Eileen – Chapter 3 – Friday Night – Part 1

If anything happens outside of the salon with a client or an employee, it’s no longer a Sun Story. That’s the case here.

The girls are doing great. I love Amelia and Eileen. I can’t believe my good fortune. Normally you get what you pay for in this business and we’ve somehow hit the lottery.

Amelia, 24, fit, cute, and a certified as a personal trainer. Not only will she be a hit here Monday through Wednesday, but she could work here as a trainer at out gym! Home run!

Amelia’s a great girl, Air Force Reserve and a solid focused employee. I like that after three days she takes the initiative with the laundry, towels and vacuuming on her own.

Very impressed.

But now it’s Eileen’s turn. It’s Thursday night and she rolls into the salon at 4:30. She says “hi” and heads to room 5 to hang her coat. I don’t recognize her at first she moves so fast.

She comes out in blue tights and a T-shirt that says: “The Bank of Dad.” I totally get that. She says she’s had it since she was a little girl.

Who knows?

I’m just stupid happy to see my pretty new hire again. It’s been so stressful here and now I finally have help. It’s a welcome relief to have a few people to help and maintain the right level of customer service.

Eileen’s first night at the salon was basically cleaning beds and cleaning up. But I see the value in Eileen. I need to train her in all things salon. This girl who went from $8 an hour at Olive Garden to $9.70 on her resume is a quality girl.

18-year-old Criminal Justice major at Drexel needs to learn the system at the tanning salon.

I’m waiting on clients and Eileen is standing there at the ready with her antiseptic spray gun and fresh towel to clean beds. This is what I need right now, because this is our busy season. But I notice something else. As Eileen is standing there waiting to clean beds (That’s all she knows) she’s watching every key punch I make on the computer touch screen to run the salon.

It’s glorious.

When I trained here I was like a retard and struggled with every aspect of the system. But Eileen is watching and recording.

That’s amazing to an old horse like me.

Friday’s never as busy as Thursday, so I decide to let Eileen run the register.

I’ll run around and clean beds and let the kid run that salon. (I’ll be there for her but she needs to learn.)

This is great. We’ve actually hired some people who can do it all. I’ve worked so many hours here and have been through so many shitty employees that have failed Achilles and me on so many levels, this is a blessing.

I watched my sweet Eileen bring in new clients, set up their accounts, and send them tanning without any stress.

Frankly, I was amazed.

She was so good with our system. It was busy, and she did great. This is what this company needs.

Eileen is a freshman and I’ve already told her about being here every season for the next four years and she said yes.

I’m so proud of Eileen. I’m stupid happy to have her here at the salon. We don’t get this kind of help.

I kind of dug at Achilles and I drove hard to get this amazing girl. He’s so jaded when it comes to employees.

He’s closed 2 salons to relieve his problems, but with me maybe we can open a new one.

I love working with good people.

Eileen obviously needs to learn how to fold the towels better, but I love that she’s magic at the computer.

I’m just going to say this right now despite everything that is going on in the blog. Despite the fact that Eileen’s 18 and a new hire, and in love with her boyfriend back in Missouri.

I’m attracted to her.

Don’t un-follow the blog. I’m not going to do anything.


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