Sun Stories – Zoe – Chapter 3 – Smoke

Zoey comes in and I tell her I have something for her.

Initially, Zoey is a little hesitant, but she’s smart and knOws a hookup when she sees one, and she probably knows I got this bottle at cost.

I place her favorite lotion in the hands of my new Number 1.


That’s Zoey hands holding the bottle of bronzer I gifted my number 1. (Look at those pretty nails)

I love giving presents to people I care about. For me… I love attention, and nothing else. I have no use for any material things anymore.

I’m happy with my my simple uncluttered life now. It’s so beautiful.

Time goes by and we’re in our busy season. I don’t see Zoey for awhile. I know she’s busy with her internship and school at Temple. That’s the beginning of real life and ignition for her.

I think about her occasionally but I really have no idea what’s going on with these students at Temple and their schedules. As much as I adore Zoey, she’s young, and her school, family, and work take priority and we’re just here to give her a tan. I have to have perspective on a girl on the rise.

Hell.. at her age I was in L.A. playing rock and roll in clubs on the sunset strip.

It’s a busy Wednesday night and Zoey rolls in.

“Hey Number one.”

(Delaney is waiting to go tanning and she is visually burned)

“I was going to text you, to let you know I was going to come in.”

“Zoey. It’s so great to see you.”

“I thought I wouldn’t be your number 1 anymore because I’ve been so busy with my internship and school.”

“Oh God no, Zoey. I thought of you the other day and just figured you were busy. You’re firmly my number one dear.”

“Oh yay. I was worried.”

We both sit down in a little corner of the salon and chat. There’s no one near us.

“I like that we can sit down together and chat and catch up.”

“No worries. It’s great to see you number one. How’ve you been?”

“I’m killing myself with finals and working at the Bellevue at my internship.”

“That’s great. I’m glad you’re moving forward with your career.

Zoey looks gorgeous. Her hair is like a river of dark chocolate, her face fresh and beautiful, glasses, and wearing business attire.

I’m so proud of her.

Zoey is moving forward in her life. But still giggly and cute as hell.

She has to wait for her sun bed because it’s so incredibly busy.

She sits on a little cushioned stool and I take a bench beside her. I’m so happy to see her.

It’s been insanely busy tonight. My coworker, Amelia has been amazing. She’s dealt with all of the new intake of clients and all I’ve done is clean beds and do laundry.

I like that, because normally I have to do it all, but it’s so nice to have an assistant to deal with the bullshit and all I have to do is clean beds and do laundry. It’s good for Amelia to deal with the technological parts of this business. It’ll make her a better employee.

Amelia’s amazing, and picks up the slack. She senses that she’ll have to do everything while Zoey is here because all of my focus will be on my current queen.

Its an unspoken agreement, but she instantly sees the value of Zoey and what she means to me in this moment.

It’s funny when this happens.

But we all know when it does.


Zoey goes to tan.  We’re in our busy season. It’s insane in the salon right now. Prom. Weddings. Honeymoon. Formal. Vacation. Tan for summer, etc.

I have seconds to close my number 1.

I’m scrubbing beds and letting Amelia know what’s available for the people waiting.

Zoey emerges from bed number 1.

I’m in the long hallway and she approaches.

“I have to wash my hands.”

I walk beside her.

“Remember how I told you about my friend at Square that hooks me up with free drinks?”

“Oh yea… that’s awesome.”

“So I know you’re crushed until May 12 with school and work.”

“Do you wanna go out after that, Charles?”

Those words from Zoey were like hearing the opening chords of “Back in the Saddle by Aerosmith in 1976.



Mind blown.

“Yea, but it’ll have to be after May 12th. Cause I’m done then.”

“Thank you, Zoey.”

“I should be thanking you, Charles.”


So I’m praying this happens. Zoey truly is my favorite. Beautiful, smart, and full of giggles for my jokes. (Oh she is truly interested in all of my stupid stories!)


Love her!


Have I finally found my true number one?



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