The Quarantine Has Given Us Time To Create

Nobody saw this coming.

But this unprecedented event has given us one thing we’ve all been complaining that we don’t have.

That thing is TIME.

You know longer have and excuse as to why you can’t start or finish anything.

Now you have nothing but time.

So in that time, I decided to gather every crazy dating story I’ve ever written into some sort of order.

This has yielded the following:





If you don’t feel like buying each volume, I’ve gathered all three volumes into one neat Anthology.

These are the craziest, most insane, hilarious, raunchiest, and most heartbreakingly embarrassing dates I’ve ever been on in my entire life.

After writing the book, Phicklephilly, this has been a labor of love to compile this crazy collection of stories from my life.

It’s been a joy to reread and edit these tales for your enjoyment. I appreciate your support and for reading this blog and reading my books.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you’ll repeat these stories to your friends!


You can buy them all on Amazon now!

You will not be disappointed!




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