Alicia – Chapter 7 – Back To Square One or Done?

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll understand my frustration. But I’ve enjoyed the ride. Getting the phone number from a teller at my credit union through bullet proof glass has been a glorious rush.

I went there to make a deposit today. I was feeling a little numb. Not my usual exuberant effervescent self.

When I go to the credit union I’m always fiery and fun and today for some reason I had no good energy.

Eileen is away on Spring Break this week and I’m counting on Amelia to step in and help. She has other obligations and her time is limited. I totally understand that because her job at the gym where she works is her number one priority.

It’s Thursday and 70 degrees out today. Spring is upon us and I know the salon will be busy. Without Amelia I fear I’ll be run over by clients tonight.

I have my deposit in hand. I do something I never do.

Wait for Alicia. It’s always been chance and has worked out beautifully in my master plan to meet her for coffee or lunch.

If you’ve been reading this series you know it’s been off. Alicia has failed in regard to communication and care.

She locked down the date. I went hard core to get a national chain to hold out breakfast for us so she could have killer french toast.

Extraordinary dating is what I’ve been good at since 1977, so I locked it down and let her know.

She failed miserably after knowing and went on vacation.

Alisha destroyed a free lunch.

My father used to say, “If you fuck up a free lunch , you’re not worth it.”

It’s a FREE FUCKING LUNCH with a paying client!

I don’t want to seem bitter because I’m not.

I’m just a little sad I couldn’t close.

Kitty Kat is behind three inches of bullet proof glass and gave me her phone number. She completely blew it.

I don’t get it. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t know anything about her. Who knows what happened.

I go in today. For the first time I actually let other members go before me so I can see her and chat.

I never do that. It’s always been by good luck chance.

I get to her window and push the cash in after my deposit slip.

Her hair is pulled back and she’s all cover up. There is a bit of cleavage. It’s good but not my focus. (Okay, it’s a focus)

“How are you?”

“I’m good.”

How was your vacation?”


“Where did you go?”


Alisha counts my $5000 and makes the deposit. Business as usual.

Weird thing is… she’s like she used to be to me. Chilly.

“Thanks. Have a nice day.”

Is she having a bad day? Have I blown it? What the fuck is going on?

I walk away completely empty.

I’m actually hurt and sad.

I walk through Suburban Station through the crowd of commuters, homeless detritus and cops.

I felt a mix of loss, anger and sadness. I really felt like I was back at square one with Alisha. Or square zero.

I know nothing about elusive Alicia. I was bold in my attempt to even try to secure a lunch with her. It’s bold and weird.

But I just wanted to get to know her.

I’ve laid in the tall grass like the lion that I am for so long and waited for my prey.

I think this gazelle has run off.


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