How to Make a Date With an Escort over the Phone

Whether you’re feeling lonely or you need a date for a big event, there are a number of dating services you can call to request a companion for an evening. You might feel intimidated about making the first phone call, but think of it as any other date. Before you call, stay safe by researching the escort agency and the laws in your area. Then, be confident and straightforward while speaking to the escort to set up your date successfully.


Finding an Escort

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    Review local laws find out what services are legal in your area. Calling most escort services will not get you in trouble with the law. What does have the potential to get you in trouble is offering to pay for sexual contact, which is illegal in most countries. Anyone you call, even if they claim to represent an escort service, can get you in trouble by mentioning illicit activities.

    • Phone conversations are not illegal unless they involve offers to exchange money for illicit activities. As long as you don’t do this, you are allowed to have a phone conversation and even meet up with an escort.
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    Avoid calling an escort for selfish reasons like making someone jealous. Make sure an escort service is something you truly want and that you feel comfortable going through with the call. Escorts are people first, so they are not there for you to abuse or use to hurt someone else. They are professionals who make a living out of providing companionship to others.

    • Think of meeting an escort as a regular date. Many escorts do things like provide companionship through talking or eating dinner with you. They call this the girlfriend or boyfriend experience.
    • Respect the escort’s wishes if they aren’t able to accommodate your requests.
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    Look up agencies or ads online to verify their authenticity. Escorts often advertise on websites where classified ads are permitted. Depending on where you are in the world, you may see some ads out in public or in the back of small, alternative magazines. You should take the time to read the ad, get pertinent information such as customer reviews, then select which one you feel comfortable contacting.

    • A quick Internet search will direct you to the websites with classified ads and groups of people familiar with escorts. They can help you identify what you want out of an escort service and give you recommendations on how to proceed.
    • Many escorts also post ads on dating and companionship websites or apps. Be sure to research a person or agency before contacting them through these methods.
    • Keep in mind that high-end escorts often aren’t on review sites for privacy reasons. Look instead for a consistent online presence, such as in ads and on social media. The escort should have several authentic photos available.
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    Read the escort’s ad for prices and other terms of service. The information is there for a reason and can save you a lot of hassle during your call. Most escorts post the important information relating to their services directly in their ads. If the escort doesn’t have all their personal details, rates, rules, and instructions listed directly in their ad, they may include a link to their agency’s website displaying everything you need to know.

    • Some information to look out for is the times you can call, how much the service costs, and the escort’s characteristics.
    • It’s important to get on the same page as the person you’re calling. Reading up on the escort or agency can help you get a picture of who you’re talking to.

Calling an Escort Service

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    Calm yourself before you dial the number. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that this will be like any other date. Most escorts are professionals and won’t judge you for feeling nervous. Many people have that feeling before a date. The important part is to focus on what you need to say.

    • Express yourself. This is your date, after all. You may not have fun if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.
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    Be friendly no matter who you talk to. Put your best foot forward as soon as someone picks up the phone. Escort services get all sorts of callers who don’t respect the well-being of their employees. As professionals, they know how to handle these sorts of calls. If you’re rude, expect to get hung up on.

    • Being friendly includes taking a conversational tone with booking agents at agencies as well. They have the power to prevent you from reaching an escort you wish to speak with.
    • The escort or booking agent should be friendly as well. If they seem rude or questionable, you may be better off going somewhere else. Make sure you trust them before you do business with them.
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    Ask for the escort you chose after someone answers the phone. You can simply say, “Hi, my name is (your name). Is (escort’s name) there?” You may end up talking to a booking agent before you reach the person you intended. Expect this to happen if you call an agency.

    • Booking agents are there to screen calls and set up schedules. If you have any questions about escorts or the agencies, take the time to ask them.
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    Tell the escort or agency that you would like to make an appointment. Saying something like “What’s up?” isn’t appropriate. Talk to the escort or agent like you would any other professional service. If you remember where you saw the escort’s ad, mention it as well to start the conversation.

    • Try to be straightforward with what you want. The escort or their agency experience all sorts of calls. They want to get a clear representation of who you are as a customer to avoid problems.
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    Avoid using code words or asking about possible illicit activities. Read between the lines of the ad. Smart escorts will not answer questions about explicit acts or payment for them. Most people will hang up on you as soon as you stray into that territory. Use the ad as guidance for what the escort is willing to do.

    • Trying to argue or bribe an escort or their agency won’t work. They don’t want to get arrested or risk meeting up with a bad customer

Scheduling an Escort

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    Set a time the escort can come and meet you. Avoid making the escort or agency choose when you should meet up. They don’t know your schedule. Pick a time you feel safe meeting up and discuss it with the person you are talking to. If they can accommodate you, they will agree to the time.

    • For example, ask, “Can you meet me in the lobby of The Overlook at 8:00 PM tonight?”
    • You may need to negotiate on the time frame a bit. The escort may not be available at your preferred time. They will suggest the closest time that works for them. If you can’t come to an agreement, you can set an appointment with someone else.
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    Give the escort your name, phone number, and address. Use your real name! Most escorts or agencies will try to research you online in order to verify that you are not a threat. You don’t have to use your home address, but you do need to pick a safe location to meet up. Give your real phone number in case the escort needs to get in touch with you.

    • A safe location can be your hotel room number, the hotel’s lobby, or a public place like a restaurant.
    • The escort won’t agree to meet up unless they feel comfortable doing so. Make sure you also feel comfortable with the location you set.
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    Explain where you plan on going during the date. Be clear on your plans if the escort or agency asks for them. Most escorts rely on having a specific schedule. This schedule can be as elaborate as you want as long as you pay for enough time and the escort agrees to it. You might go out to dinner together or stay in and talk over drinks, for instance.

    • For example, you might say, “We will be going to the restaurant at 8:30 PM.”
    • Escorts need to know the time and place of a date for their own safety, so don’t take it personally.
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    Settle on a payment for the date. Since this is a business transaction, you should come to a pricing agreement before finalizing the arrangement. Ask the escort or agency for the price of a date if they don’t tell you themselves. Most will charge by the hour. Haggling is usually frowned upon, so avoid it as much as possible.

    • Be clear about your schedule for the date so you can come to a price agreement. You may be forced to pay more if the date goes on longer than you anticipated.

Meeting Your Date

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    Clean yourself and dress up before your date. You would never show up to a date with gnarly fingernails, unruly hair, body odor, and a ripped T-shirt. Treat this date like you would any other. Take a shower, put on deodorant, and groom yourself. You don’t have to dress fancy, but you should look presentable.

    • For example, a clean pair of jeans and a T-shirt are appropriate for most casual dates. If you go somewhere nice, such as a fancy restaurant, adjust your outfit to match what you expect others to wear.
    • All you have to do is put your best foot forward. Professional escorts won’t make fun of you and appreciate when customers follow basic social conventions like proper hygiene.
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    Leave the money in a white envelope on the table. Most escorts cannot accept a bank or credit card. Go to an ATM ahead of time to withdraw the payment you and the escort agreed upon. Put it in an accessible location, such as on a table, when you meet up.

    • The escort will take time to count the money and verify its authenticity. Don’t be offended by this. They have to protect themselves from customers who try to scam them.
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    Cancel the appointment if you change your mind. Call the escort or the agency right away. As long as you explain your reasoning politely and apologize, they will understand. If the escort already went to meet you, remember that they invested time and money preparing and traveling. Consider giving them a tip for the trouble.

    • Avoid stiffing them on the bill. You wouldn’t like being treated that way at work. If you cancel at the last minute, pay for at least the first half hour and travel expenses.
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    Avoid going on the date if it isn’t what you agreed to. If an agency sends the wrong escort or the escort isn’t what their ad promised, you should not go on a date. Hold the escort or their agency accountable for the mistake. You do not need to pay for the service. If the escort or their agency pressures you, refuse and walk away.

    • The escort service should be what you agreed to on the phone. Never feel pressured to accept a service you don’t want.
    • Keep in mind that if you decide to go through with the date, you have to pay for it even if it wasn’t what you originally wanted.



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Girls Share The Most Obvious Hints They’ve Dropped That Guys Just Didn’t Pick Up On

Social cues are an integral part of human communication. We don’t necessarily have to say anything in order to have healthy interactions, we just have to continually conduct ourselves by social rules and we should be pretty set.

Except….sometimes people just don’t know how to read social cues. This is what we lovingly call being “oblivious.” But sometimes you wonder if somebody is being willingly oblivious. Like when you drop hint after hint after hint but still they just do not get it.

u/Bholenaught asked:

Here were some of those answers.

No Speeding Tickets

We were playing Life and he was the police officer. The rule is, if you spin a 10, he gets your “speeding fines.” I literally pulled open my button down and exposed my breasts and said “what can I do to get out of paying this.”

He said, “ma’am. I am an officer of the law. Are you trying to prostitute yourself to me?”

A couple days of flirting and sexual innuendo later I literally had to spell out that I was trying to get with him. We’ve been together 6 years now

A Totally Different Direction

He told me my hair looked nice. I said, “bet it would look nicer with your hands in it.” He said, in a very confused tone, “…you want me to style your hair?”

Netflix And Move

When my boyfriend and I had just started dating we were laying down watching a movie, but this was a small bed and he was being respectful and giving me space. I kept wiggling backwards so I could get closer to him and he kept inching backwards too, since he thought I was just trying to get comfortable and he was in the way. He ended up sitting in a chair next to the bed.

Three years later we are still together, and I still think it’s pretty funny. He told me that when he was in the chair he purposefully left his hand next to me in case I wanted to hold it, but I guess I missed that sign too. ( He didn’t get out of the bed because he was uncomfortable, he truly thought he was taking up too much space and didn’t realize I was trying to cuddle).

Landed On A Different Runway

I’m the guy in this situation, but I couldn’t help not sharing this story:

In college, this girl I was really into asked if I wanted to hangout at my dorm and drink and watch Netflix.

She came over and we were watching and drinking on the couch in the living room, per my suggestion. Things are going good, and about an hour into it she says “Ooh, lemme see your room”, so we go to my room.

She takes her shoes and socks off and immediately sprawls herself out on my bed and says “Oh my god, your bed is SO comfortable!” I responded with “We live in the same building, it’s the same bed as yours.”

She left about 10 minutes later.

This Is How, Numbskull

After chatting for hours on top of a mountain from sunset until like 2am, sharing a blanket, me leaning my head on his shoulder, telling him he’s attractive, etc. he turns to me and says ‘how do you tell if a girl is into you?’

When You Miss The Giant Bus Driving Right At You

I asked a guy on a festival to come take a shower with me. He didn’t get it. He just repeated there was only one free shower and I was like “well they are big I’m sure it’s fine” and he just looked confused and told me I could go first. We became close friends since that happened about 2 years ago and this summer I spoke to him about it and he really had no idea. He did the biggest facepalm I’ve ever seen.

Mail Time

For Valentine’s a couple of years ago, I mailed my husband a package. The note said, and I quote, “I want you NOW!” I was ready to spring into some extra fun sexy time whenever he opened the package. I had to sit him down and explain a couple of hours later. He was like “OHHHHHHH…”

Date To Mate

On our first date, my current boyfriend and I went out to dinner, to a bar, and eventually back to his house to watch scary movies. After hanging out for almost 8 hours at that point, practically cuddling into him the entire time we were watching movies, dropping as many hints as I could, around 3 am when we were both fighting to stay awake, I finally had to look his dumb head in the eye and ask, “so are you going to kiss me or not?”

Though he was totally oblivious, it did show his good heart. He was about to let me me fall asleep on his couch and spend the night without even trying to kiss me. I knew he was a keeper after that.

Better Late Than Never

Guy here but once had a girl drag me into the bathroom while at a college party saying she needed help finding her marker/pen. We didn’t find it and I figured out what was really going on a year later.

A Waste Of A Line

I had a girl invite me round her house once just to show me her posters. They were all of Harley Davidson motorbikes, and she said she’s never ridden a Harley before… Awkward silence and after a few other sort bits of small talk I decided to be on my way.

2 years later I’m sitting on the bus and realize what she meant… Harley. Ridden a Harley… My name is Harley.



Eileen- Chapter 7 – She Returns

I have to admit it. I’ve been missing my hire Eileen. She’s has only been here a few weeks and only works Thursdays and Fridays.

I’ve made it very clear that I absolutely adore this round of hires for the busy season at the salon.

Amelia and Eileen are both beyond outstanding, and crush anyone else we’ve ever had here before.

I see Eileen working here very Spring while she makes her way through law school at Drexel.

Amelia is hitting on all cylinders as usual, but Eileen has to go on Spring break. We’re all ready or these little eventualities when it comes to employing college age girls. We’ll work around it like we always do. I’ll do what I can to fill in and Achilles is simply resigned to the industry.

I know it’s happening, but Eileen is my hire. I really like her. Her experience as a hostess at Olive Garden in St. Louis has served her well here at our salon.

She’s always sweet and calm when she’s dealing with the clients. She’s picked up our system like lightning. Eileen is charming and beautiful.

She’s always dressed appropriately but the thing that she does that knocks it out of the park is her make up.

It’s never over done.

It’s absolutely perfect.

I like feminine women and girly girls. I grew up with three sisters and understand the dynamic of women. But Eileen’s make up is flawless every day. Eileen comes into this salon looking amazing every day.

I love that.

The face of the brand should look great, be friendly, tan and professional to sell our services. Eileen is all of these things.

I couldn’t be happier after all of the garbage that’s passed through this business.

Amelia and Eileen are like a sassy breath of fresh air that this salon so desperately needs.

Sadly it’s all lost on Achilles. He’s out of here at 3pm everyday.

But, I look forward to spending time with these wonderful women EVERYDAY!

We have a great time here. We work hard and we run all night, but it’s a fun job.


Eileen was gone for Spring break. We managed, but I missed her. I was standing at the counter when she suddenly walked in the door. Her lovely face. That smile. The warm soft voice. The rivers of raven hair. I was surprised to see her.

“Eileen…. I missed you!”

“I know. I’m back, so can I tan?”

I’m there killing it with Amelia and I’m happy to see my charge, but I was hoping for a little, “Miss you too”

It’s okay. I can’t except anything from an 18 year old girl back from spring break.

“Can I go tanning?”

I send her to 6 for the full-time. The Cadillac. 52 tubes. 180 watts, 600 watts in the face tanners. Eileen’s half German and Turkish….she takes it and she knows it. Good melanin.

We’re busy this time of year. Amelia and I are in the weeds.

We run the night and take care of all of our tanners. Eileen will be back next Thursday.

A girl comes out of room 6 with a necklace in her palm.

“Yo, I found this. Maybe it belongs to someone.”

I toss it in the drawer at the counter with the rest of all of the lost jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. that gets left behind at a tanning salon.


Hours later I get a text from my employee.

“OMG Charles I think I forgot my necklace last night after tanning,.. Please tell me you found a necklace????

“Omg! We did!”

“Thank the lord. Omg!” That was a Christmas gift from Thomas!”

“Necklace is safe and sound.”


So we’ve had our little challenges with our new staff but I love them both and we’re ready to rock through the busy season!

More fun stories to follow!


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