Tinder Moments: 16 Bizarre Tinder Profiles To Get Swiping On

To be honest with you all, I thought I was out of these, but I recently unearthed some more. Enjoy!

  • 1
    Product - Lucy, 19 6 miles away I guess some of my hobbies would include: watching my dad do shirtless yard work, giving my dad an evening bath, and being the big spoon until he finally falls asleep. X

  • 2
    Hair - Catherine, 18 7 miles away the only thing lower than my standards is my self esteem ;) My Anthem X

  • 3
    Face - Kayta, 23 0 2 miles away Actually 17 sorry 1 Interest Katy Perry X

  • 4
    Product - Ha Maddy, 18 8 miles away Fuck it up Will not exercise with you Will not go on adventures with you Bad vibes only Pro trench coat If you don't talk to me first then ur a pussy X

  • 5
    Leg - Matthew, 23 less than a kilometer away Active just now About Matthew When you say "Jump!", I'l say "How high?" and when you say "3 feet", I'll reply with "That's too high.. I only have a 34 inch vertical".. So really what I'm saying is I hope you're willing to settle for 2 inches less than you expected

  • 6
    Text - 8 Cuck 19 miles away Starving art student Send me 5$ for food and crayons My entire existence is a satirical approach My boob size is AK47 Vag is a model T Since joining tinder I have: Had 3 poly relationships slept with 5 girls had 17 abortions If you're looking for nudes and sex get started now I need about a year and a blood sacrifice to get wet I'll do anal if you're: Donald Trump, or an actual Shark You know what they say crazy in the head- If "Happiness is a choice" GTFO My Anthem G

  • 7
    Photo caption - Rat Boy, 25 Test Subject at ACME Labs 15 miles away 3'6". Age is in rat years. I lived under an air conditioner with my two pink hairless children until some scientists offered me a water bottle, alfalfa pellets, and the gift of speech. like just about any kind of food. I even like things that aren't f e. D we c ave any X

  • 8
    Photography - Rachel, 20 1 mile away active 14 minutes ago About Rachel tbh I just want to get some free chipotle out of this

  • 9
    White - Meredith, 18 9 miles away Active 6 minutes ago I'm interested in like a single dad with 4 or 5 kids. Also someone who has trust issues would be cool

  • 10
    Text - Rachel, 22 7 miles away The only B word you should ever call a woman is beautiful... Bitches love being called beautiful. 11: 453 Instagram Photos X

  • 11
    Dance - 4GH 10:46 Noel, 36 Georgetown University X Га

  • 12
  • 13
    Hair - Nicole, 19 39 miles away Active 21 minutes ago About Nicole My perfect date? We go to Applebee's for half price apps. We have some good conversation. You tell me about your dog that has cancer and I open up about my gambling addiction. At the end of the night you kiss me goodnight. We hang out a few more times. Then you slowly stop texting me. I accuse you of only wanting to hookup and you say that it's just a weird time in your life right now and you're not ready for a relationship. I cr

  • 14
    Fast food - 250 Z00 KaM nutella O A ATO Tiffany, 22 5 miles away Active 2 hours ago I typically tinder on the toilet. Looking for someone to hold my hand while рооp.

  • 15

  • 16
    Photo caption - 4G 8:52 PL Ryan, 36 Confidential MSCD Metropolitan State College of Denver 18 miles away 6ft Because Craig's list is too creepy, and match isp parent, t py enough t,accoun nce recru e Pas an. I like the gets, Bronce X


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