Tips For Men: Up Your Chances Of Hooking Up

When we heard our friends at wrote a book on how to get women from the bar to the bedroom, we were convinced the “tips” were going to be wild ways to get a lady drunk. However, we found “The 11 Rules For Picking Up And Pleasuring Women” to be, well, kind of sweet. From “Express Yourself” to “Keep Her Satisfied,” the tips seemed more focused on connecting and mutual satisfaction than just an ego-fueled crotch conquest. Go figure! They should consider changing their name to

Anyway, while those goals are inspirationally high falutin’, here are some quick, tangible, girl-approved ways a man can up his chances of wooing us from the bar to the bedroom.

1. Pet

Wear the world’s softest sweater so I can’t stop touching you. Who doesn’t want to cover their body in cashmere? If you’re the one wearing it, you’re in a good position to get groped.

2. Invest

Offer to buy me a drink. I know I’m an independent woman who can get herself anything she wants, but asking what I want at the bar is the first step to getting us to tell each other what we both want once we leave.

3. Not Made For Walkin’

Wear awesome shoes. They don’t have to be Ferragamos or even collectible Air Jordans, they just have to match your outfit and look sharp. Shoes say A LOT about a person, a fact that has seemed to escape many men. Kicks that are worn out, orthopedic looking (like all white or all black sneakers with the same color rubber soles), or just a lame knock off of a trend, ruin my chances of wanting to kick it with you. Once, a guy who was way to good looking to be hitting on me actually was and I couldn’t believe my luck! That is until I spotted his cream grandpa-looking shoes. Call me shallow, but all of a sudden his dimples and charm disappeared and I lost my attraction to him. It was not my proudest moment, but it can be easily avoided.

4. Hand Check

Don’t get grabby in public, because I’ll pull back. Even if I think I might want your hand up my skirt, I’m a lady! I can’t go flashing my caboose to the world every time someone wants to do me. I’m not Lindsay Lohan, so respect my privacy and save the raunchiness for behind closed doors. Remember, first you have to get me there.

5. Flattery

If you like what you see and hear, then compliment me. It doesn’t have to be about my looks, that’s for sure. Honestly, it sounds cheesy when someone tells me I have nice eyes, but a general, and less cliche signal to let me know you’re interested helps me relax. If I know you’re picking up what I’m putting down, I feel like I can open up with my mouth first, and then my legs maybe next.


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