Eileen – Chapter 9 – I Don’t Want To Be Alone

So Eileen is supposed to start taking Saturdays, because Achilles wants to be off on the weekends. (See: Achilles – The Bronze God)

I get it. When I was in the rat race I too wanted to be free on the weekends.

You open the salon everyday for ten years and do the same thing over and over but it brings you riches with little effort.

The bane of your existence is your staff. They always suck. A bunch of hungover teenage girls that get sick and call out on a regular basis. You had three tanning salons and you told me you closed the other two because “It was this headache times three.”

Until I came along.

Achilles, you’ve had a renaissance for the last two years because of me.

We’ve had our staffing challenges. Girls calling out because they’ve been kicked out of their halfway houses for drinking. Girls busted for cocaine and could’t come in because they were in jail. Dudes we liked that stole money from you.

Even Summer folded at the end. I loved her. I love her still. But her life has changed as we all know now.

But in the Spring of this year you have the best of the best.

Me. The corporate reject that’s done with the rat race and embraces your business and loves the salon.

The guy who buys detergent and hand soap and toilet paper from the dollar store when needed without direction. Your ultimate employee. A guy that loves the company and always does the extra to maintain it.

An aspect you’ve never known here at the salon.

Dusting off the shelves and the lotions and the bed’s hoods on a regular basis.

Have you become spoiled Achilles with your charge?

Is that possible?

When I came here two years ago I was absolutely clueless on everything here. All I knew was it was extra money under the table and I was surrounded by tan, fit, slender young women every night.

I wanted to be busy and I really felt a great connection with Achilles and it was an amazing match.

He once told me that the reason he hired me was my personality. It took me forever to learn the system but once I did I became the master of the salon.

Like in every job I’ve ever had I was always the overachiever and become number one. (Due to low self esteem and my father)

So it looks like I only took the job in banking to escape the long crazy hours of retail, and please my father.

But here I am, free from banking and my later waste, Advertising.

I’ve found that I can work at a job and murder it but when it comes to the weekends, I’m just bored and nervous. Now I work on the weekends and love it.

I’ve lived my whole life working jobs like everyone else when we dread Sunday night when we have to think of the bullshit that’s about to happen this week.

I killed that.

You have to find a job that you look forward to. Find a job where you can’t wait to see your co-workers.

Do something you enjoy. Life is short, fleeting and fragile.

Sunday would come and I was fearful of the Monday Morning Kickoff Meeting, The Wednesday Sales Meeting, and the Thursday One on One.

All Bullshit.

I quit that company and the asshole who conceived that concept was fired and is still out of work.

My sister Janice said to me: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

She got it dead on.

That clown that came into my last company I worked for that I had respect for and destroyed the sales department. He coddled loser account managers, brought in mental patients and drug addicts and failed on an epic level.

But I love the guy. I would totally have a drink with my last manager, but he is a “run for the hills” type of manager so that’s why we’ve all moved on.

So sad. A nice man, but an absolute failure and a bad hire that destroys companies.

So that guy is just basically a bad bitch I needed to cut from my life.

Like all of the others.


So here I am. Abandoning the rat race. Working at a tanning salon. I suddenly have the best staff ever.

Amelia and Eileen.

I need Eileen to work on Saturday because Achilles need his weekends off.

“Can you be with me on Saturday?”

I’m not getting paid for it but I feel like I have to do it. (I run it by Achilles and he blows me off)

I’m going to come in on Saturday and just be present for Eileen so she’s not twisting in the wind by herself.

If I were Achilles, I would have paid his finest employee to coach our girl, but no.

We’re already on strike 12 with Megasun but I understand.

There’s a new plan to move forward in Rittenhouse.

I get up, shower and spend the entire Saturday with Eileen at the salon.

I’m supposed to be off.


Achilles has been so fucked over by everyone in his life he can’t see integrity anymore.

Sadly this is leaking into all of his relationships.

The right thing to do would have been to pay me for looking after Eileen.

Achilles, why didn’t you do that? We’re in our busy season. We’re making a thousand dollars a day. What happened to you?

We just need tons of toilet paper, laundry detergent and eye wear,… why are we running out of everything in or busiest season?

We’re killing it with the best staff we’ve ever had in the history of the company.

Why are you slacking?

I worked Saturday with lovely Eileen for free. it was an incredible money day and she did great.

You should have paid your lead guy, but again you went cheap and squandered your greatest resource.

The high point of the day is when I went to a local pizza place called “& Pizza” a block away. I was so proud of Eileen’s performance I again was happy to reward her with free food and drinks. (I take care of my employees, Achilles)

I went there to grab a pizza and some drinks.

I didn’t know I was talking to the manager when I was being my usual enthusiastic, social self. I talked to her about our business and offered a free tan card. I do that occasionally, and it always results in the person buying a package.

When I went to pay for the food and drinks she said it was all on her. I was stunned and amazed. Just another case of being a good neighbor and business professional that’s resulted in still another glorious hookup.

It made my day and Eileen was delighted.

It’s what I do, but I’m so happy that it reinforced that I need to do more work in the hospitality/small business community of this city.

I have another plan that I’m working on.

My friend Duncan once said:’ Charles, you’ll never go hungry. You have a gift.”



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