Survey Says Until Isolating Together, Nearly Half Of People Had No Idea What Their Partner Did For Work

If your partner seems like a different person now that you’ve seen them working from home, you’re not alone.

According to a new survey of 1,500 British adults, 46% say they had no idea what their significant others did for work until watching them while isolating.

The survey, which was commissioned by Virgin Media, noted that before seeing them in action, they only knew their partners “have lots of meetings,” and even more vaguely, “work in an office.”

With some weeks of watching them work from home, the survey says, now just 22% are still in the dark.

The survey also noted that there were pros and cons to working under the same roof: 32% say they enjoy having someone to speak with while they toil away, and 26% say they liked bouncing work-related ideas off their captive audience. Thirty-one percent say they welcomed spending more time with their loved ones.

On the other side of the coin, 25% say they’re annoyed by overhearing work-related calls, forcing them to move to another room. Eighteen percent say they think their partner is too loud when working from home, and 12.5% say they hate that their partner eats all the snacks.

Twenty percent say they’ve had arguments over the right temperature for working from home, while 20% also say they can’t agree on background music.

A quarter of the respondents say that working from home is messing up their work-life balance.


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