Sun Stories – Zoe – Chapter 4 – My Lovely Number 1 Finally Returns! – Part 1

A stupendous beauty.

Zoey had been a top 10 for me at the salon for over a year. She rose through the ranks of beautiful women that come in the salon to top 5. Zoey s one of the sweetest people that visit us. Zoey listens to all of my crazy stories, and laughs at all of my jokes and is an all around lovely person.

I have no drama in my life anymore because I’ve cleared out all of the bad/crazy women from my life. But I do create a little drama at the salon between the clients. I always have a list of my favorite women that come in and if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that the Number 1 spot has changed many times.

I’m so fickle and the winners come and go. It’s all nonsense but it makes the job fun and I enjoy the competition and so do the girls.

But after awhile, I realized that Zoey had become Top 3 and then my favorite.

So when you hit number 1, I have to do things for you. I upgrade you to better beds, I get you little gifts. I love it, and the girls go crazy over the attention.

I don’t want to date them or anything else, I just like doing things for these girls because I can.

It’s just something in my kind personality, and I feel that after all of the years working in grinding corporate life, I’ve been rewarded with solid work where I’m surrounded by lovely young women.

They get it. I’m a good dad to Lorelei and they all know I’m not after them in the slightest bit. It’s just a fun activity that actually enriches our client experience and most of them upgrade to more expensive packages after I turn them on to the better beds.

They’re beautiful and charming girls, but the bottom line is to make money for the salon. So there’s always a method to the madness.

But in this lovely mundane job, I create an energy to make it interesting.

If you’ve been reading this, I’ve almost phased out the whole “Number One” nonsense, because fickle me loves them all equally and there are so many regulars and new ones that come in that I adore, it’s just phickle heaven for me.

Especially now that it’s incredibly busy in the salon. It’s a sea of beauty. The dopamine saturates my brain.

I love them all.

As the temperature increases, there is non-stop traffic of lovely women and well turned tan legs.

It’s our busy season and the place in insane. But I have the best employees I’ve ever had. I love Amelia as a friend and comrade, and Eileen is so amazing with the clients. We’re truly in a renaissance at the salon and my partner Achilles has no clue. He barely knows their names. I’m here working every night, with these girls and we’ve all built a solid relationship.

It’s sooo good. Read about Amelia and Eileen. I’m honored to know these girls. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve worked for so many loser fuckers, and now I’m surrounded by good people and good work.

But tonight is like no other.

I get a text from my Number one, Zoey, and she tells me she’ll be in this week.

I’m shocked and elated. Zoey is finishing college and now working as an intern. (Standard young life fare) Since making her my Number 1 she hasn’t been in so I was butt hurt about that because I want to see her, but the girl has a real job and I need to check myself.

I tell her not to come in on Wednesday because  I won’t be in and I tell her I will cry. (Kidding. She gets it)

I ordered an expensive face lotion for her. Zoey worries about her face like any young lady. I get her the best, and it actually has elements in it that will clear up any blemishes she has. I ordered it a month ago and hid it in a secret drawer I have at the salon where I keep bags so Achilles wouldn’t find it and ask questions. (We don’t carry it. I got it especially for Zoey.)

I thought she’d come in and get it, but weeks went by and I didn’t see her. I actually started to think why did I make her my number one if she stopped coming in like the rest of my candidates?

But she always kept in touch and I knew she was getting killed at school and at her new job.

I kept the lotion buried under a pile of plastic bags in my secret bags for a month. I checked on it periodically to make sure Achilles hadn’t found it and either disposed of it or called me out on it.

I’ve been moonlighting at Marc Mart because that’s an amazing local company that’s growing. The owner as expanded to Delaware and I’ll be the manager of their Rittenhouse store going forward.

I texted Eileen to remind her to come in and work with Amelia on Wednesday. I’ve never done this before, and I haven’t told Achilles that I’ll be working with them less at the salon.

It’s been a long time coming, because I wanted to grow with the salon and the gym but it hasn’t happened. The salon is doing well but not growing. Mac Mart  is opening a new store in Delaware at a University and we now have our sites on Temple University and beyond.

I want to be an integral part of that growth.

I see the elegant face of this brand, and after working in corporate America for so many years, it’s refreshing to bring my talent to the next Starbucks.

So the owner at Mac Mart has scheduled me to close. That’s 5 to 10pm. It’s my first one. I have to do it. I had asked Eileen to come in and work with Amelia for the night. Baby was fine with it.


I text her Tuesday night to remind her that I need her at 4:30 tomorrow.


No big deal. It was late night.

The next day. (Crickets)

Now I’m worried. Eileen is 18 years old, her phone is her life.

Hours later I text her again.


This is weird. Did something happen to her? I’m really worried!

I call her. Goes straight to voice mail.


This is the only day I ever have to go work a night shift at Mac Mart and now I can’t get a hold of my girl at all.

To be continued…

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