15 Tinder Bio Ideas To Use During The Coronavirus Outbreak

There’s no better time for using dating apps than when you’re stuck at home. Tinder may have once had a reputation as a hookup app, but in the age of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s become a way for people to connect and have fun while practicing social distancing. According to a spokesperson for Tinder, more people are now using their Tinder bios to show their concern for others, with top bio terms now including stay home, be safe, social distancing, “how are you,” and wash your hands. If you’re in need of Tinder bio ideas during the coronavirus outbreak, then I’ve got some suggestions that are sure to make potential matches smile during this trying time.

Ever since the global pandemic caused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to recommend social distancing, activity is spiking on dating apps and Tinder is reporting a 10-15% increase in daily conversation. While dating apps have begun encouraging users to date virtually from home, changing your Tinder bio can help you make a connection regardless. A little levity can go a long way in putting people at ease in the face of so much uncertainty, and these Tinder bio suggestions are a great way to get a convo going.

When You Want To Offer Some Helpful Tips

These Tinder bio ideas can be used during the coronavirus outbreak
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Fact: The CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Fun fact: Singing the chorus of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” takes approximately 20 seconds. Do with that information what you will.

When You’re Looking For Something Specific

Woman seeking reliable pen pal. Please apply with resume and two references.

When You Want To Tell People How You Really Feel

“Don’t show up, don’t come out / Don’t start caring about me now / Walk away, you know how” — Dua Lupa, but also me rn

When You Need A Conversation Starter

Zoom > Skype

Netflix < Hulu

Pharma C > Purell

Stocking up on toilet paper < Stocking up on wine

Your thoughts?

When You’re Willing To Get Real

I haven’t put on a pair of real pants in 10 days, and I’m not mad about it.

When You’re Up For Brainstorming

First date ideas:

  • Syncing our Netflix accounts and virtually chilling
  • Smiling seductively at each other from a safe six-foot distance
  • Exchanging pics of our sexiest self-isolation ensembles

Other suggestions welcome.

When You Want To Be Clear With Your Intentions

Just trying to do some virtual flirting in the face of a global pandemic.

When You’re Looking To Chat

Swipe right to put the “social” in “social distancing.”

When You Want To Give Potential Matches A Clear Picture

These Tinder bio ideas can be used during the coronavirus outbreak
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There’s a 50/50 chance that I’m either watching a true crime documentary or eating my way through the snacks that are supposed to last me several weeks.

When You’re Looking To Show People What You Can Offer

Benefits of matching with me: I offer great TV show recommendations, I’m a reliable Words With Friends opponent, and I’m willing to offer virtual cooking lessons.

When You’re Trying To Find Someone You Can Relate To

Anyone else feel like they’re stuck in that week between Christmas and New Year’s when pants don’t exist?

When You Want To Share Your Interests

Former interests: hiking, bowling, Korean BBQ.

Current interests: Sudoku, pants with elastic waistbands, performing interpretive dances for my dog.

When You’ve Been Through Some Changes

I’ve been using the phrase “hunker down” far more often than I would like.

When You Want Someone You Can Vent With

The coronavirus has really made me realize how many email lists I need to unsubscribe from.

When You Want To Demonstrate Your Resilience

I once had to judge a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi. Trust me, I can handle quarantine.

Now go out there and get your flirt on — but for the sake of everyone, please do it from a safe distance.



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How to Know if Someone Is Thinking about You Sexually & Desires You

You like them, but you’re unsure how they feel about you. Do they see you as a friend only? This is how to know if someone is thinking about you sexually.

You’ve met someone that you can’t take your eyes off of, but you’re not sure how they feel about you. Figuring out how to know if someone is thinking about you sexually will help you plan your next steps. If you don’t know, it can be a little bit of a problem, especially if you want to take the next step forward.

You’re sitting here with all these feelings and emotions coursing through you. You have butterflies when you see them, and your mind goes blank when they talk to you. We all experience these nerves around someone we really like.

The question is, are these feelings reciprocated? Or are you the only one who’s feeling this? It’s a good question to ask, and something to figure out for your own peace of mind.

How to know if someone is thinking about you sexually

So, how do you know if someone is thinking about you sexually? Not all of us want to wait around to see. Many of us are impatient and need some hint that our feelings aren’t one-sided. So, it’s time we figured this out. Because, if you’re like me, the waiting and anticipation are killing you.

The good thing is sexual attraction can’t be faked. If the signs match up, then it’s probably true that they think about you sexually. This is good news, right? Right! So, let’s get started. Seriously, it’s time to know.

#1 You feel it. What you’re feeling is chemistry. When you’re around them, there’s this feeling that you are more than just friends. If you have a feeling that they’re looking at you in a sexual way, well, don’t doubt yourself so quickly. Your intuition is probably right.

#2 They hang around you. When people are sexually attracted to someone, they stay close to their crush. But by close, I mean close. They want to be in your personal space. This is normal when it comes to sexual attraction. If they’re not into you, they’ll keep a distance from you because they’re not interested.

#3 They’re touchy. I’m not talking in a harassing manner. Whether it’s a woman or man, they love to touch the person they’re into… subtly. Maybe you made a joke, and while laughing, they touched your arm. See, if someone didn’t like you, they wouldn’t touch you. This is a huge sign to determine someone’s thoughts about you. People don’t touch people they don’t like.

#4 Eye contact. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: eye contact is everything. Your eyes can tell someone countless things. If someone likes you sexually, you’ll see it in their eyes. They’ll hold eye contact longer than usual and give you flirty stares. They’ll make sure to check you out whenever possible.

#5 They’re flirting with you. Okay, some people do flirt for fun, but even those people have an underlying attraction to you. People do not flirt with people they’re not interested in. It’s that simple. If they’re flirting with you, they’re trying to build sexual tension and chemistry. This is a great sign that you’re on their mind sexually.

#6 They’re nervous around you. When someone likes you, of course, they’re going to be a little nervous around you. They don’t want to screw it up and ruin their chances with you. Plus, since they want you, they’re trying to calm themselves down and act as normal as possible.

#7 Lip licking. Who would have thought lip licking would be a sign! Even though it’s a subtle act, lip licking is a huge sign they’re sexually attracted to you. Both men and women will instinctively lick their lips when they see someone they like or are thinking about a sexual act.

#8 They try to prolong interactions. When you chat, even though it looks like it’s about to end, they talk more. They don’t want to let you go. It’s cute *but if you really need to go, it can be a little annoying*.

#9 They suggest hanging out alone. Maybe you usually hang out in groups, but recently, they’ve asked to hang out alone with you. Well, this one isn’t rocket science when it comes to figuring out how to know if someone is thinking about you sexually. If someone is thinking about you sexually, they want to hang out with you alone and create a connection, maybe even try to make a move.

#10 They care about their appearance. Before they met you, they weren’t into their appearance. But since you have started hanging out, they’re more fashion-forward. They want to look good for you and impress you. Both women and men want to look their best in front of someone they like sexually. 

#11 They’re all smiles around you. When you hang out, whether alone or with other people, they’re always smiling. Both men and women smile a lot when they’re around someone they’re interested in. I mean, there are a couple of different smiles. You have the “boy/girl next door” smile and then you have the “I want to rip your clothes off” smile. Both are good.

#12 They tell you. If someone tells you they can’t stop thinking about you or you’re always on their mind, it’s not because they think about you as a friend. It’s because they’re sexually attracted to you. They want a chance to make a move. 

#13 There’s a lot of fidgeting. When you’re next to them, they play with their hair, a napkin, scratch their leg. There’s always some fidgeting going on. This isn’t because they’re bored if that’s what you’re thinking. Rather, it’s because they’re sexually attracted to you, and they’re nervous.

#14 Fixing themselves. Whether man or woman, they adjust themselves around you. If it’s a guy, he’ll move his junk around. If it’s a woman, she’ll fix her cleavage or hair. Since they’re sexually attracted to you, they’re nervous about what you think of them. Also, the guy could have a boner. Sorry, just had to say it!

Learning how to know if someone is thinking about you sexually is a little hard to decipher, but by using these signs, you’ll be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


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5 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is About To Be Over

Phicklephilly brings you 5 warning signs your relationship is about to be over.

There is nothing like the enjoyment of meeting someone for the first time. From the time he or she had you at “hello” and the first kiss, and the first kiss and the first time you make love.

Sadly, once the threshold of intimacy is crossed, then the strength of the supposed ‘love’ is put to test which in many cases gets strained. The signs of a deteriorating relationship are usually abundant, but people generally don’t know what to look for.

1. Your flaws are noticed than your strength

When you’re in love with someone, you tend to see the potentials in them more readily than their imperfections. “If you lose sight of all of the good virtues that made you interested in your partner in the first place, it could be a sign that things are hitting the rocks.

2. You’re wondering if you can do better

When you get to a point in the relationship and you feel obliged at a point to be the one to always make things better and possibly less appreciated for your efforts. This could be a sign that the cookies have crumbled .That great person you met two years ago was great based on who you were then. They’re a nice person and you have the love for them but there are thoughts .

3. When trust is totally lost

When you ask your partner questions about who they have been with or where they have been, you aren’t sure that they are telling the truth. This is a big sign the end is near to the relationship.

Trust is the basis of every relationship. Once it is lost, the future of the union becomes blurry.

4.When you become emotionally worn

After your partner constantly neglects your expressions on your insecurity, and anger in the relationship to your partner, you should know they just don’t care anymore.

Take the best foot in this case because it is a warning sign for the health of your relationship and also your mental well-being.

5. Your intuition

Are the warning signs of a breakup in very visible to you in your thoughts ? Are you worried that your partner is about to end your relationship or marriage? Or perhaps you are thinking about breaking up? Nothing beats the human intuition. Follow your heart, you are all you got.


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California Dreamin’ – 1982 to 1984 – Who Do I Look Like?

We just finished a gig at The Troubadour. I put my guitar in its case and locked it in the backroom behind the stage. The band sort of spread out through the club as if they needed to go network, but we were all there for the obvious. Sex, drugs, booze, and Rock and Roll.

I run into this gorgeous blonde. Like a baby Farrah Fawcett.

“I like that song you played about the bombshell. Who’s that about?”

“Farrah. I wrote it when I was sixteen. I love Farrah.”

The earliest warning sign should have been her next opening line. Jabbing me with her finger, she pointed at her own face and said: “Who do I look like?” I had no idea. The answer she was looking for apparently, was Heather Locklear.

A few hours later and we’re walking back to her place. It’s beginning to spit with rain.

Things started fine. Pretty much like most tipsy post-show hookups back then. As things began to escalate, she made an excuse to go to the bathroom. It took a few minutes to decide on the appropriate level of nakedness to be in on her return but after 10 minutes I thought I should probably check if she’s Okay.

When I got to the bathroom, the door was locked. The light, on. I knocked: no answer. I returned to the bedroom, put some clothes back on. Looked out the window. The rain was now torrential. The home was 20 minutes away. Do I call a taxi? Faced with an impossible situation, I took an incredibly ungentlemanly decision.

“Hope you’re okay. Unlock the door and I’ll get you some water.” I wrote it on a piece of paper found on the girl’s desk, slipped it under the bathroom door, and waited a few minutes. When the door stayed locked, I went to her room, got into bed, and fell asleep.

A few hours later I’m awakened by the door opening. It’s her. I make a move to get up but she pins me down with a surprising level of strength, strips me completely and the most excruciating 20 minutes of my life began. To this day I’ve never met anyone else who has a “don’t touch me with your hands or mouth below my waist” policy. It was bizarre and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It was just a bronco cowgirl ride to the finish.

When it was over, I got up to leave but she grabbed my arm and said no. She pulled me back into bed, only to roll over and go back to sleep within minutes. Awkwardly, I lay there a bit longer, trying to figure out whether it was worth staying. Eventually, I tried to leave again. This time she said no but I ignored her. Besides, it had stopped raining now.

As an act of goodwill, I wrote my phone number on a pad on her desk. She asked what I was doing and then laughed when I told her.

Two weeks later, my band is back at the Troubadour. I’m out back having a smoke out back chatting to some friends when over my shoulder I hear it again.

“Who do I look like?”

Poor guy.


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