Singaporean Women Share Their Worst Tinder Date Stories

It’s no secret that dating apps like Tinder have made meeting new people easier than ever.

But every right swipe comes with the potential for something to go seriously wrong-particularly since it’s not uncommon to hear about a match made in online dating heaven become a first date from hell.

On the app?


Because going by these Tinder nightmare stories from these six Singaporean women, it’s possible to hit it off with a guy over text but find yourself in a really uncomfortable situation when meeting him IRL.


He was late for half an hour, and long story short, he ended up ordering a tower of beer-which is crazy for two people on a weekday night.

When it came to settling the bill, the bar staff charged it all on my card because I had it on tab… and he didn’t offer to pay.

The bill came up to more than $200.

He still had the gall to try to get me to go back to his place after.

He later offered to pay his share of the bill when I asked the next morning, but the process of getting the money back took more than a month.

Apparently, he had issues with his bank account and what not, so we had to meet up again for him to pass me back in cash.

Needless to say, we never had a second date.


We actually hit it off pretty well at first.

After a couple of beers, we started talking about our past relationships, which is quite normal, but thereafter he just wouldn’t stop talking about his ex.

I tried to change the subject a couple of times but he somehow find a way to continue talking about her even though I was clearly uninterested.

It became clear that he wasn’t over her and I started feeling really awkward.

I’m not sure if he knew what he did wrong; but when I didn’t reply his text the day after, he didn’t bother following up either.


He seemed like my type, worked for Google then burnt out and became a digital nomad.

He had a hippy style, curly hair and loves surfing. Best part he was literally 1km distance away from me so I was super excited to meet.

He also swiped right, so we started chatting.

He invited me to a beach park for a sunset picnic – how romantic, right?

3 Singaporean women share their worst first-date stories

So I went, and discovered he has been living in a tent for one month on the beach.

The beach picnic was pretty much how he ate all the time.

We had interesting conversations about his journey, but of course when he offered to get hot and heavy in his tent, I said KTHXBYE.

Squeezing into a tent? It’s a no for me.


I met this guy at a bar.

It was a disaster from the beginning.

He was very rude and demanding to the server at our table, which was immediately a red flag.

And boy was he handsy.

When I asked him about the martial arts photo I saw on his profile, he proceeded to show me how he would block my attacker … by demonstrating it on me.

Then, as the date progressed, he put his hand on my knee.

And his arm around my shoulders.

I kept trying to gently pull away, but he didn’t seem to get the hint.

Eventually, I just said I was tired (thankfully it was a work day) and wanted to leave.

That’s when he offered that I come to his house-which was just across the road.

Obviously he always had the intention of inviting me back after the date.

Bonus? I was chatting with a friend about said bad date and it turns out, she went out with him once before!

And he made the exact same moves on us – at the same bar!


There was a live band playing so we couldn’t talk much.

What’s worse, he started a Facebook Live video to film the band playing (apparently they were playing his favorite Metallica songs) which I thought was pretty rude.

He also checked in at the location, and when his friends came to the same place, he just left me behind to say hi to them.

I was so tempted to just pay and leave!

Needless to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience and I didn’t reply his messages after that.


We were out on a date and I told him about my new rescue dog, which I had only just adopted at the time.

I told him all about her, such as how she had been abused and was still very skittish.

I also told him that she sleeps with me in the same room, sometimes on the same bed, and it provides us both comfort.

His response? That he cannot date a girl who does that, and that I should kick the dog out of the room.

His defense is that it was unhygienic.

I thought it was a really cocky thing to say on a first date and I was so annoyed.

That was a deal-breaker for me.

Never spoke to him again.


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Should You Announce Your Breakup On Instagram? Here’s What To Consider

Lauren, 20, just wanted the freedom to move on from her recent breakup. She dreaded having to rehash the split over and over to friends who’d inevitably ask how her boyfriend was doing. “I wanted people to know I was single, not necessarily to put myself on the market, but just because I feel like they should have the right to know,” she tells Elite Daily. So, two weeks after things ended, Lauren subtly announced the breakup via Instagram Stories, by sharing a photo of herself on her laptop with the caption #singlelife.

As she expected, the photo elicited surprised reactions from friends. “A lot of people responded to it just being surprised that we broke up,” she recalls. “I got a lot of, ‘OMG,’ and, ‘Are you OK?'” Still, she had clear and thought-out reasons for posting that photo. “I’m not going to go around announcing to every girl/guy I see in person that I’m single,” she explains. This was more efficient — not to mention, kind of fun. “I also wanted to stir the pot a little.”

When you get into a new relationship, it’s common to introduce your partner on social media — in many cases, it legitimizes the relationship in the eyes of friends and followers. But when a relationship ends, there’s no clear course of action for how to clue people in. Some exes delete all traces of each other on their Instagram feeds. Others leave old photos untouched and never make an announcement at all. But occasionally, people disclose their breakups publicly on Instagram, with varying levels of detail about why things didn’t work out. You might have seen this play out for celebrities — for example, many former Bachelor couples do this — but regular folks are starting to come on board, too.

This strategy gets the word out quickly, eliminating the need to tell people IRL about your heartbreak. But it has some disadvantages, as well — namely, it involves other people in your love life, whether or not you asked for their point of view. “Generally speaking, you do not need to make a public announcement about your breakup,” explains breakup coach and dating strategist Natalia Juarez. “No matter how well you try to craft your caption, your post will invite a multitude of opinions.” Juarez agrees it can help eliminate awkwardness — but it isn’t the only way to move on.

Portrait of a young and beautiful Japanese Asian woman standing on a bridge during the day. She is a tourist and is posing for her portrait photograph of herself to post on Instagram.


Instead, Juarez suggests taking a clean break from using social media following a breakup. Going cold turkey might feel like too much, but at least make sure you’re not dwelling on old pictures of you and your ex, or trying to stay constantly aware of what your ex is up to. “Once [you] do come back on, it’s best to remove intimate photos of you and your ex, as well as any other images that are emotionally painful,” Juarez says. “And if you do post, keep it light. Refrain from cryptic, posts with double meaning, or over-the-top inspirational quotes.” If your ex is posting negative things about you, don’t feel the need to retaliate. Juarez cites the iconic Michelle Obama quote to bring this point home: “When they go low, we go high.”

If you really want your good friends to find out quickly, you could also share the news via Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which limits the number of people who can view your story to a small, curated list. You can also just call or text your friends to let them know. “Tell your inner circle and other people you need to tell,” Juarez says. “They can help spread the word on your behalf. Other people may get the message, and for those that are clueless, if they do ask, simply let them know you and your ex aren’t together anyone for personal reasons, and then change the topic.” You don’t have to give anyone more detail than you’re comfortable sharing. Remember that this is your breakup and your healing process, and the only one who can truly understand that is you.

Whatever you do, make sure you’ve thought out what you’re going to post, if anything. The last thing you want is to share something in the heat of an emotional moment that you might later regret. Nancy, 26, remembers seeing a friend post about her breakup publicly one night, only to take down the posts the following morning. “My friend announced that her boyfriend was cheating and back on dating apps, and posted on her stories and her grid calling him a liar,” she tells Elite Daily. The couple ultimately worked things out, but the memory of those posts still lingers among some followers. “She hasn’t posted [with] him anymore, and if anyone comments about it, she gets super defensive,” Nancy says. It’s easy to delete an Instagram story or post, but that doesn’t mean the people in your life will forget it.

The decision to announce your breakup on Instagram mostly comes down to your reason for posting. Consider whether this decision will benefit your happiness down the road, and then choose what feels right. For Lauren, her breakup post did exactly what she’d hoped for — it told the people in her life about her single status. “It did the job,” she says. “This isn’t really the kind of news that spreads like wildfire, so I figured I should just get the news out quickly and efficiently. It worked, and no one was hurt in the process!”

Not every breakup ‘gram has a happy ending like Lauren’s, though. If you’re only looking for instant gratification — to let off steam and vent about your ex — you might one day come to regret your post. But if you’ve thought this through and are ready to share your news of your split with your followers, go for it. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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Eileen – Chapter 6 – Rings and Things – Part 2

As I walked through the salon to go clean beds I said; “Just think Eileen. I got to put a diamond ring on your finger before Daniel did.”

“See that guy I just sent into room 2?”


“He’s one of the owners of Gran Caffe L’Aquila.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s this awesome Italian restaurant. When you get back I’ll take you for some delicious calamari and wine.”

“I love calamari.”

“Well they have these gelato flights that are the best in the city. You’ll love it.”

“I’m down.”

I love that I’ve already been out to eat after work with Eileen on her second day here at the job. I got to learn so much more about her that night. Now I’m laying the groundwork to take her out on a second little date.

I’m not going to pursue her romantically. Not only is she my employee, she’s a teenage girl. I’m not going to dip my pen in the company’s ink. Besides, I’m old enough to be her dad. (I’m probably older than her dad!)

The lady from last night comes in looking embarrassed.

“Hi guys. Umm… It was bad enough I accidentally took somebody’s tanning session last night… (reaches in purse) This must have fallen in my bag.” (produces the All Clean sign that disappeared from room 9 last night)

“Fallen?… Fallen?

We all get a fit of laughing and our client is clearly embarrassed. It’s a funny moment.

“Yea… and my husband almost saw it in my bag. That would have been bad because he doesn’t know I go tanning.”

“Oh, I love this! It just keeps getting better!”

We all have a good laugh about it and tell her no hard feelings. I send her back to room 7.

“Try not to steal anything!”

Let me tell you about the bed in Room 9. The control panel has a defect in it.

Image result for control panel on a sun bed

If someone’s in it and they hit the fan button to much or too fast, the bed cuts off. Of course our clients don’t try hitting the START button, because that would turn it back on.

This happens to a client Friday night. Lights out. Lady comes walking up to the counter fully dressed to complain. I immediately apologize and rectify the situation. Poor Eileen is doing her best to run interference. I tell the client how Bed 9 is sometimes temperamental when you hit the fan button (Which I forgot to warn her about) the bed shuts off.

I tell her how this happened to another client the other night and also how it mysteriously went off 4 minutes later. I sent her to a premium bed to cure that problem. (It always works)

I tell her to go to 7 which is the sister bed to 9 but works so much better and NEVER gives us any problems. The girls refer to her as “the pink bed” which is adorable. It’s actually blue but the all access girls know it emits more UV B rays for 12 minutes than any of the other beds and is actually pound for pound a solid long-term tanning bed.

So Eileen and I have solved that problem. I’m outside the room barking the commands and Eileen is setting the coordinates. She’s doing great.

My hire!

I go to room 9 to clean it because the girl was in the bed when it went off. I spray the bed with antiseptic and wipe it down.

That’s when I notice the cell phone and a lovely diamond ring on the table.

I obviously collect them both. I’m amazed at all of the stuff that’s left behind in this salon on a daily basis.

I clean the room and grab the phone and place the ring on my pinky.

I make my way back to the counter.

Eileen’s there.

“Here’s another problem that’s stemmed from 9 going off all of time, Eileen.”


“I had to move her to 7 and she left this behind.”

“Oh, her phone.”

“And this…”

On my pinky is a lovely diamond ring.”

I reveal it to Eileen.

Her eyes shine like the stone itself.

She just finished telling me about how much she loves her boyfriend and how she wants to marry him. She showed me rings she wants on Pinterest. She is dead set on getting married to her high school sweetheart. I love that as I’ve mentioned. I’m always praying for the American Dream of love even though I’ve never been able to achieve it.

But like I said, I’m always rooting for true love.

I want Eileen to marry Daniel and they’ll have kids and will live happily ever after.

That would be amazing.

She already wants me to come to the wedding. I’m always rooting for real love.

It has eluded me my entire life. Not that it hasn’t been apparent. I’ve seen it. I know what it looks like but I don’t want it. It’s always felt too much like settling.

When I saw Michelle go, (See: Michelle – A Brand New Day) I knew that after my divorce and a $125K in child support, I could never go again. We had an amazing time together. An unparalleled history together. I will love her forever, but a domestic relationship just never worked for us. We were better friends and magical drinking buddies. Oh, and lets not forget how we helped each other both grow as people. Michelle is the only ex-girlfriend I’ve EVER stayed friends with. Our history is so badass, if she told me she had to cut me off, I’d go to my grave still loving her forever.

I pick up the diamond ring. Eileen is obviously lit up by the discovery. I push it onto her ring finger.

“Oh my god! It’s so beautiful. It fits perfectly!

Eileen is losing her shit over the moment. (I’m happy I didn’t joke, “Will you marry me Eileen?” when I pushed the diamond ring onto her dainty finger)

I fucking wanted to just out of some badness, but I didn’t.

Eileen is giggling and loving this crazy moment. She’s been having a jiffy with her boy and now we need to get this ring back to this poor lady that’s been displaced.

“It fits perfectly.” Eileen is filled with matrimonial glee.

I knew this would rock her world. I needed to get this on her finger for the blog.

“Oh my god. It’s so beautiful. It fits perfectly! It’s Sooo pretty!”

As I walked through the salon to go clean beds I said; “Just think Eileen. I got to put a diamond ring on your finger before Daniel did.”

Eileen was so busy taking photos with her phone of her hand wearing the ring she didn’t hear me.

But I know.

I did what I did.

I’m first.


Eileen is going on Spring Break and will head back to St. Louis on Monday. I’m sure it’ll be a romance/sex fest with Daniel.

That’s what young romance does. A week of bliss with her beloved. Again, I’m rooting for this union.

I just need to get her back here to work a week from Thursday! Maybe I can get Amelia to work her shifts.

But I’ll miss my hire.

I like her. There’s calamari and delicious gelato in her future.

Because she’s young and pretty.

I have to spend time with her.

I can’t help it.


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