Cherie – Chapter 67 – Circling The Drain

“Can we stop this nonsense and reconnect Cherie? I miss you terribly and we need to talk.”

“We do need to talk but honestly I don’t have the time for anything right now I’m exhausted to no end with life and my son is having a serious mental health crisis so I’m swamped.”

“Cherie, I love you and I miss you and I sensed that there was something going on. I’m really suffering without you but what can I do to help you?”

“I know I’ve been thinking about you too but my plate is full right now and I’m just doing the best I can.”

“Me too. The last two weeks have been killing me. It’s been so busy but there is something that has been hurting me more. How much I miss you and how sad I’ve been through this.”

“I’m sorry I should have been more caring or at least put effort into checking on you.”

“I’m crushed with work and all I want to do is kiss you and take you to the movies and have time with you. I’m sorry I’ve failed you, Cherie. I’m sorry Cherie. I miss you.”

“No it’s not you I’m just not in a great space and you just happen to be busy with work.”

“I’m working so hard, but I don’t want to lose you.”

“It’s a tough time right now I’m just exhausted I can’t keep my eyes open.

“I love you.”

” I just tried to call you. Seriously, Cherie, I don’t want to lose what we have.”

“I love and  I’m sorry but I can’t talk right now I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Later”

“Okay. text me.”

“Please Cherie.”




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4 thoughts on “Cherie – Chapter 67 – Circling The Drain”

  1. I know how Cheri feels, sometimes life is just too much to have to then also feel bad about someone close to you needing attention or apologizing to you- you end up distancing yourself further the more you’re pushed and messaged – I don’t know if this is helpful or not and I certainly know how you feel as well!!! Hug!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your words, Jexxi. It’s been a beautiful but bumpy road with my love, Cherie. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, that’s true I suppose but it can be the very thing that tears us apart… ❤️🙏🏻

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