Cringe-Inducing ‘Nice Guy’ Moments Straight From The Gutter

If we took the internet seriously, we’d all believe that women are out to get all the “nice guys” of the world. We’re happy to be smarter than that. What these guys really need to do is get a grip.


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    Text - 09 December, 10:07 PM Saw you on tinder, had to add, hope to hang out sometime in HK:) Yesterday, 3:22 AM You dont neee to answer but i saw that if you remove photoshop eyes and make up you are a 4/10, and as i am among the top 1 % i am unfollowing:) your loss wants to send you a message 150 followers 8 posts asend you messages from now Do you want to let on? They'll only know that you've seen their request if you choose Allow. Decline Allow

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    Text - 4 hours ago -11 points I'll be gentle to her also 3 points 2 hours ago now im jealous of a wolf thanks reddit Reply Share Report Save Give Award Reply Share Report Save Give Award |-6 points 1 hour ago I would lick her gace too Reply Share Report Save Give Award -21 points 9 hours ago Yes, yes she is. Oh you meant the canine. Reply Share Report Save Give Award

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    Text - Eh u come gimme a hug МЕ No Why not? МЕ |Because I don't wan to Want to Aight hoe. Go die МЕ Wait, what? Who says that? GODS do МЕ Honey, you're not a God. You're crazy. Going to block you like I should've done a long time ago.
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    Door handle - "Send nudes)" Haha my friend took my phone म

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    Text - 6/28/11 Elvir Heyy how u doing beautiful. 7/2/11 Elvir Heyy how u doing beautiful. 7/9/11 Heyy how u doing. U beautiful Elvir Elvir 7/12/11 Heyy how u doin.beautiful 9:23 PM Elvir heyyyy 9:23 PM Elvir u ugluyyy

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    Text - Idont get whyall these Women say they want a gpod, real, loyal, blah blah, guy.then continue todate douchebags, and cry when Cheyget played Like STFU, gou chose douchey mcdouche, your Fault. Heart Reply Chat

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    Text - 1 100% AT&T 17:28 Wayne Jackson Canal Winchester, Ohio, US - 1 min The biggest discrimination in Americaisagainst single, ntce gentlemen Suchas LAll we want are ladies to not be abese and providle daily intercourse. SMH HMU ladies. Me in pic Reply Heart Chat NO REPLIES, BE THE FIRST!

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    Text - J5 in Baltimore, Maryland, US Ihate that girls don't like nice quys no more. |Thate being mean &rude , but i guess that's what they want. Reply 2 Chat SWIPE UP TO VIEW 4 REPLIES

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    Facial expression - What's the best way to make friends? Tell a woman that you love her, and she says "...i think we're just friends"

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    Line art - Leave the lady be.

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    Product - Gave her a kiss, a sip of drank, 32% 1:02 PM and leaned over to see her nails.. Thread That man is in love. Replying to he probally does more for her and treats her well & someday she'll still cheat. the good dudes always get shitted on, cant tell me im 's wrong. tl12 19 121 Fernly Grass Pit @ You got that from this? i... 1d 2.2M views PTS F JIMMY 21 BUTLER 11 10 4 ASSTS STLS 313 L1.49.2K 182K GIF Show this thread Ll10 734 3 Matt @ L 1d r/niceguys

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    Text - Verizon 10:17 PM 21% Pet CHAT PROFILE Why aren't you in a relationship right now? Too picky? Self sabotaging? Too jaded? Let's talk about it. I'm just looking to hidden motives! ked your photo Wed, Dec 19, 10:16PM I'm only responding in the hopes you learn something & don't continue to embarrass yourself. Those are absurd things to ask someone. Sometimes relationships end bc people grow apart. Sometimes, it's because of unexpected life changes. Your questions clearly demonstrate

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    Text - 81% 12:31 Q Search Women constantly get sent disgusting pictures to their inbox, get called horrible things and get terrible things wished upon them just for not replying to guys or telling them to leave them alone. So, I wrote this brief parody to all the morons that won't show women respect: You're not so brilliant Your love isn't pure you think you'll win her over of that you're sure she accepted your friend request you don't care if she's with another man you'll just blow up her inbox

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    Plant - MURDER LACI PETERSON abc #Peterson 1 month ago (edited) Beautiful women like Laci wouldn't give guys like me the time of day because we don't meet their criteria, while entitled, unappreciative, superficial jerks like this fkstick murder them and the child they're carrying in the coldest blood -just like that! Way things turn out, I guess... 1 2

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    Mode of transport - When you keep the door open for a girl and she just passes right away "Not even a blow

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    Face - When you give her everything & she still cheats with fkboys: Man gets plastic surgery and name change to date his ex-girlfriend after she obtains restraining order

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