Sun Stories – Zoe – Chapter 5 – My Lovely Number 1 Finally Returns! – Part 2

A stupendous beauty.

I get to the salon at 3pm and so does Amelia. We’re instantly slammed by clients because every one on Earth needs to get their base before Memorial Day weekend.

I call it being “Run Over”.

We can handle it. But where the fuck is Eileen? I’m pissed and really worried about my girl.

Amelia, between customers DM’s her on Intagram and I decide to email her. I feel like this is the one fucking day, that I can’t be here, because of my new job, and Eileen (who I love) has been killed or been in an accident, or lost her way, isn’t coming into work on the ONE day I really need her)

I’m angry, (pissed) and I end up calling the owner of Mac Mart and just leaving a message. No details just a notification because I don’t know how this day is going to go down.

I’ve called Eileen twice and it’s gone straight to voicemail. I’m flipping out.

The ONE day I have to slip out of my shift, (but I’m supposed to have full coverage and it’s about to go down in flames.)

Amelia Instagrams Eileen and I email her in a moment of desperation.

We’re getting slammed at the salon. I’m angry, and doing every I can think of to maintain the place. We are being over run. It’s 4pm in the afternoon. Don’t these people have jobs? We’re getting crushed.

I need Eileen.

I’m loading towels into the dryer when I get the message.

The email says: ” My phone is broken, of course I’ll be in at 4:30″

I want to kiss Eileen I’m so happy. Amelia knows about Mac Mart, but Eileen doesn’t.

“What happened?”

My phone reset and isn’t working but I’ll be in at 4:30.”

Okay, I’m no longer losing my shit.

At this point I’m cleaning beds, and doing laundry. But Amelia and I are being run over, and I have to be at Mac Mart in an hour.

I was collecting dirty towels from the hamper when I saw lovely Eileen climbing the stairs at the salon.

“Ladies and gentleman, put your hand together, coming to the stage, is the lovely, Eileen!”

I was just so grateful at this point.

I was just so damn happy to see her, and that I could go be the manager at Mac Mart for the first time.

I was standing at the counter with Amelia doing what we do when suddenly SHE appeared.

I turned and there was Zoey.

I gasped exactly the way when I saw Alessandra Ambrosio for the first time. (I hope Zoey appreciates that!)

I’m overjoyed to see my number one. My favorite girl who comes in here. It’s been over a month. I’ve had a special facial lotion for her hidden in the back.

But I have to go.

I’m needed at Mac Mart.

My future.

But Zoey is here.

I announce to Amelia and Eileen that Zoey is my number one and they comply.

My staff always senses that when I want to spend extra time with a special client. They always step it up and do everything, because they know that the boss is distracted.

The great thing is, the girls do this instinctively every time this happens. They just know that I’m interested, and they have to do everything.

I like that.

I have to go to Mac Mart. No one knows that but Amelia.

“Do you have a date? Asks Eileen.


The girls feel sad for me.

Zoey is in Number 1, I tell Eileen.

This is a rare event. All three of us are here. I know the girls will be great together, but my queen arrived and they know to stand down and do what I say for Zoey.

I’m overjoyed Zoey has appeared. I make sure she’s scheduled for the best bed in the house before taking her to the back of the salon.

I go into my secret drawer and pull out a plastic bag and hand it to her.

“What? What is this Charles.?”

“Open it, Zoey.”

It’s just a plastic Wawa bag to hide my gifts for my loves. She produces a tube of an amazing facial tanning solution. I know Zoe worries about her skin and her blemishes because she’s young. This lotion will take care of all of that. It’s called ‘Oohh La La Face’.

I went on our site and searched for something that would be perfect to protect her lovely visage. It’s what I do for my number one.

I like to give them little gifts.

Zoey is ecstatic. I know she’s been looking for a special lotion for her lovely face, and I’ve just presented it to her after not seeing her for a month.

I’m not after Zoey. I’m just happy she’s in my life.

“Thank you so much. This is perfect.”

“I’ve missed you terribly, Zoey.”

Zoey hugs me and I kiss her shoulder.

She giggles like always and I love that.

“When are we getting a drink? I’m available Tuesday on.” She says.

My mind swoons but I have to figure the hookup. Meeting Zoey for a drink will be such a wonderful experience.

I’m busy with work but I need to figure out her schedule but this is really happening.

Could I actually have a drink with my Number 1?


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