Don’t Have A Thigh Gap? You’d Be Surprised What Guys Think About That

I know women. They’ve definitely felt insecure about almost every body part they have. Maybe you’re not the thinnest girl. So, when I see pictures on the internet, TV, ads…etc. with #thighgap, it can be a little discouraging. We all know we should never compare ourselves to others, but it’s hard sometimes. We are each our toughest critic. The thing is, you’d be surprised to know what guys really think about your lack of thigh gap. So, don’t be too hard on your self, ladies!

Some guys don’t like thigh gaps.


Thigh gaps are dumb. Girls should have thick legs

A lot of guys don’t even notice thigh gaps.


Dear girls,
We don't care if you have a thigh gap. Half of us don't even pay attention to that.
All Men


They notice other things!


Ladies: guys worry more about the space between your ears than the space between your thighs.



Im a guy. I don't need a thigh gap girl. I need an eater, a reader, a lover. Screw society, just be yourself.


They LOVE confidence.


I want a girl who ain't worried about a thigh gap.
In fact, I like the way you don't give a shit about that.


The might make some weird comparisons.


Thigh gaps are weird. It's like having chicken legs.



Thigh gaps are for flamingos. 
Eat a cupcake,
 you'll be fine.


There are guys that pay attention…


Yup. Sometimes I even find too much of a thigh gap ugly. Fit girls don't have thigh gaps all the time, and their legs are freaking amazing.


But most of them are looking for what they like, not what they don’t like.


I won't date her because she doesn't have a thigh gap. 
Said no guy ever!


Guy’s think we’re crazy for obsessing about this.


I can't believe girls are trying to get thigh gaps. As a man, I love thick thighs!


Even if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, you are still definitely someone’s type.


I love girls with a little meat and natural curves. Think thighs, a little muffin top is Is so sexy. None of those boney skinny girls for this guy.



My girlfriend is a plus sized girl. I think she's WAY more sexy than any girl with a "thigh gap."


You know what guys do care about? Whether they can touch your thighs.


I like two thick thighs. I don't care if there is a thigh gap or not. I just don't like super bony legs I can cup my hands around.



Girls, We don't care if your thighs touch or not... We just want to be in between them.



I love legs, I dont care how thick the thighs are as long as you can wrap them around me while making love...



I need my woman's thighs to rub together so much they start a fire


There’s lots of love for girls who will never get that thigh gap.


Thick thighs save lives



Thigh gaps are overrated, give me a thick girl!


Final thoughts:


Personally, I don't care if any of you have a thigh gap or not. I look at eyes, smile, sense of humor, hair and of course -the girl's ability to love me, not sexually but physically

 There you have it, ladies!


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Tips For Men: Up Your Chances Of Hooking Up

When we heard our friends at wrote a book on how to get women from the bar to the bedroom, we were convinced the “tips” were going to be wild ways to get a lady drunk. However, we found “The 11 Rules For Picking Up And Pleasuring Women” to be, well, kind of sweet. From “Express Yourself” to “Keep Her Satisfied,” the tips seemed more focused on connecting and mutual satisfaction than just an ego-fueled crotch conquest. Go figure! They should consider changing their name to

Anyway, while those goals are inspirationally high falutin’, here are some quick, tangible, girl-approved ways a man can up his chances of wooing us from the bar to the bedroom.

1. Pet

Wear the world’s softest sweater so I can’t stop touching you. Who doesn’t want to cover their body in cashmere? If you’re the one wearing it, you’re in a good position to get groped.

2. Invest

Offer to buy me a drink. I know I’m an independent woman who can get herself anything she wants, but asking what I want at the bar is the first step to getting us to tell each other what we both want once we leave.

3. Not Made For Walkin’

Wear awesome shoes. They don’t have to be Ferragamos or even collectible Air Jordans, they just have to match your outfit and look sharp. Shoes say A LOT about a person, a fact that has seemed to escape many men. Kicks that are worn out, orthopedic looking (like all white or all black sneakers with the same color rubber soles), or just a lame knock off of a trend, ruin my chances of wanting to kick it with you. Once, a guy who was way to good looking to be hitting on me actually was and I couldn’t believe my luck! That is until I spotted his cream grandpa-looking shoes. Call me shallow, but all of a sudden his dimples and charm disappeared and I lost my attraction to him. It was not my proudest moment, but it can be easily avoided.

4. Hand Check

Don’t get grabby in public, because I’ll pull back. Even if I think I might want your hand up my skirt, I’m a lady! I can’t go flashing my caboose to the world every time someone wants to do me. I’m not Lindsay Lohan, so respect my privacy and save the raunchiness for behind closed doors. Remember, first you have to get me there.

5. Flattery

If you like what you see and hear, then compliment me. It doesn’t have to be about my looks, that’s for sure. Honestly, it sounds cheesy when someone tells me I have nice eyes, but a general, and less cliche signal to let me know you’re interested helps me relax. If I know you’re picking up what I’m putting down, I feel like I can open up with my mouth first, and then my legs maybe next.


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Sun Stories: Tis’ The Season

The salon is insane. We’re busier then we’ve ever been.

Tis’ the season. It’s Spring and everybody needs to get tan. Most people think that the busy season would be the Winter. It’s cold, dark and Seasonal Affective Disorder kicks in for most of us here in Philly.

But that simply isn’t true.

Sure we have our regulars and the folks that come in to prepare for winter vacations and SAD, but Spring is our Christmas fourth quarter at our tanning salon.

People going on vacation, prom, formals, weddings, formals, and just getting your base on for the summer are in high demand. We have 140 people roll through here a day on our 10 sun beds and one spray tan unit.

Sun Myst around the corner is a failure. Old city Tans died a year ago. Hollywood Tans vanished years ago. We’re the last and best tanning salon left in Philadelphia with the best most modern equipment and best pricing.

But… for some reason, this year I have the greatest part-time staff ever.

I’ve worked my butt off month after month maintaining this salon’s excellence with my partner Achilles. We’ve been through a lot and if you’ve been reading phicklephilly you know we’ve been through the ringer with staffing.

Hell, that’s why I came here in the first place. I did his advertising when I worked at the now failed Philly Weekly. I was looking for a fun part-time gig because I like to work. I saw the lithe clients and thought it’d be fun.

I was right.

Achilles was always complaining about his staff. But you get what you get for the price you pay in the hospitality business. Staffing was the bane of his existence until I came along.

I worked a lot of shifts and brought the salon to its current level like any job I’ve had in the past.


That’s all I can do.

If you’re going to do a job, do your best. Period.

I’ve spent 30 years in the rat race and mired in corporate America and it sucks. Sure the money’s there…but what a price we all pay.

I see bright-eyed college girls tanning for their events and then I see them a year later pale and broken in a corporate job. $50,000 in college debt starting their lives in some shitty job.

So sad.

Not the vibrant students I met a year ago.

Shit. I was in L.A. working as a short order cook and playing in a band when I was 20.

My own daughter Lorelei doesn’t even want any part of collegian life. She’s lived with me here in Rittenhouse for the last three years and has a great job in the restaurant business. She’s kicked it since high school. She’s been promoted three times since then and is killing it in the industry. That and being in a solid relationship for the last five years with her boyfriend. I’m a huge friend of this boy. He’s a good man.

Baby’s doing well.


My staff is amazing this season. Amelia and Eileen. I couldn’t have dreamed better employees.

Amelia with her smarts and charm. Her work ethic simply lights me up. She’s so forward thinking and industrious at 24 yrs old. When I work with her I feel like shess an extension of me in the salon. The things I’m dealing with… laundry, customers, maintenance, new intakes, cleaning… Amelia’s on it. When I work with her it’s like working with a better,  version of myself.

I’ve worked in corporate America my whole life. I’m a deadly sales guy. I’ve done every job and I’ve murdered it.

But the biggest problem I have always faced was being a sales manager.

I’m a salesman.

Like my mother’s father before me. I live to go out and sell.

I know what makes a good salesman.

I’ll correct that in a minute…

A good salesman serves his clients with quality products that meet their needs.

To me that’s a rep.

A great salesman is a guy that gets off on closing the deal while he’s meeting the needs of his clients desires but still meeting their needs.

I was a financial broker in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  I remember my boss asking us why we all got licensed to sell brokerage. It was during the Clinton administration and the economy was booming. It was a great spot to be in. (I like Bill, fucker that he is, but he had nothing to do with it. It was just the cyclical scale of commerce in the world and Clinton lucked out. Don’t fool yourself America.)

He said it was so we could make a lot of money.

Every guy in the room agreed with him.

I liked my boss but I silently disagreed.

I knew from my 20 years of selling VCRs,TV’s, liquor, and whatever else he was wrong.

Sales isn’t about money.

It’s about getting off on closing a deal and not about making money. It’s about providing a quality service to your client and building a relationship with them.  Providing long term wealth for their family was paramount.

The wealth you amass is not about making that money. It’s incidental to the hard work you did to provide your client with a valuable service.

That was always my goal.

I always knew, that if I did good honest work by my customer the reward would come, and it always did… automatically.

I made thousands and thousand of dollars at every job I ever I did.

Sadly, my poor life choices sucked my efforts from me.

An ex-wife I had to pay child support to for 15 years, and all of the other bills that come with wealth and possessions.

But I never minded. I paid my bills and I soldiered forward.

I love to work and I love all of the good people in my life.

Sure I worried about money, but we ALL do. That’s just part of life.

But I always knew I could make more. I can always generate more revenue. That’s what I do.

My father retired at 62.

He did zero after that.

I would have loved to seen my dad working in a deli, or a wine store or an antique store. He would have killed in any of these businesses.

Pablo Picasso was found dead at 92 working on a sculpture.

I don’t want to be that old, (I’m sure everything hurt by then!) But I want to be that.

I’m 58 years old. If I get 20 more trips around the sun I’ll consider myself blessed, but I’m cool with less. (Who gives a shit. Phicklephilly lives forever online!)

This piece was originally supposed to be Chapeter 7 for Eileen, but we’ll get to her in a second.

I never know when the blood is going to gush good emotions.

I’m going to write about Eileen and Amelia because as I said they are the best girls I’ve ever employed at our salon.

I’m so proud of both of them and cherish their dedication and friendship.

We’ve obviously got new Sun Stories to tell… so stay tuned.

Thank you!


Thanks. I hope this was helpful. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this piece.


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