27 Sexy Things You Can Do To Make A Man Want You

Don’t shy away from ‘dirty talk.’ It’s easier than you think.

It’s no secret that guys love dirty talk, but often, women leave the dirty talk up to their man and don’t turn up the verbal turn-on themselves.

Trust me when I tell you — your man is dying for you to whisper something sexy in his ear. But I understand, sometimes women struggle with what to say.

If you like the idea of turning him on with a little dirty talk but feel awkward and shy about how to get started (without sounding foolish), this article is for you! What I’ve created for you here is a list of dirty things to say to your boyfriend, husband, or that new guy you just started seeing.


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Dry Texting: The Real Meaning Behind Those One-Word Text Responses

One word answers coming your way? You’re experiencing the terrible epidemic of dry texting, and it’s time to wave goodbye to time wasters!

The point of communication is that it is a two way street. Both parties put in the same amount of effort, asking questions which bat back and forth, creating a long-running dialogue which helps them get to know each other and entertain one another. Dry texting isn’t a two way street.

Do you agree?

So, when you’re receiving nothing back but ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘ok’, or even worse, ‘k’, what are you supposed to think?

Lazy, that’s what you’re supposed to think, shortly followed by ‘time waster’, and ‘k, bye.’

Dry texting gives someone the cold shoulder without actually having the guts to admit it, or simply being a terrible communicator, bordering on someone with zero social skills.

Dry texting is one of my pet peeves, as you might have noticed.

Personally, I would rather someone didn’t text me back at all than text me back in a dry manner. I’m not suggesting you reply with a full on paragraph, but a little more substance to your message would be nice!

I mean, come on, I put some imagination into it. Why shouldn’t you?!

Rant over.

How should you respond to dry texting? 

If you notice someone messaging you back with one word answers, to the point where you literally cannot think of anything else to say to continue the conversation, it’s time that you became so dry with your texts that they literally evaporate… Stop texting them back!

Okay, maybe I’m being a little unfair, because it could be that someone is a little busy at that moment and doesn’t have the time to tap out a fully reply. That’s fine. But I do expect a better reply next time, or to receive a surprise text later in response.

The odd dry texting situation is fine, because we all have distractions in our lives. If you notice that answers are always this thin and dry, question why you’re even wasting your time.

Potential and forgivable reasons for dry texting

Let’s look at a few situations in which dry texting is forgivable.

Someone could be busy at the moment they receive your text and rather than not answer it at all, they acknowledge it with a quick one word reply. In some ways, that’s better than leaving you on read, but it becomes unforgivable when it continues, or they don’t bother to apologize for it later.

Another possibility is that you’ve had an argument. They’re still a little upset or angry about it. Fair enough, we’ve all done this, right? I know I have. When I’ve had an argument with my partner and he’s messaged me something completely off topic, I’ve been so annoyed that he wasn’t texting me with a groveling apology that I was guilty of using the dreaded ‘k’. Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m not proud.

In that case, expect the dry texting to end when the argument is properly forgiven and forgotten.

Personally, those are the only two reasons that could signal dry texting isn’t about to become a deal breaker. The rest of the time, I have zero tolerance for a lack of imagination when replying to my texts!

What do you think about this situation? We’re all guilty of dry texting occasionally, but that’s the key word – occasionally. If you notice the texts you receive from a specific person are always the same *one word, non-committal* and they leave you scratching your head about what to say next, everything is totally one sided. Put simply, you’re wasting your time.

In that case, stop texting them and see what happens next. If they’re simply a lazy texter, they’ll likely notice your radio silence and text you back once more, probably adding to the word count as a result. If they don’t bother to text after that point, you’re well rid of them.

Are they just not that into you?

If the person you’ve texted is someone you want get to know romantically, and you want to move things in the right direction, tread carefully. If this person sends you dry texts, does it mean they’re just not that into you?

I hate to say it, but probably.

Of course, they could be stressed by something in their life, or they could be simply lazy, but that isn’t an excuse for rudeness. To me, dry texting is the epitome of communication rudeness. Ask yourself whether you really want someone that disrespectful in your life.

Of course, you don’t!

It’s a little like keeping you hanging on in many ways. If they’re not into you, but they’re still replying in a dry way, they’re not ghosting you, but they’re not really grabbing the string you’ve left dangling either. It’s a tease. It’s not something you should have time for.

Stop giving it excuses

Let’s face it, even the shyest person on the planet has more confidence when texting, so that’s never something you should accept as an excuse for dry texting. It really comes down to you understanding that this person isn’t worth your time, whether they’re actually into you or not, and to find someone who knows how to have a two way conversation instead.

After all, how are you supposed to get to know someone with ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘okay’? It’s not going to work!

Dry texting shows a total lack of imagination, and it’s not something I would look for in a potential partner. You can’t be together all the time, so communication via text is something you should have in your life.

Texts are supposed to ping into your inbox and make you smile, maybe even laugh out loud and take you by surprise. It’s not supposed to feel like hard work that never really brings you any rewards.

So, is it zero tolerance to dry texting?

For me, I’m afraid so, yes. Maybe you feel differently about it. Personally, I like a two way conversation with someone where I don’t feel like a constant bother with my mere presence.

If you’re guilty of dry texting on a regular basis, rectify the situation immediately! You could easily be pushing people out of your life without realizing it. Maybe you don’t understand that what you’re doing is rude, but sending one word answers to texts, especially when someone has thought carefully about what to say, and maybe even drafted it beforehand, shows a total lack of thought and care for that person.

I’m not placing blame here *okay, I am a little*, but being more aware of your texting habits can enhance your friendships and relationships. At the end of the day, texting is fun! Back and forth jokes, memes and gifs, who doesn’t love all of that during a boring day at work?


Dry texting is a serious pet peeve of mine, and I know I’m not alone on this. If you’re regularly receiving one word answers to your carefully crafted texts, don’t waste a second more of your time.


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Kita – Chapter 53 – Apparition

It’s odd that once you know there’s no future in a job how quickly your mind leaves it.

“Hey, how are you? WE should meet up!”

Kita xo

I’m stunned by her text. (See: Sun Stories – Just Another Sunday at this Fucking Salon)

“I’m doing well! You’re right. It’s been a minute. We should meet up.”

I wait.


Then I get another text.

“When do you work? Every time I go there now you’re never there. I thought you left.”

Now is not the time to make Kita wait. “I picked up some shifts at a restaurant in Rittenhouse, so I’m only at the salon on Sundays now.”

“Oh cool. I’ll stop in Sunday to tan.”


Wow. I really thought that after what happened, Kita was gone from my life. I figured the pure shame of what occurred would drive her from me forever.

I really didn’t know what was going to happen next. But so far it didn’t sound bad.

I knew I’d have to wait a week until I saw her, if she was going to come in at all.

But knowing Kita, she had to tan. It was her addiction. She’d be in. She’d tan before Sunday just to feed her addiction, but would she follow through with Sunday?

It all seemed surreal. All of the time I’d put in with her as and elder friend and mentor, and the paradox of our dates and romance.

Then the sexual explosion between us. I wanted it, but never in my wildest dreams actually thought that I’d be with little Kita.

But it did happen. There’s no turning back from that. She either shows up Sunday or I never hear from her again and pray for the best for her.

I work the week at the restaurant, and all is well. That’s my life now. That’s my main stream of income. I love working for them and my life is in balance and moving forward.

I’ve given all of my shifts at the salon to Amelia and Skyler. I’ve been reduced to the Sunday guy. 11am to 4pm. An easy shift that yields $200 a month for now.

Sadly, what I once saw as a business opportunity with Achilles has been reduced to me doing everybody a favor by taking the Sunday shift that no one wants.

That’s why I’m out of there. If I can figure out a way to leave the salon forever, I’ll do it. But for now, I’ll hang. I’m not angry at all with Achilles, I just realized that the salon isn’t going anywhere and I need to be out of there.

I’m with a growing company with some really great people, and I’m happy with the way things are unfolding. I chased this new business, and I caught it!

I wanted so much with the salon and Achilles. For two and a half years we could have built something, but in the end it was a loss. Tanning is shrinking in this city, and the gym is an absolute failure.

I cashed out of that and didn’t lose a cent.

I’m happy I made the leap when I did.

The great thing is, working at the salon groomed me to step into this new job and lead effortlessly. I manage the store. The food is free. Tips are flowing along with a great salary. I’ve been asked to do some marketing for them. It’s a growing brand and I couldn’t be more excited to work there.

Everything is better now!

But my time is limited. Now more than ever.

I thought with my schedule changing with the new job, I’d be more available to meet up with friends for happy hour now. (1st time in over 2 years because of my night shifts at the salon) But no. I finish work and want to go home.

I’m done with public life. I’ve been on stage for the last 10 years in my media jobs. Always out, selling and being social. My photo being taken with the hottest girls at the best events.

I’m done with all of that.

It’s boring and a waste of my time and money.

I love being in the ‘industry’ but I love that mine is a simple model. Not a bar. No late nights. No drunks or shitty employees or guests.

Simple hard work and elegance. A decent days work for a good dollar. Just bringing extraordinary client service to whoever comes in the door.

I’m not meant to work in this salon or for Achilles anymore.

I was for a time, but that was to transition me to a better gig. It took me a while to realize that, but I got it. It was meant to be.

I met so many wonderful people along the way.







Amazing girls that were so great to work with. I love them all in different ways. It was sweet moments in my history that can’t be repeated!

But here I am. Still hanging on. Actually phoning it on a Sunday from 11am to 4pm.  I play classic hits on the radio and the regular clients know it’s me who’s here. It’s dead this time of year and we maybe get a dozen people rolling through here now.

I stand here at the counter and read other people’s crazy dating stories online just for entertainment.

It’s odd that once you know there’s no future in a job how quickly your mind leaves it.

I do know what needs to be done here but no longer work with the fierce vigilance I once had for something I thought I had a future in.

Now I roll in 15 minutes before we open. I no longer sweep, mop, or take out the trash on Sundays. There just isn’t enough traffic to warrant me to give a shit anymore.

It sucks because I really thought Achilles and I were going to create some sort of business together.

But now I realize it was all careless talk day after day in the salon and nothing will ever change here. But that behavior mirrors his own life and his relationship with his significant other. I feel sorry for her too.

For some reason I can no longer get on wordpress to write or edit my blog at the salon anymore. Part of me feels that Achilles has blocked my access because he’s bitter that I left him for a better gig… but I digress.


The worst part of working any shift in any retail or hospitality job is when people come in at the last-minute when you’re trying to close.

What I just wrote will be agreed upon by everyone I know. I don’t even need to check in with them. We hate it, and hate all of the people who pull that shit.

I deal with the last of the line steppers on this rainy Sunday and pray I can get out of here at a reasonable hour today. Not that it really matters. I’m done at 4pm. It’s still light out here in our fair city. I can still walk around the corner and go to Marathon at 16th and Sansom and have a slammin’ Manhattan and a BBQ chicken sandwich, and just let go of the week.

I’ve served everybody, everyday, all week-long, and it’s nice to have somebody serve me for once. I don’t want anything special in my life. But an exquisite cocktail and a simple sandwich with a coke is pretty sweet by the end of the week.

I load fresh towels in the bathroom, and collect the trash, hoping no one comes in at closing. It happens so much I wish I could unplug the phone for all of these asshole line steppers.

I’m walking back to the front of the salon and I’m about to lock the doors at 3:55 when I see her.

“Sorry I’m late. Do you have time for one more?”

She’s wearing a tight white tank top that clings to her small breasts. She has a matching tennis skirt that showcase her shapely brown legs.

She looks gorgeous.


I’m helpless.




“Nice to see you, Charles.”

“How are you?

“I’m good. But I had to come and see you.

“Okay….” (Worried)

“But first I need to tan because I feel so pale.” ( She’s as brown as a penny)

“Stand up or lay down?”

“Stand up.”

“You can go to 3, full-time.”

“What are you doing after this?”

“Umm.. I was going to go around the corner and have a drink.”


“Want some company?”


I looked at her. It took a moment. I needed to flashback to what had happened between us. The anxiety is starting to smolder in my stomach.

It only took about 10 seconds.

“Yea, that’d be great.”

“Cool. I wanna talk to you about some stuff.”

Kita headed to room 3.

“I’ll see you on the other side.”

(Giggles and the door slams)


What am I doing?

Not Again…