Sun Stories: Trinity – Chapter 1 – Promotion

I was working at the salon as usual. I love being here and we’re entering our busy season. April through June is like Christmas here.

It’s so busy I had to hire Amelia and Eileen to help at night because it gets crazy busy every night. You can read their blog posts on here as well! Great girls!

I like to work and stay busy, so I work most weekends. My partner Achilles has weathered this business for over 10 years, so he likes to be off on the weekends.

I get it. He wants a normal life. I remember having that, but I’m in a different place in my life now. I love to work and be busy. I’ve been in three bands when I was younger, I’ve worked 25 years in the banking industry, and 10 more in advertising.

I’m done.

It’s all corporate bullshit. You make your money and be a slave to the American dream and get the fuck out if you have the fortitude and mindset to do it.

Most of America is more enslaved than we’ve ever been. The stuff, the cars, the mortgage, the wife, the house, the kids, the pets, the social stature.

All bullshit.

None of that makes you happy.

You’re riding on an endless merry-go-round hoping to catch the brass ring at the end.

It’s a bunch of nonsense your insecure parents taught you.

All lies.

Do what makes you happy with less and you’ll feel so much better.

I’d rather work more hours at anything than going to endless meetings that justify another loser’s existence, and position in the company, and sitting in a cubicle.

Humans are supposed to be so much more than that. You’ve been sold a bill of goods and it’s all a lie.

I have a very dear friend who just became a millionaire 21 days before his 50th birthday, and said to me, “You”ll never be poor.”

He knows I have the skills to always earn and feel alive and work.

In this modern world everyone is on social media and needs to show off how successful and how much their lives are amazing.

All lies.

Your social media is just your greatest hits. Your vacations, lunches, and parties.

At the end of the day you have to go back to your place and be alone with yourself.

What are your really doing with your life? Have you been sold a bill of goods as to what your life should be?


I bought it and lived it for decades.

All lies.

My father once said, “Every man dies… but not every man lives.”

I decided two years ago to truly live.

I work harder mentally and physically than I’ve ever have in the last thirty years but I feel alive and invigorated every day.

I wake up and I’m ready to go.

I see these kids come into the salon all beaten up from their corporate jobs and they’re all shot. This is not an anomaly. This is a trend. They’re mired in college loan debt performing jobs they hate.

But the money is lucrative, and they eat that shit sandwich everyday.

It’s actually sad but I get why these poor souls are doing it.

Which brings me to Trinity.


Trinity showed up at the salon like any other 26-year-old girl who wants to get a little color.

She was pretty, charming, and had a bit of sass. (I like that)

She told me she was a transplant from Boston and was now working in Philly.

I asked her what her deal was, and she was nice enough to reveal.

“I work as a general manager for AT&T and I’m the youngest person to ever get the job I now have with them.”

I realize that’s huge, and she must be extraordinary or an incredible over achiever like me.

“Yea, I killed it at AT&T in Boston and was offered the GM job here in Philly so wanting to further my career I took it.”

“Killer. Well Done, Trinity. That’s quite a sacrifice to make the move, but you’re young and you earned it, so well done.”

I felt an instant energy with Trinity.

She gave off great vibes. If you’ve been reading this column you know that’s where I get my power and I feel we connected immediately.

“I took this job to further my career so I moved to Philly. I left everything I know in Boston… even my boyfriend. He’s great, but here I am and I have no friends.”

“Well there’s always Bumble Friends. I heard of another client’s cousin that transplanted here from Miami and she has tons of friends now.

“Thanks for that. Meeting you gives me hope.”

“Oh, I got the hook up all over this lovely city.”

“That’s awesome.”

“We should hang and you can drink for free.”

“That would be amazing. Yes!”

“What’ll we do?”

“Here’s my number.”

“I’ll push you all my contact info, Trinity.”


“I have an amazing hookup on Monday nights at a special bar so we’ll drink for free.”

“I’m down.”

“Okay I’ll text you.”

“Sounds good.”


So it’s on….


I got a huge dopamine rush from meeting Trinity. She’s sharp, young and sassy. She’s affable, effervescent, and laughed at all of my bits. I really felt a connection with her.

Odd thing is… I haven’t felt this vibe since Michelle. (See: Michelle – A Brand New Day)

Yea… that could be a problem…


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