Eileen- Chapter 7 – She Returns

I have to admit it. I’ve been missing my hire Eileen. She’s has only been here a few weeks and only works Thursdays and Fridays.

I’ve made it very clear that I absolutely adore this round of hires for the busy season at the salon.

Amelia and Eileen are both beyond outstanding, and crush anyone else we’ve ever had here before.

I see Eileen working here very Spring while she makes her way through law school at Drexel.

Amelia is hitting on all cylinders as usual, but Eileen has to go on Spring break. We’re all ready or these little eventualities when it comes to employing college age girls. We’ll work around it like we always do. I’ll do what I can to fill in and Achilles is simply resigned to the industry.

I know it’s happening, but Eileen is my hire. I really like her. Her experience as a hostess at Olive Garden in St. Louis has served her well here at our salon.

She’s always sweet and calm when she’s dealing with the clients. She’s picked up our system like lightning. Eileen is charming and beautiful.

She’s always dressed appropriately but the thing that she does that knocks it out of the park is her make up.

It’s never over done.

It’s absolutely perfect.

I like feminine women and girly girls. I grew up with three sisters and understand the dynamic of women. But Eileen’s make up is flawless every day. Eileen comes into this salon looking amazing every day.

I love that.

The face of the brand should look great, be friendly, tan and professional to sell our services. Eileen is all of these things.

I couldn’t be happier after all of the garbage that’s passed through this business.

Amelia and Eileen are like a sassy breath of fresh air that this salon so desperately needs.

Sadly it’s all lost on Achilles. He’s out of here at 3pm everyday.

But, I look forward to spending time with these wonderful women EVERYDAY!

We have a great time here. We work hard and we run all night, but it’s a fun job.


Eileen was gone for Spring break. We managed, but I missed her. I was standing at the counter when she suddenly walked in the door. Her lovely face. That smile. The warm soft voice. The rivers of raven hair. I was surprised to see her.

“Eileen…. I missed you!”

“I know. I’m back, so can I tan?”

I’m there killing it with Amelia and I’m happy to see my charge, but I was hoping for a little, “Miss you too”

It’s okay. I can’t except anything from an 18 year old girl back from spring break.

“Can I go tanning?”

I send her to 6 for the full-time. The Cadillac. 52 tubes. 180 watts, 600 watts in the face tanners. Eileen’s half German and Turkish….she takes it and she knows it. Good melanin.

We’re busy this time of year. Amelia and I are in the weeds.

We run the night and take care of all of our tanners. Eileen will be back next Thursday.

A girl comes out of room 6 with a necklace in her palm.

“Yo, I found this. Maybe it belongs to someone.”

I toss it in the drawer at the counter with the rest of all of the lost jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. that gets left behind at a tanning salon.


Hours later I get a text from my employee.

“OMG Charles I think I forgot my necklace last night after tanning,.. Please tell me you found a necklace????

“Omg! We did!”

“Thank the lord. Omg!” That was a Christmas gift from Thomas!”

“Necklace is safe and sound.”


So we’ve had our little challenges with our new staff but I love them both and we’re ready to rock through the busy season!

More fun stories to follow!


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