Don’t Have A Thigh Gap? You’d Be Surprised What Guys Think About That

I know women. They’ve definitely felt insecure about almost every body part they have. Maybe you’re not the thinnest girl. So, when I see pictures on the internet, TV, ads…etc. with #thighgap, it can be a little discouraging. We all know we should never compare ourselves to others, but it’s hard sometimes. We are each our toughest critic. The thing is, you’d be surprised to know what guys really think about your lack of thigh gap. So, don’t be too hard on your self, ladies!

Some guys don’t like thigh gaps.


Thigh gaps are dumb. Girls should have thick legs

A lot of guys don’t even notice thigh gaps.


Dear girls,
We don't care if you have a thigh gap. Half of us don't even pay attention to that.
All Men


They notice other things!


Ladies: guys worry more about the space between your ears than the space between your thighs.



Im a guy. I don't need a thigh gap girl. I need an eater, a reader, a lover. Screw society, just be yourself.


They LOVE confidence.


I want a girl who ain't worried about a thigh gap.
In fact, I like the way you don't give a shit about that.


The might make some weird comparisons.


Thigh gaps are weird. It's like having chicken legs.



Thigh gaps are for flamingos. 
Eat a cupcake,
 you'll be fine.


There are guys that pay attention…


Yup. Sometimes I even find too much of a thigh gap ugly. Fit girls don't have thigh gaps all the time, and their legs are freaking amazing.


But most of them are looking for what they like, not what they don’t like.


I won't date her because she doesn't have a thigh gap. 
Said no guy ever!


Guy’s think we’re crazy for obsessing about this.


I can't believe girls are trying to get thigh gaps. As a man, I love thick thighs!


Even if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, you are still definitely someone’s type.


I love girls with a little meat and natural curves. Think thighs, a little muffin top is Is so sexy. None of those boney skinny girls for this guy.



My girlfriend is a plus sized girl. I think she's WAY more sexy than any girl with a "thigh gap."


You know what guys do care about? Whether they can touch your thighs.


I like two thick thighs. I don't care if there is a thigh gap or not. I just don't like super bony legs I can cup my hands around.



Girls, We don't care if your thighs touch or not... We just want to be in between them.



I love legs, I dont care how thick the thighs are as long as you can wrap them around me while making love...



I need my woman's thighs to rub together so much they start a fire


There’s lots of love for girls who will never get that thigh gap.


Thick thighs save lives



Thigh gaps are overrated, give me a thick girl!


Final thoughts:


Personally, I don't care if any of you have a thigh gap or not. I look at eyes, smile, sense of humor, hair and of course -the girl's ability to love me, not sexually but physically

 There you have it, ladies!


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Have A Thigh Gap? You’d Be Surprised What Guys Think About That”

  1. I don’t know who came up with the idea of a ‘thigh gap’ but the damage they did was huge. I remember the first time I heard about it and thought WTF? But as I talked to other women, especially younger women and teenage girls, I realized what this was doing to their self esteem and body image. I battled those things my whole life, I bought into the crap that if my body and my body parts didn’t measure up just right, I was a failure. It took me years, decades, to learn otherwise. I wish all women could see these responses and not believe what one person says negatively about anything. It’s just their opinion and it doesn’t make any of it true. Sadly too many believe that it is true. Thanks for posting this.

    1. I really appreciate your words. I always thought the whole thigh gap thing was a myth. But I remember the first time I heard about it was when I was reading an article about Ann Wilson from the band Heart. She said back in the 70’s that she was told to slim down so that you could see light between her thighs. I was horrified that someone would ask that of another person. It’s sick and wrong. Everybody is built differently and it’s simply bone structure and musculature and fat. There is no right way to look. We all need to love ourselves and try to be better people. All women are amazing and I wouldn’t have this blog or my book without them. I have 3 sisters and thank goodness we were all raised in a household where everyone was treated with respect. Thank you for your comment.

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