Coronavirus Quarantine Erotica Is Thriving Right Now

Already burn through the internet’s impressive supply of coronavirus porn? Why not check out something a little more mentally stimulating? After all, we’re currently in the golden age of coronavirus erotica.

According to the Guardian, these are boom times for literary smut with a pandemic twist, with erotic writers rushing to bring you titillating tales of quarantine hookups, horny hand-washing and forbidden lockdown love set against the backdrop of the rapidly evolving virus.

Current titles already available for your quarantine perusal include: Covid-69: An Erotic Coronavirus Quarantine Story, Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Love in Lockdown, as well as more eyebrow-raising tales such as Quaranteen: Step-Sibling Love in the Time of the Coronavirus and The Physical Manifestation of Washing My Hands Gets Me Off, which appears to be an experimental work of magical realism in which a woman begins a sexual relationship with the concept of hand-washing.

Sounds weird and vaguely unsettling? Well so is the world right now, and this growing collection of hot-off-the-presses pandemic erotica is a prime example of art imitating life.

None of this is terribly surprising. We’re all bored and horny, and the usual rules governing online expressions of that horniness appear to have gone out the window. These are horny, lawless times, of course pandemic erotic is thriving. So if your quarantine resolution was to start reading more, you’re in luck. Tonight, you can stay in with a good book and get off to it, too.

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