right to be number one.

I’ve had a tumultuous week, but Zoe has been on my mind.

She’s so sweet and laughs at all of my bits and listens to all of my stories and remembers all of the characters.

Zoe is the one I need to take care of.

Sasha is in a relationship with a guy that sends her 3 dozen roses on Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine setting the bar that high before you’ve even married a girl? The diamond you’d have to give her to marry her will have to be the size of a doorknob.

I love Sasha’s beauty but this whole ranking system at the salon is just a ranking system. I just do it for the blog and to enteratain myself.

But Zoe is a sweet woman. She’s dating a boy now and I hope it works, but he’s not much of a drinker so I don’t know if it’s a match. They had a fight and were silent for two weeks so we’ll see.

Just youth and immaturity.

Anyway… I have settled on Zoe. She’s been a client since we were at the old location. She loves to tan and is a beautiful and smart girl. I always liked Zoe. Who wouldn’t like a girl that’s pretty and always laughs at all of your jokes and listens to your old man stories. I adore her!

I reveal to her tales of all of the crazy girls that come in here, I tell her about Maria, and she loves it.

I tell her my crazy stories about all of my failed number ones….and then I ask her, (I have to do it)

“Zoe, will you be my number one?”

She loved being top 10 and then top 5 and then top 3.

“I mean it. Sasha never comes in and you know the story with all of my failed number ones…”

“I’d love to be your number one. Not for the stuff but just to know that I finally made it.”

I love that I’ve created some crazy rating system for the girls that tan here and now there is a competition to be the favorite.

I just want to have one I can settle on. Zoe has been consistent and chill. I think she’ll be perfect to be the number one.

Free lotion. More time in the sun beds. free drinks. Lunch. Fruit. Oh, here I go again.

I just want to hang out with her.

Do you think she’ll let me?

Zoe is perfect. I just want to have a drink with her.

I’ve already ordered a special bottle of tanning lotion for her. Smoke. It’s her favorite, It costs $45 a bottle but I can get it for cost. I want to treat her.

It’s funny how I’m always looking for my little girlfriend at the salon. But it’s innocent. Zoe knows I’m okay. She knows I’m a dad and gentleman, but I’d love to take her to Square and ply her with free drinks. Not to get her, just to spend time with her. I love the presence of young women. I guess because I’m in a secure relationship, I just love the company of other girls just for for fun.

I’d love to share a chardonnay with Zoe at Square…


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  1. Love it! I’ve now got Blondie in my head, “The tide is high and Im holding on, I’m going to be your number one…” lol! She doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who will give up just like that!

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